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5K Betting System – Ben Cross

5k betting system

My name is Benjamin Cross (call me Ben), and I’ve been involved in the sports betting scene now for a number of years. I don’t make a full living from sports betting, but I do make a second income from it and I’ve been a profitable punter since 2016.

Let’s rewind the clock a bit…

Once upon a time, I was most probably in your shoes.

What I mean by that, is that I wasn’t satisfied with my sports betting. I wasn’t really making any money. At best, I was breaking even on a good month. I tried so many different systems and tipping services. None of them worked. None of them made consistent profit. Some of them would win for a while, but then the bank would get wiped out on a bad run.

This happened time and time again…

I was fed up.

Now, before we continue, you need to answer the following questions so I know that you’re serious about this.

You are willing to follow my instructions TO THE LETTER. Every bet, every stake.

You’re willing to give this a PROPER go
 and not jump ship after a few days if you’re officially on board?
You feel like you’ve done your time when it comes to being a losing punter and that you DESERVE to make REAL profit from sports betting once and for all.

If you answered yes to ALL 3 of the above questions then you’ve come to the right site. Grab yourself a cup of coffee or a beer, depending on what time of the day or evening it is … and keep on reading.

Secure Daily Horse-racing Income

Secure Daily Horse-racing Income

Secure Daily Horse-racing Income

Secure Daily Horse-racing Income

This system will change your life !
Because it has never lost, not even one time !

Learn it once and profit for a lifetime – this should be enough initiative to get you started immediately!

This system Is:

  • Completely legal and ethical

  • Easy to do

  • Is Not a bot or script

  • You don’t need any expertise

ONLY 45.00

Selective Racing Tips

Selective Racing Tips
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Selective Racing Tips

Consistent Winning Horse Racing Tips

Hi there,

Just a quick introduction to who I am.

My name is Ben and I run a few different Horse Racing Services on a daily basis. This service that I am recommending to you here is my most consistent offering in terms of winners and bets. This is my Selective Racing Tips service which I have developed over the last year by using three different microsystems to create one good consistent Horse Racing Service.

About My Selective Racing Tips:

  • They average a 25% Winning Strike Rate
  • Average over 100 points profit per year to a 1 point level stake
  • Have winning odds up to 20/1
  • Give a sensible amount of bets each day

All members receive an email each day at 8 am containing a link to my Selective Racing Tips Daily Login Page. Members simply log in using the password given to them after signing up to view the day’s selections.

On days when there are no bets, members are also notified by email.

With time, dedication, discipline, and patience this service has the potential to increase your profits considerably from betting on horses.

I and other members have made very decent profits and I believe by sticking to the selections and having time and patience you can make the same very decent profits as well.

Once you are signed up as a member simply just check your email for the password to the Daily Login Page where you will find the days selections.

Selective Racing Tips

Over 100 points profit per year

Ian Rowley

Hi Benjamin

Could not let today pass without comment unbelievable! The best days racing I have ever had 6 winners. Thanks

Rod Varley

Hi Benjamin, As you know I have been following your selections for quite some time now and have made consistent and substantial profits. In fact of all the tipsters and systems I have used through the years yours is the only one with which I have made any real money. I’ll never forget the day I made just over £900 on Aranhill Chief for a small stake.

Keep up the good work

Paul C

Excellent, profitable service run by a really helpful and friendly guy.

James Hawker

Great system, have been using since inception and I am making a nice profit.


If anybody out there is considering joining, do so, you will not be disappointed. The service gives frequent winners at good odds.

David Buthlay

Just joined yesterday and had two big winners on the first day – great stuff – keep sending them through!

Robbert Patten

never thought I would win with online tipsters, but you have proved me wrong, THANKYOU so much.


Joined for Cheltenham and then fully just after. Very good results so far and quality service with no

hard selling.

Keep it up please Benjamin

What does it cost to join the service ?

