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Fun Workbooks For Preschool And Kindergarten Kids

Fun Workbooks For Preschool And Kindergarten Kids
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color by number coloring pages,lesson counting preschool,preschool number activities and craftspreschool alphabet activities,preschool worksheets with abc,coloring pages for alphabetpreschool math activities,math coloring sheets,math activities preschoolpreschool tracing alphabet,geometric coloring pagesgeometric coloring sheets,free coloring sheets shapes,free geometric designs for coloring

Modern early education theories stress the importance of providing children with activities they can enjoy and accomplish at their own pace. The 5 workbooks have been developed with this in mind. Each book provides an enriching and highly creative learning environment which lays the foundation for formal schooling without the pressure of a formal learning program. The result is children who learn independently in a fun and self paced fashion, becoming more productive and individually creative.

  • Fun and naturally motivated learning
  • Inspirational and self paced
  • Preparation for a head start at school
  • Simple instructions & minimal supervision
  • Proven educational designs and worksheets
  • Tested by teachers and child psychologists

I have used a number of your pages in play therapy and early learning group sessions with the young children I consult to. I am impressed by the inspiring clarity and vitality of the images and the way they consistently engage young people.

Educational Psychologist, Melbourne Australia

With this comprehensive resource you can be confident that you are not missing out on anything important in your child’s early learning and development experience

  • The 5 Jumboworkbooks include hundreds of high quality practise coloring pages which are set out in easy and fun worksheets with clear directions. Each practise page has plenty of space to encourage expression of your child’s imagination.
  • Give your child a head start for their transition from pre-school and kindergarten to school. The 5 books of the early learning series reinforce the content typically present in elementary school lesson plans.
  • They have been designed as a series. We encourage you to get the full set to give your child the full development experience.
  • The 5 Jumboworkbooks are fun, stimulating and educational for children aged 3- 7 years old. This books help develop a number of skills such as:
  • Early literacy & numeracy skills like the alphabet, numbers and counting
  • Visual skills, logical thinking skills and problem solving skills
  • Patterns, geometrical shapes and abstract concepts
  • Classifying, sorting and matching
  • Math fundamentals( addition, subtraction, multiplication and division)

Cheekie EarlyLearning series ABCJumboworkbook

abc coloring book


Cheekie Early Learning series 123 Jumboworkbook

preschool number activities,preschool writing numbers worksheets,number worksheets preschool

Cheekie Early Learning series Shapes & Colors Jumboworkbook

geometric coloring pages,abstract coloring pages,geometric coloring pages,abstract coloring pages,free geometric coloring pages,free geometric coloring pages

Cheekie Early Learning series Addition & Subtraction Jumboworkbook(50 pages)

preschool math worksheets,addition subtraction facts worksheets,preschool math printables


Cheekie EarlyLearning series Division & Multiplication Jumboworkbook

multiplication facts worksheets,kids fun multiplication worksheets

I was amazed, my 3 year old and 5 year old kept asking for more coloring pages. They had so much fun coloring the pictures and were eager to show me their work; I couldn’t believe that it was possible to stimulate both of them with the same materials but each of them enjoyed doing worksheets at their own level.

You can purchase the 5 books separately or as a set for only $11.99 All of this early childhood learning and fun is crammed into a comprehensive 5 Jumboworkbooks available for immediate download

  • Inspirational illustrations to stimulate young minds.
  • High quality practise coloring pages which are set out in easy and fun worksheets with plenty of space to encourage expression of your child’s imagination.
  • Professionally formatted in Adobe pdf file format.
  • You can print each of the pages as many times as you want giving your child plenty of fun and learning opportunities.
  • Perfect for home childcare providers, and parents teaching children basic concepts at home.
  • Easily Print them with just ONE click.
  • NOW you can save endless time and money on teaching your child fundamental skills.
  • Your child will love them (Guaranteed!! ).


How are they delivered? All of the pages of the 5 Jumboworkbooks are in PDF format and can be downloaded and used immediately and over and over again. (Every child has their favorite pages and characters and with the ebooks you can print these pages over and over again giving your child plenty of fun and extra learning opportunities.)

As soon as your order is processed, you will be redirected to a web page where you can access the Jumboworkbooks and download as needed using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

What age group is the Jumboworkbooks designed for? Pre-school children aged from 3 to 7. Children develop at their own pace and it’s possible that younger or older children will still find Jumboworkbooks fun and educational.

