Ready to Win Tonight’s Lottery

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About 90% of all people who play the lottery LOSE, and they can’t seem to figure out why…

Here are some of the reasons.

1. No Strategy or System
People who are playing the lottery are using no strategy or system. They are just picking random numbers or selecting “quick picks”! This is 100% WRONG

2. Buying Way Too Many Tickets!
Did you know most of the Lottery game grand prize jackpots are usually hit from people who spend about $2-$5 on average each drawing?

If you are serious about winning and want to take the next step in profiting on the lottery, you need to check out the new Lottery Maximizer software that’s taking the world by storm!

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Before the lottery offices find a way to take this video down,

3 Rules for Football Betting

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All this betting on the Premier League, Championship & FA Cup

He uses 3 rules when placing his football bets:

Rule 1 – No more than 5 selections in a single bet.
Rule 2 – Don’t let all bets be “all or nothing”.
Rule 3 – Look for value in the selections.

I find its possible to get 5 correct outcomes on the football on a regular basis. Does this mean I place a 5 team ACCA all the time? Not at all.

5 is the very maximum bets I will use in a bet and its rare I do so.

If any bet has me second guessing myself its bet just to cut it.

Scroll down this page and you will see that not many of my bets have 5 selections, and none have more!

Nothing wrong with placing a bet where you need multiple parts to win, just don’t let this be the only type of bet you use.

The bookies do us a favor in allowing all sorts of bets and combinations of bets to be placed, so why not use them?

Fancy a 4 team ACCA, why not consider a Yankee?
Fancy a Treble? Look at the trixie or even a Patent.

You will see from my winners that I use a mix of bet types that can leave me with cash back in my account if just 1 or 2 parts of a large bet comes in. There are others where we’ve gone the whole hog. Its about not making all bets all or nothing.

The main reason people stick too many bets into ACCA is that the outcomes they are predicting have low odds. I look for the value picks from the days football. It doesn’t mean backing the underdog, odds above evens can be found by looking at the different markets on offer.

What we end up with by following these 3 simple rules is bets that don’t fail with one upset and leave us with a loss, but rather bets that have a much higher chance of a return, usually profitable.

Optimizer with Our Daily Fantasy Lineup Tools.

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Daily Fantasy Optimizer for All Sports! Build Winning Daily Fantasy Lineups with our DFS Tools! Save tons of DFS Research Time! Our Daily Fantasy Tools show players with the best value, optimal stats, defensive matchups and more! Use our DFS Lineup Optimizer and Skyrocket your Daily Fantasy Success at sites like DraftKings and FanDuel! Works with NFL Football, NBA Basketball, MLB Baseball and NHL Hockey!

Daily Fantasy Lineup Optimizer Tool

Our DFS Lineup Optimzer has generated millions of DraftKings and Fanduel lineups for our users, there’s no easier way to generate top NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA lineups than with this lineup tool.

Daily Fantasy Player Advice

When you’re building your Draftkings or Fanduel lineup it’s difficult sometime to find that one last guy who fits into your budget, our dfs lineup optimizer makes that easier than ever and shows you the player choices you have for each position and gives you the fantasy advice you need to make the right decision.

Profit Maximiser infos bonus review all you need to know

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It’s really this simple:
Log in. See how I win. Then cash in yourself!

Here’s What you get

  • 1 year access to the Profit Maximiser membership site. Log in anytime and turn your first profit in minutes. Everything you need to make multiple bonuses daily, 24 hours a day, will be at your fingertips.
  • Step-by-step instructions to getting the most from Profit Maximiser, including a detailed list of pre-screened bookies and offers – and the best way to take advantage of those offers for maximum profit.
  • My personal video tutorials to guide you every step of the way – you don’t have to know a thing about sports betting, horse racing, casinos, or financial spreads to make money with Profit Maximiser. You’ll look over my shoulder as I show you exactly where to go, what to do, and when to do it.
  • My bonus emails – every few days you’ll receive the latest bonus offers in your inbox … complete with full written and video instructions that explain exactly how they work.
  • State of the art betting software – all of the bets are found for you so you don’t need to lift a finger. In fact, the software will compare hundreds of bets instantly, and will flag up the best bets straight away without the need for scouring different sites.
  • Betfair Alliance Software – Place your Betfair lay bets directly within the software without ever having to open up Betfair. Secure the best lay odds effortlessly with a single click of your mouse. The Alliance Software has been approved by the Betfair API team.
  • 0% Commission – All bets placed with the Smarkets Betting Exchange will be commission free (subject to Smarkets terms and conditions). This includes new & existing Smarkets customers. Think of the saving you will make just from this feature alone (possibly more than the cost of Profit Maximiser)!
  • My risk-free 30 day guarantee – if for any reason you’re not 100% elated with the profits you’ve made – and the support you’ve received – let me know at anytime in the first 30 days, and I’ll refund every single penny of your purchase – no questions asked. Please note the 30 day refund does not apply if you choose the 14 day trial.

