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Business Credit To Start Or Grow A Business & Invest

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Make 2020 Great – Business Action Kit

Make 2020 Great – Business Action Kit Make 2020 Great GoKit

Thrive and Make 2020 Great – Your Success Kit

Stand out from other businesses in 2020, banish uncertainty and lead with a sound strategy and action plan with the Thrive & Make 2020 Great GoKit.

  1. Lead and inspire your team
  2. Aim for and achieve BIG
  3. Confidently know how to do it

This Thrive & Make 2020 Great GoKit will support you in creating a winning strategy and action plan to make 2020 your best year yet. And it’s a small investment of just $47.

The business world is both changing and challenging. Old strategies, goals and ways of winning have to be left behind. But how to do it? The Thrive & Make 2020 Great GoKit by BizVision is your answer.

BizVision GoKits are the new way to fast track success. Each does exactly what it says, Buy it, download it and you are ready to go!

In your dynamic downloadable Make 2020 Great GoKit you get  SIX high definition learning videos, SIX informative workbooks to accompany each video learning module and expert online support to guide you on making it work (worth $400 +).

All are written and presented by BizVision coach and international motivational speaker, Malcolm Gallagher international marketer and speakerMalcolm Gallagher. In the last 10 years over 70,000 businesses have been to his “thrive” events. He’s a Chartered Marketer, podcaster, broadcaster and presenter of the business TV channels at

“Too many languid businesses will drift into 2020 without a clear vision, an inspiring strategy or a sound action plan. They’ll lose out on the opportunity. Get this Make 2020 Great GoKit and leave them behind”, says Malcolm

Thrive & Make 2020 Great for just $47 brings you:

Module 1It’s a Wrap – this learning will help you to look back over this last year so you can plan forward

Module 2Planning for growth – here you gain a valuable toolkit that helps you plan for fast growth

Module 3Strategic success – nothing succeeds like a well-crafted strategy and this module shows you how to achieve it.

Module 4Performance Improvement System – move into 2020 and beyond with this life-long improvement toolkit

Module 5Six Success Top Tips – any one of these can help you accelerate to greater success

Module 6Calendar of Activity – gain a growth action for every month of 2020.

BIG Value! What you get for your small  $47 investment: Make 2020 Great composite

After purchase, you will be sent to a link where you can download your Go  Kit. Your digital download brings you 6 learning videos, 6 workbooks, 1 Watch First video, 1 Personal Goals Template – and 1 “Access Malcolm’s Support” certificate worth over $400.

  • The 6 videos total just over 1 hour of great learning. The workbooks follow the videos and give you extra learning as well as being your live-action plan.
  • The videos are in MP4 format so you can play them on your computer, laptop, mobile or in your office for your team members. The GoKit is yours to use as you want!
  • The workbooks are in the latest Microsoft Word format so you can print or complete online or distribute internally. Get your team working on a great 2020!
  • And of BIG value is that included with your purchase of Thrive 2020 is online support from expert business coach, Malcolm Gallagher of BizVision. His strategic advice and action guidance could be worth untold dollars to you as you apply the learning in the 2020 GoKit.

Malcolm’s Go Kits are designed to bring you high-quality learning and coaching at a very affordable cost. Plus you get the BizVision full money-back guarantee in the very unlikely event that you think your GoKit won’t work for you.

Lawn Business Success Course

Lawn Business Success Course
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My Friends Laughed, and my Family
Thought I was “Crazy” When I Quit my Great Job to Start
a Lawn Business….


…Until Three Years Later, When I Sold
my Lawn Business for a Very fat Check!!


Give me 11 minutes and I’ll show you
how you can build your own extremely successful lawn business.


Dear Friend,

I’ve been in your shoes before! At the
beginning of 2003, I decided it was time
for me to quit my job. I’ll be honest; it
wasn’t an easy decision. I wasn’t stuggling
at my job, I was actually doing very well.

I had a job as an “account executive” (a
glorified title for a sales rep). I was
24 years old and making over $50,000 per
My schedule was great – Monday
through Friday from 8-5. I was off every single
weekend. Why did I want to quit?


I was Tired of Having
Someone Tell me When to be at Work, and
Telling me how Many Days per Year I Could
Take off!


I wanted more FREEDOM! Maybe,
you understand the way I felt. I felt trapped.
I longed for freedom. Not freedom from a challenge. I
simply wanted to control my own schedule.