For example you could use numbers or alphabet coloring pages for your toddler or as a tool for teaching the numbers or alphabet to a 6 year old prep student. The basic principle is let your child learn for fun and without pressure. The “multiplication and Division” Jumboworkbook is great supplemental teaching material for children in grade one or two.

How can I be sure that my on-line purchase is secure? Your transaction is processed securely. You will see a locked key padlock icon on the bottom right side of your web browser. The letters https:// at the start of the web address also add 128 bit encryption. Clickbank is a trusted online retailer specializing in digitally delivered products. You can place your order with peace of mind through its authorised payment processor which uses secure payment and for your total protection.

100% money back guarantee

satisfaction guaranteed

Test the Jumboworkbooks with your child for 60 Days Risk Free. If nothing else you’ll get 60 days of free education and development and perhaps some extra peace and quiet! If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can have a full refund, no questions asked.

color by number coloring pages,lesson counting preschool,preschool number activities and craftspreschool alphabet activities,preschool worksheets with abc,coloring pages for alphabetpreschool math activities,math coloring sheets,math activities preschoolpreschool tracing alphabet,geometric coloring pagesgeometric coloring sheets,free coloring sheets shapes,free geometric designs for coloring

Buy 5 books now for only $11.99

P.S. Start today teach your child the fun way with the Jumboworkbooks series. Get their creative juices flowing. Keep them occupied and self-directed, give them a head start and get ready for school.

P.P.S. Enjoy the wide-eyed and excited looks as you hand your child the Jumboworkbooks. Be amazed by how eager and enthusiastic your child becomes

More Feedback from other people

Bright and colourful with great graphics to attract their attention. Great for my 4years old son. Thanks a million!

Thank you very much for the nice materials for kids early learning which is really helpful. Thank you.

I really appreciate your work. I like your colouring pages so much i use them with my kids and the book is really fantastic…Thank you very much!

Thank you so much. I have e-mailed my friends who have kids and who I know will love this too!

I would like to congratulate you on this book and others in your selection, I have downloaded a few of them and can say my grandchildren have had hours of fun and learning. Thankyou and keep up the good work.

Thanks! Your book Looks great and very easy for learning, as well as colourful. I would love to give one to my two little cousins for Christmas.

Very nice link…ABC book….my 3 yrs old loves this. i have already forwarded this to all my friends.

Thanks for asking if we would benefit from receiving your educational book. my granddaughter is attending pre-kindergarten this year and she loves it.

I have a girl in preschool, and we find that your pictures are so beautiful. And my friends are surely glad to download the link or print these pictures to teach her kids.

The books shared by Color My day, really adds value in building learning framework among preschoolers.

Thank you so much for the book! I am a teacher and my class of kindergarteners LOVE to learn and color. It is very beneficial for them and they have fun! Thank you for informing me of the other five books as I also have a stepson that will greatly benefit!

Your workbooks have taken the nerves out of teaching my busy toddler from home 🙂 Thanks a mil

Lesson Planning Software For Pre-k – 12 Teachers

Lesson Planning Software For Pre-k – 12 Teachers
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my lesson planer

We constantly add new features and functionality based on your feedback. Since our software is web-based, you don’t have to worry about installing anything and you can always access your lesson plans from home or school – anywhere with an internet connection.

With My Lesson Planner, you are always on the latest version!

State & Common Core Standards

The Common Core standards are built-in and we have the ability to load any additional set of standards that you need at no extra cost, including your state standards, or any specialized standards you need.

Always Available

Available at your Home or School – Access your lesson plans from anywhere you have an internet connection

Workspace Calendar

View your Lesson Plans, Student Attendance, School/District/Private events using a familiar calendar view. You can easily drag+drop your lesson plans to move or copy them to a different day.


Completely Customizable

You can set the preferences that control the elements you want to include or exclude in your lessons, change colors and themes, and much more.


Run reports that determine which standards you have used and which ones you haven’t. It’s easy.

24×7 Support

Our support staff are available via email during the day, nights, and weekends too! We can help you setup a template that matches your bell schedule or preferred school format, configure your preferences, or just point you in the right direction if you get stuck. We are here to help!

Take a look at our screenshots. These showcase just a few of the many great features we offer.