Bets 2 U Daily Horse Racing Tips

Bets 2 U Daily Horse Racing Tips
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Bets 2 U Daily Horse Racing Tips

Q. How does Bets 2 U work?

A. By joining Bets 2 U, you will receive an email directly to your inbox with the day’s expert horse racing tips. Bets 2 U’s tips are created using a strenuously tested tipping strategies that have been tried, tested and profitable over the last four years. Our service has been streamlined to ensure that anyone from experienced bettors to complete novices can make long term profit from horse racing.

Q. How can I check a betting service?

A. At Bets 2 U we feel it’s vital that our service is transparent to our members and to people who are still deciding if they want to use a tipping service. Because of this, we will always show the complete list of all the past tips right up to the previous day’s racing. On the list you will see everything; winners, losers and near misses.

Q. When will I receive my tips?

A. We send out the days horse racing each day via email, these tips should be with you between 7am – 10am. Very occasionally, there may be no tips that qualify to be included on the strategy. In the event of there being no tips, you will still receive an email notifying you of this.

Q. What’s the difference between the free membership and the paid membership?

A. To generate the day’s tips, Bets 2 U has many established tipping strategies which are then combined using a complex algorithm. The results of this become the tips for the paid membership. However our expert tippers also have many selections which they feel are good tips that have not made it to the paid membership. The most fancied tips from this are therefore put into the free membership.
Please note: The tips from the free strategy are not included in the list of the past tips and not included in any of the statistics used regarding the main paid membership.

Q. How do I start my membership?

A. All our paid memberships are handled through the payment service Clickbank. Clickbank accepts Visa, Mastercard, Switch & Paypal.
To join the free membership, simply click on the free membership panel and insert your name and email address you want the tips to be sent to.
We suggest joining both memberships to really maximise the number of quality tips you receive.

Q. How much is paid the membership?

A. All paid memberships start with a trial period of 30 days for just £2. We have two options for the paid membership. The standard rate for the paid membership is currently £50 per month* or £120 per quarter* on a rolling membership.
*plus VAT.

Q. How do I cancel my membership?

A. To cancel future payments you must either:

a) Using your Clickbank receipt which you received after joining, start a Clickbank support ticket so Clickbank can process the cancellation for you.

b) Contact us directly with details about the service, your receipt number, and email address. We will then go through the cancellation processed for you.

Q. Is it a certain that I will make money?

A. No. With any form of gambling, it is impossible to be guaranteed profit.

Q. How do I place the bets?

A. You must place your bets through your chosen bookie/betting website. Bets 2 U simply provide the tips, we do not facilitate the bets themselves. If you are new to betting, we suggest making the most of the promotional offers many of the major online bookies offer new customers.

Q. How much should I be betting?

A. All of the tips from Bets 2 U are provided in point format. This enables you to assign your own point value.

Q. I joined today. Will I receive today’s tips?

A. If you have joined on a particular day before the tips have been sent out, you will receive that day’s tips. Typically due to the way our membership works, if you join later in the day after the tips have been sent, you will not automatically receive that day’s tips. Please contact us directly to request the tips on the day you have joined and you have not received the email.

Bet Like A Pro, Who Makes A Living From It!

Bet Like A Pro, Who Makes A Living From It!
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Bet Like A Pro, Who Makes A Living From It!

You can view my private sports betting tips and see what games I am betting for on the given day and with what system.

I will publish all my bets accurately and understandably well before the given game is started.

You will get an e-mail notification about my private tips, and you can also access them on the web online.

I will not give a “ton of tips” so you will be able to comfortably make your bids. Depending on the day I will send 1-2 tips that you can place in advance.

High odds multiple bets. I will also send you my multiple bets with normally 2.1 – 3.5 odds, which I use to get extraordinary profit. (if you choose that type of package)





USD 94 / 3 month

(our most affordable package costs only USD 31 / month or USD 1.01 / day)

  • You can view my private sports betting tips and see what games I am betting for on the given day and with what system.
  • I will publish all my bets accurately and understandably well before the given game is started.
  • You will get an e-mail notification about my private tips, and you can also access them on the web online.
  • I will not give a “ton of tips” so you will be able to comfortably make your bids. Depending on the day I will send 1-2 tips that you can place in advance.
  • Our most affordable package costs only USD 31 / month or USD 1.04 / day
  • Extra fast customer support for professional members.
  • High odds multiple bets. I will also send you my multiple bets with normally 2.1 – 3.5 odds, which I use to get extraordinary profit.
  • Bonus studies, news, strategies and other extras about sport betting.


