Ground Control Program

Ground Control Program

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The whole point of me writing you was to share the 3 weaknesses that plague most grapplers.

I share them hoping you’ll take action to fix them if you see them on yourself.

And from my point of view, you’ve got two options…

You can spend a ton of effort trying to address these issues yourself…

Spend a bunch of time and money trying to learn the methods that may or may not work to fix these weaknesses…

And possibly give up and continue doing what you were doing, hoping for different results.


You can learn from a professional. 

A guy who’s been doing this stuff at the top level.

And do it using this all-problems-solved, one-stop-shop for BJJ strength training, 

And start getting results rapidly.

Without headaches,

Without wasted time…

All you need is action.

But, this is a decision for YOU.

If you choose the latter,

And want to become a monster on the mats,

Click that big yellow button below.

See you inside.

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