Standards Keyword Search

Standards – Keyword Search

Training Guide

Lesson Plan Options

Lesson Plan Dashboard

We also offer several other features to complement your Lesson Planning needs. These are all included with your subscription.

We are your best resource for lesson planning. Unlimited support when you need it – days, nights, and weekends too. Completely customizable software to meet your needs. We will work with you to get you and up running.

  • Access to all features and functionality listed on this page.
  • Your initial charge will be $7.95. You will then be charged $7.95 per month until you cancel your membership.
  • You will receive an email immedaitely after signing-up with the details on how to access your membership.
  • Use the Contact Form below if you have any questions.
  • « Point and Click to add standards to your lesson plan »

  • « Review standards usage over the course of the year »

  • « Quickly search your state and common core standards using keywords (just like Google!) »

  • « Search your lesson plans for past lessons »

  • « Prepare lesson plans for your substitute teacher (from home!) »

  • « Attach worksheets, images, and documents to your lesson plans »

  • « Your very own personalized teacher website – involve parents in student learning! »

  • « Countdown days for upcoming school-wide milestones »

Here are some commonly asked questions. If you don’t see your question on the list, just use the Contact Form to ask us!

Confident Speech In English For All Speakers

Confident Speech In English For All Speakers
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SpeechSchool.TV is a subscription-based, Internet TV Channel that is the result of over 30 years learning and practice in the area of English speech training and voice coaching.  We are based on campus at a major University and have students from over 59 different countries.

Gain respect and confidence:

Whether you’re a first or second language speaker of English, now you can speak more clearlyneutralise a foreign accent, overcome speech problems (eg. mumbling, stuttering) or make your presentations sparkle!

How does it work?
The online training is made up of four dynamic and interactive components:

Weekly 10-15 minute TV training show hosted by a professional voice coach.
2. Downloadable exercises based on the training program to practice each day.
3. Downloadable recordings to assist and model daily practice.
4. Speech Assessment option available any time, with certificate for achieving excellence: simply plug in a microphone, take the test and receive a graded report.

Human Anatomy & Physiology Study Course

Human Anatomy & Physiology Study Course – $55.81 Per Sale! – 75% Comms
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Human Anatomy & Physiology Study Course – $55.81 Per Sale! – 75% Comms

The Desk Of: Dr. James Ross

Friend,A re you looking to learn anatomy and physiology?

about to discover the most spectacular gold mine of human anatomy &
physiology materials and diagrams ever created for commercial sale.

I’m about to share with you everything
you’ll ever need to know
about human anatomy, physiology and drug therapy, complete with diagrams, courses,
lesson plans, quizzes and solutions. I’ll provide an effective and painless
to learn or review anatomy and physiology, from the chemical level through
the entire organism

whether you’re a

  • Medical
    Practitioner or Specialist
  • Student
    or Educator
  • Researcher
    or Anatomist
  • Injury
    Law Attorney
  • Trainer
    or Sports Professional
  • Chiropractor
    or Therapist
  • Nurse
    or Paramedic

My name is Dr. James Ross and I’ve been teaching human anatomy and physiology for more than 18 years. I
hold a Ph.D. in Integrative Physiology, which I completed in 1992, and
started writing for popular magazines and journals.

I was recently a nominee in the poster prize at the British Neuroendocrine Society annual conference held on 15th and 16th September 2008 at the University of Briston. In 2004, I founded the “InnerHealth” training school for paramedics and nurses in Pennsylvania.

But more importantly, since 1996, I’ve helped thousands of students, practitioners and junior doctors learn and master the complex topics of anatomy quickly and easily.

The Spelling Bee Toolbox Tm

The Spelling Bee Toolbox Tm
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The Spelling Bee Toolbox Tm

For Grades 3-5 and Grades 6-8

Written by Ann Richmond Fisher

Inside our
Spelling Bee Toolbox, y
ou’ll find everything you need for a successful spelling bee!

If you’ve ever organized a spelling bee, then you know how much work is involved.  And if you’ve never organized a bee, you may be overwhelmed with the size of the task.

Not to worry! We have all your bases covered. Schools and community organizations around the globe are successfully using the Spelling Bee Toolbox eBooks, and you can, too!


….or see more pricing options below.


What’s Inside the Spelling Bee Toolbox?