USD 37 / month

(it costs only USD 1.23 / day)

  • You can view my private sports betting tips and see what games I am betting for on the given day and with what system.
  • I will publish all my bets accurately and understandably well before the given game is started.
  • You will get an e-mail notification about my private tips, and you can also access them on the web online.
  • I will not give a “ton of tips” so you will be able to comfortably make your bids. Depending on the day I will send 1-2 tips that you can place in advance.

Let us win together a lot!

Winning Sports Betting Picks

Winning Sports Betting Picks
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Winning Sports Betting Picks

Winning Sports Betting Picks.

Get the latest MLB/NBA Playoff picks from Charlies sports. 
The National Football League with its 32 participating teams makes one of the major sports leagues of America. The league also enjoys a high popularity in the country and its 17-week span makes it one of the major sources of entertainment for the sports enthusiasts. In the recent times NFL has been able to bag the average highest attendance rate compared to any other professional sports based leagues across the world. This statistics alone says volume about the popularity of the league and also the extensive interest of American population in the game.

The high popularity of the league has made the NBA Playoffs/MLB picks really important and in high demand. These picks are based on the latest information and about what is happening behind the screen. Our sports betting picks can be highly effective to predict what actually is going to happen in the coming match. So, naturally the fans and followers are ready to go to any extent to get their hands on these picks. The good news here is that, followers can get them even for free, just being a patron with Charlie Red McDougall, the owner of

Get your MLB/NBA Playoff ATS predictions by the specialist sports handicappers
If you have always trusted your mother’s recipes because she is an expert cook, then you need to trust the experts too when it comes to betting on football! We have been in the field of sports handicapping for the last 30 years and hence, it can be said truthfully that we are not only experts, but we are highly experienced too!

Daily sports betting predictions at your disposal

We at Charlie’s Sports make everything easy for you. If you are looking for quality free picks, then subscribing for our daily newsletter is a great idea. However, if you want to go a step forward, then signing up with us for our awesome sports packages is something you need to do.

Why signing up with us today is a great idea

  • We have the most accurate NBA Playoff/MLB Predictions.
  • 2019 daily expert sports betting predictions are not easy to come by and we provide you with real on-field information you can use.
  • Our daily newsletter sent straight to your email inbox is full of tips, picks and information about anything and everything you may be interested in when it comes to our  NBA/ Playoff/MLB picks.

The Demolisher Sports Betting System By Author Of The #1 System

The Demolisher Sports Betting System By Author Of The #1 System
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(No Sports Knowledge Or Betting Experience Needed!)


Author Of The World’s Best-Selling Exterminator System Finally
Unleashes The Groundbreaking Secrets Of The Latest “Demolisher”
Betting System. Tested To The Breaking Point Across 3 Decades From When Betting Records First
Began To Be Tracked. All Results Are Fully Documented!

Subject: The “Demolisher” Betting System

My friend,



I’m the best-selling author of the blockbuster Exterminator Betting System that swept the industry by storm, garnered thousands of raving reviews from customers across the world, and exploded the bankrolls of bettors all over the globe based on mountains of heartfelt testimonials that have poured into my inbox since day 1 of its release.

Since the dawn of 2015, I began an embarkment on a tireless journey with one ambitious objective: To develop a worthy sequel to one of the best-selling sports betting systems of all time. Around the clock, I’ve brain-dumped every fiber of my body to advance a new breakthrough idea. Ultimately, what I needed at my command is an intensive sports betting system that can help anyone from any walk of life, and without any sports or betting knowledge or experience, to generate streams of spine-tingling income doing what might just be the world’s easiest job.