I’ve been using these offers to make multiple profits every day – I know they work … I guarantee it.

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Play Worship guitar learn how to play guitar.


Play Worship Guitar gives you everything you’ll ever need to start learning guitar, and show you exactly how to play songs by your favorite Christian artists. You don’t need any knowledge of how to play the guitar at all. This course works for everyone of all ages and is perfect for absolute beginners.

Learn the ins and outs of the guitar and all the parts of the guitar…what to do and why each is important
How to hold the pick, hold the guitar, and posture…developing proper fundamentals will get you playing guitar faster and with less frustration
Warmup Exercises that will help you loosen up your muscles and play longer without fatigue and help your solo hand learn to play twice as fast.
Learn Beginner Chords…these are the backbone of every song you will ever play. Watch and play along with me as I teach you how to hold each chord properly
Muscle memory exercises to skyrocket your ability to play and recall chords with ease
Chord changing exercises will ensure that you never get stuck trying to get your fingers to go where you want them to…these step-by-step exercises will make chord changes simple
Bust out rhythm guitar riffseasily perform walks and add unique flair to your chords…no need to practice endless hours before enjoying the “best parts” of playing
Explode over the learning curve with my “cheat chords” system…start playing in minutes rather than days or weeks
Learn dynamic strumming patterns that will have you sounding like a seasoned guitar player almost instantly
Master barre chords…with these chords you can literally play all over the guitar neck
Dynamic slidinghammer onspull offs…these techniques will give your playing a fresh vibe and make songs come alive
Guitar accuracy exercises designed to develop you into a more precise and skillful guitarist in a fraction of the time
New Chord Voicings that will allow you to effortlessly cruise up and down the guitar neck. Don’t get stuck with a stale repetitive sound.
Dynamic Guitar Techniques that you can use to transform any song or chord progression from dull to exciting and impressive.
Dictate The Mood You Convey By the Chord You Play allowing you to guide your playing (and audience) in the emotional direction you want to go.
Find Any Note On The Guitar with a simple system that will keep you from having to waste days trying to memorize every note on the guitar neck.
Discover Octaves and how you can apply them to any song…and even use them to learn how to play any song.
Learn Power Chords and how you can combine them with open chords to “break open” the song and make it 10 times easier to play any song.
Guitar Accuracy Exercises designed to develop you into a more precise and skillful guitarist in a fraction of the time.
Fingerpicking patterns so that you can make any chord or song sound beautiful with easy to follow fingerpicking lessons.

Plus much much more…

Pencil Drawing Made Easy get all lessons

Learn to Draw like a Master Artist

with over 42 hours of easy to follow training videos This step by step instruction will have you drawing better than you ever imagined possible.

Comprehensive Lessons

Each 2 hour lesson leaves nothing to the imagination. All explained in plain, easy to follow English.

Watch Anywhere, Any Time

Lifetime Access to all the classes means you can watch them over and over, as often as you like.

Watch on Any Device

Whether you are on PC, Mac, tablet or phone, you have access to your classes.

Learning to draw is supposed to be difficult

When I was growing up I always thought that you needed natural artistic ability to be able to draw, so I never even tried. Years later I wanted to start a business so ended up needing someone to design a logo for me. At the time I lived in a small town and couldn’t find anybody to do it for me. Out of frustration I drew my own logo. It wasn’t great by any stretch of the imagination, but it somehow ignited a spark in me – I wanted to be able to draw. Just like something sparked in you at some point. I then set out to learn the secrets of the masters. Moving from one drawing course to the next. If I was lucky to get a good instructor I got a little bit better. More often than not though the tutors just let you do your own thing – you had to find the “artist inside” yourself.

Suddenly it was like a light was switched on

Then one day as I was sitting at the dining room table struggling with a drawing it suddenly struck me. I finally knew what the problem was. I knew why I wasn’t getting any better. I was drawing, but I didn’t understand what I was drawing. From that point on I spent all my time trying to understand what I was doing. No more monkey see, monkey do drawings for me.

Learn Photo Editing get all infos

 Hi, my name is Patrick Lavigne and I’m a professional graphic artist, photo editor, colorist (photo & video) and photographer.

My main goal with this site is to teach you how you can create better photos by spending as little money as possible and it all starts with photo editing.

No, you don’t need a $3000 camera or a $1500 lens to take professional quality photos. In fact, the difference you will notice between a photo taken with an entry level DSLR camera + the kit lens and the same photo taken with the Canon 5D Mark IV for example is minimal compare to the difference you’ll notice between one photo expertly edited in Photoshop and the same that wasn’t. If you already have Photoshop, (you can download the free trial for 7 days btw) you can improve your photos dramatically by learning how to properly color correct and color grade.