You’ll find over 100 pages in each volume, including…

  • 620 Words and Sentences
  • Rules for 3 different kinds of bees
  • Color and B/W award certificates
  • Recorder’s chart
  • Instructions for all spelling bee officials
  • Organizational checklist
  • List of 100 study words for students
  • Worksheets for extra practice
  • Spelling rules, games and activities
  • Sample press release and parent letter
  • Over 115 pages
  • Valued at over $100
  • Saves you lots of time!


Private School Exam Program – $100,000 Potential**now

Private School Exam Program – $100,000 Potential**now
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Private School Exam Program – $100,000 Potential**now

If acing the ISEE/SSAT exam and getting into a private or independent school is important to you and your child then I suggest you absorb every single word
on this webpage…

Every year millions of parents attempt to get their children into private school and it’s no secret that admissions are getting harder and harder all the time. Schools only want the best and brightest students and because of the large amount of applicants, they can afford to be choosy.
In fact, its become so competitive that only 1 out of every 5 students who apply will be accepted. This means that

a shocking 80% of students are rejected

Let’s face it, an average score on the Independent School Entrance Exam or the Secondary School Admission Test

will NOT be enough to get you into these competitive schools

You really need to excel on these crucial tests and you only have one chance to do it.

Don’t Regret Not Doing Everything You Can To Give Your Child An Advantage

In early 2006 we were doing everything we could to enrol our daughter at the GreenHill School, one of the very best private schools in Dallas, Texas. Now, our daughter
is a good student but had one crucial disadvantage.

She struggled terribly with exams!

Making her sit the exam without extra help would be like ‘throwing her to the lions’. So we did what any good and loving parent would do and
sought out extra help. For us this meant hiring a private tutor. So we enrolled her in 2 hours of classes per week for over 2 months.

We were 100% prepared to help our daughter achieve but what we weren’t prepared for was the cost.
After 2 months of tutoring

we were slapped with a bill of well over $2000

. Of course we paid the bill but we felt for the limited time and help given in tutoring, $2000 was incredibly over priced. But…..

You Can Give Your Child the ‘Competitive Edge’ Without ‘Breaking the Bank’

Lets be realistic, for most families $2000+ in extra tutoring is just not affordable. On top of that, tutored
students are limited to one or two hours of study per week. We set out to create something

as good as or better than private tutoring

but with
one crucial difference. It would be at an affordable price that anyone could afford.

A system that would allow students to prepare as much as they needed to 24 hours a day 7 days a week. And give parents the piece of mind that

their child would be ready to excel

when it came time to sit their admissions test.

We hired the collective genius from a group of educators and teamed them up with

the best ISEE & SSAT tutors

and set about creating
an engaging, high tech program that would give students an almost unfair advantage in their admissions tests.

We reveal all the

secrets and strategies that these experts typically only share with a select few high-paying clients

. We help level
the playing field and bring high SSAT/ISEE test scores within the grasp of many more deserving students. All packaged into a start-of-the-art
interactive learning experience.

ISEE/SSAT Test Prep Full Package Image ISEE & SSAT Test Prep System

  • Guaranteed to increase test scores
  • Increase chances of private school admission
  • Successfully answer more questions
  • Low price point suitable for any budget
  • Over 500 interactive practice questions
  • Over 700 vocabulary words to review
  • Over 8 hours of video lessons (See complete list)

Click Here To Secure Your Place

What’s Included In the Test Prep System

The test prep program includes hundreds of sample test prep questions in both the ISEE test and SSAT test formats.
Your child will have more than enough practice in all aspects of the exams.
Our questions are created based on previous exams so you can be sure your child is getting the best preparation possible.

Videos BoxMath BoxReading BoxSentences BoxAnalogies BoxVocabulary Box

Your child will not be alone when practicing for the exam. Each and every one of our questions is moderated by our expert tutors. So they won’t only
learn the correct answer, but how that answer was arrived at. All of this is in convenient audio format and all marks are graded for easy tracking of progress and improvement.

Guiding you through the Verbal, Essay, and Strategy sections will be Heather Spiegel

Heather is a legendary Test Prep guru, professional writer, Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude (Dartmouth), and Rhodes Scholar candidate.

Heather is a master instructor of the ISEE test, SSAT test and SAT exams, and will also guide you through the hundreds of interactive test prep sample questions.