Whether you’re die-hard gambler or someone can’t stand betting or sports, but just simply crave about the potential to congest your pockets to the brim with stacks of newfound cash by spending no more than a few minutes a day, then you need to immediately put down everything you’re doing, and pay close attention to the bombshell I’m about to expose!

Introducing: The “Demolisher” Baseball Betting System

It’s been tested to the snapping point all the way back to when betting records first began to be tracked. All the astonishing records and results of the system are laid out completely so you can have total peace of mind and confidence on how the system has worked out historically in not just the last 5 or 10 years, but to all the way back to when betting records were first kept!

But first, let me tell you a little more about myself, and why you should trust me. After all, in this day and age of the internet, it’s tough to have faith on anyone hiding behind a guarded screen. Hell, any Joe Schmoe can toss together a webpage, talk up a storm, and cash in on a quick buck.

But that’s not me. I’m not here to waste neither my time nor yours. The difference between me and the other tomfoolery sports so-called experts on the internet who talk the big game but can’t pick their own nose is that my history, brand, and reputation are firmly, fully, and thoroughly established.

Thousands of my devoted system followers depend on me for their sports betting fortunes, and they do so for a good reason.

The proof in always in the pudding, and thousands of my own customers will quickly attest to the earth-shattering success they’ve enjoyed with me over the years. As a matter of fact, my original sports betting system’s success was so far-reaching that it led to events unprecedented in the history of sports betting.

“The players who used my betting system ran a major online sportsbook named BetJoint out of business.”

After several record losing seasons by the players who followed by system, BetJoint’s owner Mark Roberts decided to throw in the towel and sold his sportsbook. Afterward, he went to my website and purchased a copy of my betting system. From there on out, he turned into a player forever by betting along with my betting system to make back the losses that he suffered as a bookie.

It almost sounds like a plot for a Hollywood movie. Except this is no fantasyland. It actually happened. The letter below is what the CEO and founder of the online sportsbook wrote to me after his business shut down because of my players who kept winning tens of thousands from him again and again for years by betting under my sports betting system:

Mark Roberts was the CEO, owner, and founder of the former online sportsbook named He has also ran numerous other prominent bookmaking operations throughout his prolific 35-year career in the online sports gambling industry, including JazzSports, BetHorizon, BetAtlas, and many others. His company went out of business because of my system players who consistently won tens of thousands from his sportsbook a week over a 2-year period. As he tells his fascinating story in the letter below: In over 35 years of running bookmaking operations, Mark Roberts has never seen anything like it in his life. BetJoint’s owner is now permanently retired from the gambling business due to my betting system. He has since purchased his own copy of my betting system and is now using it to make back his losses he suffered as a bookie. He went from being successful CEO of a large-scale online sportsbook to becoming a bettor, and one of my own happy customers!

Since then, I’ve gone on to release my Exterminator Betting System that has become life-changing for countless people across the globe. As of this writing, my Exterminator system still has never suffered a losing season since day 1 of its release.

Check out this letter below for a touching testimony from a customer of my Exterminator betting system who cried when she realized how much my system has forever changed her life. As she details her incredible story in this letter below: She’s been counting her blessings and thanking God every day for her opportunity to be a part of my betting system, which she says is her retirement plan.


I receive literally thousands of genuine, heartfelt testimonials from people just like you telling me how my betting system has worked for them, and how it has changed their lives in remarkable ways over the years. The difference between me and other wanna-be sports gurus hiding behind a fortified screen on the internet is that my reputation has been thoroughly earned and sworn by vast legions of devoted followers whose financial lives are in a better place because they followed my powerhouse betting systems over the years.

“Read this heartfelt letter from a customer of mine who pleaded to
ink a permanent tattoo of my own name on his body forever as his undying gratitude after seeing how much money my betting system has made him over the years, and how his life has been changed forever!”

You see, I’m not here to make a quick buck, because quite frankly I don’t need to. After all, my crushing sports betting systems have been so successful over the years that to make a quick fortune could be as easy as slapping down a wager at my favorite sportsbook, kicking back, and wait for the results to effortlessly cash in. I’m here to spearhead a vigorous crusade to bring you onboard to ride shotgun with me on this new conquest. I’ve changed the lives of thousands of people. Now, I want to change your life as well.