I took Nike’s advice. I just did it. I
went to my boss and told him I’d be quitting
in two weeks. He was mad! But not as “mad”
as my parents were.
My boss was mad
because he was losing his #1 salesperson.
My parents were mad because they paid for
half my college education, and now in their
opinion, I was wasting my life by starting
a lawn business.

Honestly, that wasn’t the worst part. What
made it worse was all my friends telling
me I was crazy and laughing at me for my
“foolish” idea. But all their criticism and
joking made me that much more determined
to make my lawn business successful.


But After a Full Year
in Business, I was Struggling to pay the


Two years prior to opening my lawn
business I graduated from college with a
degree in Business Management and Marketing.
I tried implementing several of the “techniques”
I had learned in college. But every “technique”
I tried seemed to fail, and brought me closer
to proving my friends and family correct.

Employee to Successful
Lawn Business Owner!
I went from
working a dead end job to owning
my very own lawn business. This
is by far the best course available,


If something didn’t change soon, I’d have
to admit “they”(my friends and family)
were right, and go get another
“real” job
. But I had no idea what to
do. No idea who to trust for advice.
No idea if I would survive.

Out of the blue a friend suggested that
I call her cousin who owned what she called
a “very successful lawn business.”
I had nothing to lose, so I gave him a call.
He agreed to meet with me and give me advice
on how to get my small, struggling lawn business
off life support.

When the appointed day came, I drove
over 150 miles one way to meet with him.

I remember thinking on my way there that
if he didn’t give me some revolutionary
advice, I was going to close my lawn business.

I didn’t know anything about his lawn business
or how “successful” it really was. But when
I pulled into the parking lot, I knew his
business had be to “very successful”!

As I turned into the parking lot, I noticed
a nursery to the left, a gift shop straight
in front of me, and a very large metal shop
to the right. It appeared as if he didn’t
just own a “successful” lawn business, but
a very successful lawn empire.

Growth for Beginner!
Thanks to
the Lawn Business Success
I went from zero
accounts to eight in only one
I caught my competition
off guard!
Carlos Meza


After a brief introduction, my soon to
be mentor wanted me to meet his vice president
of lawn maintenance. After visiting with
him for a few minutes, he wanted to introduce
me to his vice president of landscaping.
From there he wanted me to meet the gift
shop manager, and then his landscape architect,
and then his salesman/estimator.

After all these introductions, he took
me on a tour of his facilities. I discovered
he had over 40 full-time employees. His
business was extremely successful.
Everything he touched seemed to turn to


Honestly, I was Embarrassed
When he Asked how Things Were Going With
my Lawn Business!


In order to save myself some embarrassment
I wanted to tell him things were going well,
but I didn’t. I told him exactly how horrible
things were.
I even told him I was seriously considering
closing the business. When I
mentioned this, he appeared to find my struggle
funny. He smiled and chuckled.

I wasn’t sure what to say, so I asked
what was so funny. What he said over the next
few minutes changed my life.

He told me he had faced the exact
same problems when he first started. He
said he had considered throwing in the towel
several times. He
went on to share all the struggles he had
been through during the process of growing
a multi-million dollar lawn business.

I’ll spare you all the gory details, but
knowing all the problems he had faced
made me feel much better about the few
problems I was having with my lawn business.

During the next several hours, he shared with
me specific strategies to take my lawn business
to the next level.


was Like Someone Took the Blinders off…I
was Able to see Solutions and Opportunities
That I had Never Noticed Before.


My lawn business almost immediately starting
making more money, thanks in part to the Central
Nervous System.

Ever heard of the Central Nervous System?
Don’t worry, I had never heard of it until meeting with
this successful lawn company owner. In the Lawn Business
Success Course
I’ll show you how to create your very
own Central Nervous System (this will help your lawn business
grow faster than all your competition).

Many of the “impossible”
problems seemed to disappear.
Over the next
two years my business grew from $25,000.00
in annual sales to $200,000.00.
My friends
and family couldn’t believe the “over-night”

During January of 2006, I decided that I was
ready for a new challenge and adventure.
I put my lawn business up for sale. Within
a few weeks I had an offer I couldn’t refuse.
Early in February of 2006 I took a large
check to the bank and began looking for
a new challenge.