Then, you can take your photos to an whole new level if you can master the art of what we call photomanipulation, compositing and retouching. By mastering those techniques, you will be able to turn your photos into digital art!

Some sites are selling their tutorials $25+ a piece, at only $5 per tutorial, I could perhaps charge $100+ for all of them, but I want to give you a MUCH better deal than that! When you join this site, you pay a one-time fee of $49 $39 (Limited Time Offer) for a Lifetime Membership which gives you access to ALL tutorials.

All source images for the tutorials are supplied to you so you’ll be able to do exactly what I did. The tutorials were all done using Photoshop CS5 or Photoshop CC but as long as you have version CS5 or newer, you’re fine! While a lot can be done with CS3/CS4, you will be limited when doing my tutorials. If you want to try out a more recent version, Adobe offers a Free 7-day trial. As for Photoshop Elements, it is definitely not recommended here as you’ll probably feel like you’re in an alternate universe following my tutorials! Happened a few times!

If you are on this website and have read until this point, it’s because you are a motivated artist that wants to improve and you realize that to fully unleash your talent, you need the technical knowledge you might be missing to fully express it.

Learning all the ways you can edit your photos and images is like someone that finally learns the proper drawing techniques. Before, the person was making interesting doodles, now he/she’s creating works of art. The talent was there but it was not fully utilized. And it’s the same thing with digital art and photo editing, once you learn the proper methods, you then unleash the creativity in you that couldn’t fully be expressed before.

What you’ll learn on this site is just the start, a glimpse of what’s possible for you to achieve. By joining this site and practicing what I’ll teach you, I firmly believe that you too can become a photo/image editing expert. You may doubt your potential at first but I guarantee you that after surprising yourself a few times with better than expected results, your confidence will grow and you will be believing in your true potential.

It’s important to have goals and that’s why you are here, if it’s career goals (photography, digital artist), to paraphrase the great Jim Rohn, get the skills, take the classes, be more valuable. If it’s personal goals (hobby), push yourself, get the knowledge and accomplish what you want to accomplish.

If for any reasons you are not completely satisfied with my training tutorials, I’m offering you a 60-day, no questions asked, money back guarantee:

If you don’t think LearnPhotoEditing is worth it, simply drop me an email – and you’ll get all your money back instantly.

So don’t wait, get the knowledge and start creating stunning images today by becoming a member of!!


The Laserless Tattoo Removal Guide™
How to Get Rid of Unwanted Tattoos Naturally without Painful,
Expensive and Harmful Procedures

Because that’s all it is. Ink under your skin. We’re not talking about brain surgery here. So don’t be willing to pay surgery prices to fix a simple skin decoration.

That said, you can’t just wipe the ink away either. It is under your skin after all.

Which is why The Laserless Tattoo Removal Guide™ goes over exactly how to get it done safely and correctly.

  • A detailed breakdown of your tattoo’s place in you. We’ll talk about your skin layers, the ink used, and where exactly the ink is located within those skin layers 
  • All natural herbs that break down ink pigments, slowly flushing them out of your system in mere weeks 
  • Methods that don’t work – you may have read about some of these online. Here you’ll read about why you should not use them, and why some methods are even dangerous
  • The harmful long term effects of skin laser treatment — and why even a good treatment can bring problems far down the line!
  • A full ingredient list that you can pick up on your next outing to the local grocery store and alternative health market to flush the ink naturally using your body’s own waste removal process.
  • Step-by-step methods to take off tattoos of any size, complexity, color, or location on your body
  • Quick methods that yield fast results: when you have a job interview in days and don’t have time to wait – these tactics will mask your tattoos by 80 to 90%, sometimes completely — in HOURS

The 8 Week Booty Training And Nutrition Plan

the 8 week booty

The 8 Week Booty Training And Nutrition Plan.

When I first head this news, it spun my head right round.

Actually, if you’re like me, you won’t believe it until you’ve been shown the facts and heard the multitudes of raving testimonials.

Let me break it to you: it is possible to build a big, sexy booty with just 45 minutes work a few times a week.

Even better, the system uses your body’s natural chemistry to make it a fat-burning machine, so you lose weight at the same time.

It sounds insane, but according to the scientific proof — and the thousands who have already achieved these results — this is a real life possibility for those struggling to build their butt.

The reason it is hard to believe is that the mainstream booty training is actually ineffective for the majority of people. I’ll spare you the heaps of statistical evidence—it’s evident simply by looking around.

The 8 Week Booty is a potent training method developed and perfected by Paul Burgess who has over adecade of experience andthousands of hours of 1-2-1 instruction under hisbelt, which is why he isthe perfect personto help you build the booty of your dreams.

People across the globe are reporting that they’ve built big, sexy booties, slimmed down their hips, thighs, and seen weight loss in as little as 14 days.


Don’t just take my word for it.

See all the evidence and proof for yourself right here, right now.