Professional soccer legend Jan Vreman says the “Demolisher”
Betting System is “absolutely brilliant!”

Jan Vreman was an accomplished professional soccer player
who played for “De Graafschap” during his professional career.
He led his team to undefeated championships during the 1990/1991
season. Jan Vreman is now employed as the team’s head coach.


Here’s a sneak peek at how I spent one of my days:

Put up my most obnoxious grin and throw down a bet at the sportsbook :

Laugh maniacly
my team embarasses its foe :


to my personal super car collection. All paid in full with cash. Decide on my ride of the day.

at all the fine ladies as I pull in to my favorite sportsbook!

Enter and cash out on $21,997.80 in cold, hard cash winnings!

Want to see more?


That’s over $56,732.00 in world-shattering winnings I had stockpiled in just 3 days of betting on sports, for barely doing anything beyond just looking up a few stats and throwing my wagers out there.

Sosa is completely blind in both of his eyes. Performing his
most basic daily functions is restricted. He says: “If I can do this,
anybody can!”

Juan Sosa is completely blind
in both eyes,
and has to rely on accessible technology to perform the most
basic daily
functions. He’s forced to rely
on a screen reading software to bet along on my “Demolisher”
Betting System. Juan’s gruesome disability hasn’t stopped him
from using the system to the fullest extent. As he sums it up in
his testimonial below: The Demolisher system
“has truly been a God blessing for me. It
allowed me to make an income that as a blind person never
dreamed of!”


Flores is permanently paralyzed over half of his body for the
rest of his life. That doesn’t stop him
from using the “Demolisher” Betting System to provide him with
income that he otherwise couldn’t dream of:

Luis Flores suffered a severe stroke that left 50% of his
body in permanent paralysis. He has lived in disability for decades,
and will remain paralyzed for the rest of his life. His horrific
disability hasn’t stopped him from using my “Demolisher” Betting
System to the fullest. He calls the system
“nothing less than amazing!”

Football Bet Science

Football Bet Science
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Football Bet Science

In Just 1 Hour You Can Learn How to Place The Same Profit Pulling Football Bets Placed By Professionals!

The Football Betting Science System will show you how to make informed bets unlike any other form of football betting – the very same bets you can use to generate fantastic profits on a regular basis!

Our instant football betting download will provide you with everything you need to start making profits today!

Using you’re Desktop computer / Laptop or Mobile phone the Football Betting Science System will teach you about innovative and highly profitable betting techniques and strategies that will set you apart from the betting majority.

Football Betting Science is the complete betting package that will show you bet methods and systems unlike any you have used before using our excel workbooks embedded with unique betting formulae

You will be shown how to automatically predict wins with an amazing success rate using formulae and stat analysis that have been tried and tested with amazing results

We will show you amazing formulae bets that saves your bet stake when you lose

Predetermine how much profit you want to aim for and how to achieve it

Unique betting perms that maximise profit returns

Best Sports Service In The Country.

Best Sports Service In The Country. Hottest Affiliate Site On Cb!!
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Best Sports Service In The Country. Hottest Affiliate Site On Cb!!

Best Sports Service In The Country.

Premier Picks® Packages – What You Get

When you purchase an Insider Sports Report Premier Picks® Package you get MUCH MORE than you pay for!

Unlike other services we will NEVER ask you to buy “extra picks”. You get EVERY pick we release in EVERY sports during your subscription period.

You Get:
World Class handicapping that is unsurpassed ANYWHERE!
2-5 Star Rated Picks/Day
Picks Are Available By 11:30 PM EST. The Night Before The Games Are Played!!
(Allowing plenty of time to access the picks at your convenience…and get the Best lines, before major line moves occur)
Our Exclusive Money Management System
Unlimited 24/7 Customer Support
24/7 Access to our Secure Members Area
ALL Of Our Picks – There are NO gimmicks and there Is NOTHING Else To Buy
Everything you need to start WINNING like a PROFESSIONAL instantly!