How To Lose Weight And Build Up Health

How To Lose Weight And Build Up Health

How To Lose Weight And Build Up Health.

Dear friend:

You eat less and move more… You try your best to eat
. It should be enough to help you lose weight, keep it off and get

Yet, you feel so weak that it is hard for you to carry out daily
activities when on dieting. Worse, you feel hungry shortly after your meals,
and you have intense cravings most of the times.

It is frustrating for you, as you can’t stick to the
dieting this way, even for a short period of time!

I know how hard it is to lose some weight and keep it
off. I was where you are right now, and I know how difficult to lose weight this

Hi, I am Julia Yuan and I had tried many ways to lose
weight and get healthier. I have gone through the same path as you on weight
loss. And I will share with you what can turn your luck around this time.

Don’t be afraid! You are just a step away from your true
success of weight loss. Yes, you are only another step away from you goal: lose
the weight and keep it off, get a slim and heathy body!

Personal Journey –

Get Healthier and Have a
Slim Waist at 43 Years Old


Julia Yuan of How to lose Weight and Build up HealthJulia Yuan (Before)

Julia Yuan


From early
twenties to 41 years old, I had failed miserably in losing weight. I had tried
many ways: eating less, moving more, doing all kinds of exercises, especially
jogging every morning before my full time job.

No matter how cold
or how hot it was, I jogged almost every day to lose some weight and got

Yet, I couldn’t
lose any weight and I got sicker.

I thought that I
ate healthy: low fat, low salt, low sugar
and less fried food
. But I got sickly with many health problems: always
tired, exhausted and yawned, got angry easily, felt bloated in the stomach even
with normal amount of food, constipation, insomnia, poor eyesight, hard to
concentrate on reading and many more…

At the age of 41
years old, it seemed to me I had poor health. How to regain good health? I
didn’t know, but I knew that good health is more important than anything else,
even the good look.

I thought to
myself if I got worse and finally lost my precious health (I was in poor health
at 41 years old), good look could be nothing to me.

So I had to put all my focus on getting healthier. This focus on bettering my health had brought me great result.

As I got healthier and healthier each day, I looked better.

Surprising me most was my new, beautiful and slim waistline, 67cm at the age of 43 from 80cm at 34 years old, that I could only admire those slim beautiful ladies enviously.

I had lost 16 kg, from 64 kg to 48 kg!

How many times I blamed the genes for my big belly! How many times I wished I could have had such perfect figure in my twenties or thirties!

Am I amazed?

Yes, I am amazed by my slim waist, beautiful body, good health and the secret of healthy ways of living I have found on my tough journey. I have kept the weight off till today since 2007, after I lost the extra weight more than 13 years ago.

I wish you can have the vital secret ways of focusing on bettering your health at earlier stages of your life, like in your twenties or thirties. So you don’t have to go through all the disappointments, sadness and trials I have gone through because of overweight and health problems.

I am not the only one who has benefited from the secret ways of focusing on bettering your health, got tremendous improvements in health and a beautiful body with slim waist. There are many others who have got great results in weight loss and good health.

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