This time I didn’t have to do much looking
because the challenge came to me. Friends
and people who I had never met began calling
me and asking me to help them grow their
businesses. I started working with lawn
company owners all across the United States
helping them start and grow their own successful
lawn businesses.

Lawn Business Success Course
is the best available.
I purchased
two other “how to start
a lawn business” books
before I bought this one. The
Lawn Business Success Course is the
hands down winner. I highly
recommend it!
Joseph Lontz

Orlando, Florida

People offered me part ownership in their
businesses just to help them take their
business to the next level. I love the challenge
of helping people take their lawn businesses
to a level they never imagined possible.

All the one-on-one consulting resulted
in a problem for me. TIME! I just don’t
have enough time to work with everyone who
wants my help on a one-on-one basis.
That’s why I started this website,
it provides me with a way to help more people.

Through this site you have exclusive access
to the same materials my personal consulting
clients use.

Vending Business Tactics E Book!

Vending Business Tactics E Book!
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It all starts with a simple to read E Book that explains everything that I know about vending.

Vending Business Tactics!

In this e book you are going to learn the following:

  How to find locations for your vending machines: I will show you 6 ways!

  How to get your vending machines for FREE!

  How to get started even on a tight budget!

  How to buy your machines for the best price and where to find them cheap!

  How to get your prospects to call you first!

  How to avoid paying commissions to your locations!

  What vending machines are the right ones to buy!

  How to spot vending opportunity scams & avoid them!

  How to rent your vending machines instead of buying them!

  How to pay off your vending machines quickly!

  How to make real money in vending!

  How to get your locations to subsidize the sales of your products!

  How to keep any competitor away and never lose a location!

  How to maintain your vending machines to keep them running for the long haul!

  New versus used vending machines. The difference and pricing!

  How to expand your services to your locations and make more money!

  How to sell your locations, leads or even machines to make the most money!

  Business Licensing & Registration!

  Transporting your vending machines!

  How to keep your costs down.

  How to get more referrals to expand your business.

All of my information will apply to you whether you live in the United States, Canada or across the globe!

Next I have put together some Very Special Bonuses that will I believe will enable you to make even more money in your vending business. I have structured these bonuses in a way that will not only teach and train you through some personal coaching plus a series of audio trainings and even video coaching to help you start your vending business on the right foot.

Turnkey Advertising Business

Turnkey Advertising Business
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A Turnkey Web Business That’s Designed To Grow Itself!

If you’re sick of promoting other people’s stuff and you just want a simple but profitable business of your own – one that will reward you properly for your efforts – then consider this new Web App…

You Giveaway Free Ads to your visitors, and some of those people will pay you for various add-ons.

Free or paid, every advertisier sends some visitors to activate their Ads, generating hands-free traffic to your website.

Which means even more free Ads are created and even more Sales are made… which in turn generates even more visitor traffic.

So Your AdBoard Business Literally Grows Itself!

Popcorn Business – Start A Gourmet Kettle Corn Popcorn Business

Popcorn Business – Start A Gourmet Kettle Corn Popcorn Business
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Owning a Popcorn Business – A complete Guide

From the Desk of: Kevin Kernel

Dear Future Gourmet Kettle Corn Popcorn Business Owner

Are you tired of looking on the internet and finding all the “get rich quick”
schemes? You know the ones, only the person selling the product “gets
rich”! Most internet businesses do not work! How many people can
sell and resell the same product over and over again? Yet you see them
every day. Promises of wealth – screen shots of big $ figures. How
many have you tried? How many 100’s or even 1,000’s of dollars have you
spent on “super systems” that don’t work? If you’re ready for a business
that will make you money, one that has tangible assets, then read below.

I tried several systems online – none worked, go figure. When the
economy crashed in 2008, I determined one thing…even when times are tough,
people still eat and will still spend money on things that make them feel good.
I researched hot dogs…..a lot! The bad thing about having a hot dog cart
is that just about every convenience store on the corner has hot dogs! I
then stumbled upon a kettle corn equipment manufacturer – and I researched the
popcorn business. Did you know the U.S. consumption of popcorn tops over
17 billion quarts every year!

