Zoowhiz Online Learning System

Zoowhiz Online Learning System.

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I am the parent of two children (aged 4 & 6) who have been using your site for the past week. Both of them love it! The personal Zoos and Arcade Games are great motivators for them to complete the educational activities (which are fun and engaging in themselves). I find that the girls like to set a money goal for each ‘Zoo Session’ and are competing with each other on getting the biggest number of zoo animals in their alloted time. The fact that they have to ‘pay’ to play the Arcade Games is great too – it means they HAVE to do some of the educational actives before they get to play the games

Hollie – Parent, Australia

ZooWhiz is absolutely fantastic. My son James and I love playing. Can’t wait until my little girl is a bit older so she can play as well. Looking forward to the official release then I will definitely sign up James to be a zoologist.

Karin – Parent 

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