Starting A Gift Basket Business.

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Dear Friend,

If you’re thinking about getting into the business of creating custom gift baskets
for people… creating work that you can be proud of… and finished products
that will amaze your family and friends (and your paying clients), then this will
be the most important letter you ever read.

Here’s what this is all about.

My name is Sherry Miller, and I’ve just written a new report that will teach you
all the insider’s secrets for diving head first into the wonderful word of gift
basket creation. I’m going to teach you how to get deep discounts on supplies,
and build a business that’s so booming and profitable, your friends will swear
you paid a fortune & spent years to learn how to do it.

A Gift Basket Business Can Be One Of The Most Rewarding Careers You’ll Ever Choose,
But Only If You Do It Right.

I created this special report, because I see so many new gift basket professionals
going about things the wrong way (adding months to their learning curve, and
virtually assuring that they’ll remain broke and unnoticed for a very long time!)

When I first got involved with gift baskets, I dove in head first and didn’t learn
about my new career first. I ended up learning a lot of things the hard way, wasting
months and years figuring things out by trial and error. I don’t want the same
thing to happen to you.

   The truth
is, there are some really amazing little tricks that are kept under lock &
key by the worlds richest gift basket professionals, and for good reason… they
don’t want their secrets to get out!

But now you don’t have to wade through mountains of useless information in order
to find the real nuggets. Becoming a successful gift basket creator is really
simple, if you just follow the easy plan that I clearly lay out for you in my
new report. You’ll learn what to do first, and what never to do (and
certainly everything in between).

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“5 Secrets
Of Creating  A Wildly Profitable Gift Basket Business”

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why you need to learn these insider’s secrets that have taken me years to figure
out. You’ll learn things like…

  • How
    to create gift baskets that appeal to both men and women, so you can capture even

  • The
    #1 secret
    to creating a gift basket that amazes your client practically guarantees
    a flood of referrals and repeat business!

  • The
    one type of client that will bring you more repeat business than anything else
    (and why knowing this will give you tons of year round business).

  • An
    easy to follow checklist of all the special equipment you’ll need (save
    yourself hours of time searching for everything you need to run your business).

  • What the absolute most popular
    kind of basket to make is (and how to blow away your clients with your own
    unique creations).

  • A simple
    way to get free traffic to your website (Hint: you already do it everyday).

  • How to build an amazingly profitable
    gift basket business that your competition envy, insuring they’ll be insanely
    and desperate to know your secrets!

  • A
    simple planning secret that will literally save you months of boring research
    (it’s not what you think, and this simple trick will allow you to get up &
    running quicker than you ever imagined).

  • How
    to create your gift basket business so that it can easily grow larger and larger
    (many people forget this step, and then when they decide to expand their business,
    it’s too late).

  • The one
    vital fact
    you must consider before you choose the type of clients
    you work with, and why ignoring it could easily mean the difference between having
    a business you can enjoy, or having a “job” that makes your life a living

  • A little-known method for
    building your gift basket portfolio that will attract clients like crazy (you’d
    be shocked if you knew how quickly a great portfolio will bring you a ton of business
    once you take this vital step).

  • 4
    types of gift baskets
    that you must offer if you plan on being a big success
    (and why missing any one of these is a guaranteed way to send potential business
    to your competitors).

  • The absolutely
    foolproof, step-by-step formula for quickly crafting the most beautiful
    gift basket website on the Internet.

  • Simple
    tricks professionals use to attract all the clients they could ever want on the
    Internet (it’s easy to do once you know the secret, and you’ll thank God that
    you learned this before you started your business)!

  • 9
    critical questions
    you must have answered before you choose
    your put your gift basket website on the internet (and why skipping this step
    this is a guaranteed way to spend a lot of unnecessary money on advertising to
    people who will never buy from you).

  • How
    to compel your clients to buy even more from you (smart gift basket creators
    do this every day, and your competition is hoping you’ll never find this

  • How to turn your existing
    clients into a “mini-goldmine” that allows you to effortlessly cash
    in big without spending a dime in advertising!

As you can see, you can build a much better career by simply learning all these
tips, tricks & time saving shortcuts that the professionals use every single
day. And the good news is that now you can have access to them all in my new report
The Insider’s Guide To Becoming
A Successful Travel Agent”.

is great way for you to reach inside my bag of tricks, so you can get started
in your new career right away.

You’ll learn so much from this report, that you’ll be amazed at all the new options
that are available to you. Whether you want to open up your own small gift basket
business out of your home, or if you want to work for a company and get paid a
great salary with benefits… you need the kind of insider’s
that’s contained in this report.

You’ll not only make more money from each and every sale, and have more fun doing
it, but you’ll also save a ton of money by avoiding all the common pitfalls that
suck money out of your pocket, and suck the fun out of your career.

Since this report was just released on the market, we’re offering it at a special
price for the first 100 customers. Right now, instead of paying the full price
of 50 dollars, you can get it for only $29.95.

That’s a painless drop in the bucket when you consider that
you’ll easily save dozens of hours worth of research (and hundreds of dollars
on useless books and courses). Now
you can have all the secrets laid out for you in one easy-to-follow report.

Isn’t it worth it for you to invest less than the cost of a dinner for 2 to make
sure that you not only build a successful gift basket business, but that you get
to actually enjoy it too?

Being a professional gift basket creator is one of the most fun careers you can
have, because you’ll get to be creative, and use your talents to amaze your clients
by giving them something completely unique each time they do business with you.

If you’re serious about getting into the gift basket business, then you owe it
to yourself to take a look at this brand new report. I’m not a professional writer.
I’m just an average Jane who stumbled onto some real
over the years, and now I’m offering you a chance to take advantage
of my experience.

   That’s why I’ve
decided to be overly generous and take all of the risk off your shoulders.

Here’s how. When you order this report today…

You Can Try
It Risk-Free For A Full 56 Days!

100% Money Back Guarantee!

You can have instant
access to ALL of my secrets RISK FREE! If you are ever dissatisfied for any reason,
I will issue you a full and complete refund with no questions asked. I can’t get
any more fair than that. I want to treat you the way I wish other businesses treated

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Go ahead and get your hands on this report now, while it’s fresh in your mind.
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Sherry Miller

   P.S. – Remember,
you’ll get instant access to all of my best secrets for becoming a wildly successful
gift basket professional, and enjoying all the perks and benefits this career
has to offer (but only if you know the secrets behind it). You’re actually saving
time & money by grabbing this report,
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