I wanted my share of that market. I researched all the Kettle Corn
Popcorn Business equipment manufacturers and feel the one I picked is the right choice for the
business model I created. Today, we offer 30+ flavors of Kettle Corn
Popcorn and
ship nationwide. We created a wholesale program, a fundraising program and
our own retail operation by means of online sales at, farmers markets and events.
We’ve put our knowledge and experience into a complete training program that can
guide you into a successful Gourmet Kettle Corn Popcorn Business.

Kettle Corn Popcorn sells for $3 / $5 / $7 per bag up to $5 / $7 / $9
per bag! A single 50 pound bag of popcorn can yield 90-100 medium sized
bags. You owe it to yourself to invest in your future. This is a
business that will make you money, as long as you work at it! You wont do
it sitting behind a computer all day. You’ll actually have to work…but
it’ll be rewarding!

What’s Included in the Popcorn Business Package?

  • Kettle Corn Popcorn Business Plan – An extensive, well written plan –
    this would cost $100’s to have made – Simply add your information as
    explained in the plan and you’re set
  • Wholesale Business Forms – Change the pricing, flavors or anything
    you’d like – Microsoft Excel Format
  • A Fundraising Packet – Add your logo and information and you’ve got a
    complete fundraising program
  • Six (6) Videos – Popping instructions, suppliers, business
    marketing, setting up a business & more – over 1 hour and 10 minutes – 2 videos in mp4 format and 4 in avi format
  • Templates to make YOUR OWN labels – Establish your brand to every
  • Everything you need to confidently go into the Gourmet Kettle Corn Popcorn
    Business – 251mb ZIP File – Be Patient Downloading!

So now the big question. What’s the cost of this popcorn business
package? As stated above, the business plan alone is valued over $100.
With everything included, I could easily charge $149 or more for this package.
We’re not going to charge that much…we want you to succeed! We’re
slashing $100 off that price and offering the complete package for $49. No
One Time Offers (OTO) – what you see is what you get!

How much does Kettle Corn equipment cost? You can get used equipment
for under $1,000.00. You can go real elaborate and spend upwards of
$10,000. Your budget will determine what equipment you can afford.
Remember, you’ll have a professional business plan to show to potential
investors (family and/or friends).

Get Instant Access to the Videos & Documents
for Only


You’ll get Instant Access – Even if its 1:30 A.M.
I’m so confident in this product, I’m offering a 60 day Money Back Guarantee!
Kevin Kernel is a pen name used to protect the privacy of the product owner.

Photography Business Quick Steps

Photography Business Quick Steps
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Learn How to Get Photography Business Customers


Photography Business Quick Steps

Register below and learn how to get started today.

You don’t have to purchase expensive equipment, lease a studio or get a loan. If you already know how to take good pictures, a profitable photography business can be achieved on a very, very low budget and in most cases, in as little as two weeks.

Learn from our mistakes and get customers quickly

Most successful photographers went through a period of being on a tight budget while they developed their reputation for good shots, reliability and consistency. Some of us lived on the smell of an oily rag while we built our incomes and customer base.

You can attract customers using a very small budget

Finally there are achievable steps and instructions to attracting customers to a photography business even if you have a very SMALL budget. To reduce the risk of failure or if you are unsure how to definitely bring customers into your new photo business, you should read this.


Learn secrets others would kill for!

Things are tough right now and I don’t need to spell that out to you so I’ve decided to share some inside information that some of us used to get the photography income ball rolling quickly, very quickly.

  • How to set up inexpensively for each mode of photography business I reveal to you (12 choices over 12 months)

  • How to get customers fast, really fast!

  • How to get paid sooner, much sooner!

  • How to use techniques to increase sales from existing customers again and again

  • How to use subtle techniques to expand your customer base

  • How to get return business every time

  • Choose your favourite (or a few) photography business mode(s) from a dozen choices over 12 months (1 each month) and…

  • Get special FREE photography bonuses to enhance and improve your current photography skills over the twelve month period as well

You really can’t go wrong with this.

Months of planning, research, (and bribing old photography mates) to get hold of some of the best cost effective techniques to start up a photography business awaits your perusal.If you can’t afford to open a studio or build a customer base in the traditional way but you know your photography is reasonably good, then this is for you!To learn more, register below and read how you can access this effective, downloadable course Photography Business Quick Steps and the knowledge to get Customers and Cash to start your photo business today.Avoid the struggle, the unknown and the financial heartache. Make sure you know how to get customers before you start.