Guiding you through the Math sections will be Dr. Ralph Georgy, MA, PhD UC Berkeley

While Dr.Ralph is a brilliant Mathematician, he is a renowned tutor because of his ability to make Math simple. With over 20 years experience, he commands up to $200 per hour for his private tutoring assignments in Beverly Hills, Malibu, and Newport Beach, California.

Dr. Ralph’s students are typically accepted into the finest middle schools, high schools, Universities and graduate schools in the country. Our math course covers over 100 topics (see full topic list here).

Your Child Will Receive Countless Benefits With Our Test Prep System

Enroll us into the Test Prep System
We are ready and eager to start the process to guarantee we gain admission into our number #1 private school

Ask yourself, what is your childs future worth?
$99 Is a small investment that will pay life long dividends.

Order today and your child will master their ISEE exam or SSAT exam

Order Now To Secure Your Place

A Little Bit About Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

Full Refund Guaranteed! We understand exactly what it’s like to want your child to get the best education possible. We’ve been where you are now: worried, stressed
and wantitng to give them every advantage possible. That’s why we want you to have access to our test prep system. So here’s what we’re going to offer you.

Zoowhiz Online Learning System

Zoowhiz Online Learning System – 50% Recurring Commision
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Special Introductory Offer! Save 50%on 12-month PREMIUM Subscriptions... Thats only $29.95 now!


I am the parent of two children (aged 4 & 6) who have been using your site for the past week. Both of them love it! The personal Zoos and Arcade Games are great motivators for them to complete the educational activities (which are fun and engaging in themselves). I find that the girls like to set a money goal for each ‘Zoo Session’ and are competing with each other on getting the biggest number of zoo animals in their alloted time. The fact that they have to ‘pay’ to play the Arcade Games is great too – it means they HAVE to do some of the educational actives before they get to play the games

Hollie – Parent, Australia

ZooWhiz is absolutely fantastic. My son James and I love playing. Can’t wait until my little girl is a bit older so she can play as well. Looking forward to the official release then I will definitely sign up James to be a zoologist.

Karin – Parent 

60 Day Money Back Guarantee Try the product for 60 days, and if youre not completely satisfied just send us an email and well send you a refund. You have absolutely nothing to lose and all the risk is on me!

Upgrade now.

Yes! I want to upgrade to this PREMIUM Subscription right now. I understand that my child will get:

  • Unlimited access,
  • More animals,
  • Detailed animal information,
  • More arcade games,
  • Detailed progress feedback,
  • Premium content selector,
  • And more coming soon.

12 Month Subscription Voucher now only $29.95.

As always, if you have any questions or comments about ZooWhiz please don’t hesitate to contact me.

All the best,
Graham East

Managing Director (CEO) – ZooWhiz

Please note:The price quoted is $29.95 Australian Dollars for a 12 Month Subscription Voucher. This voucher may be used for one child only. A voucher code will be provided on-screen immediately after payment along with instructions on how to activate your child’s subscription.
ClickBank is the retailer of products on this page. CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank’s role as retailer does not constitute an endorsement, approval or review of these products or any claim, statement or opinion used in promotion of these products.

Maximum motivation – loads more animals and cool new arcade games

Unlimited 24/7 access – sign in anytime, anywhere

Detailed progress – enhanced reporting is available inside each child’s account

Once a child’s FREE Keeper Account has been upgraded to a PREMIUM Zoologist Subscription, parents can become fully involved in the progress of their child’s learning.

Premium content selector – enhanced content selection tool that pin-points learning needs

Much more coming soon – we’ve got some exciting new features coming soon including parent content selections & certficates

Awesome Electronics Course Electronics From Soup To Nuts

Awesome Electronics Course " Electronics From Soup To Nuts "
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Awesome Electronics Course " Electronics From Soup To Nuts "

Al Explains what he covers in this Awesome Electronic’s Course

This course starts off with a Brief History of Electronics. It then introduces the first time student to Current Flow, Voltage and Resistance. The course also offers an introduction of Ohm’s Law with several examples explained and the student are presented with Problems that they can solve, with the answers that follow. The next section covers the Basics In AC and DC Voltage. AC and DC Current and Current Direction. Defines the term quantity Ampere also Covers Basic characteristics of Resistance and Explains the Color Code System and the Tolerance System for Fixed Resistors and other Passive Components that provide Resistance in an Electronic Circuit. This is first step for someone who is entering the field of electronics. The Math section will cover many different Math Topics Related to the Decimal Numbering System. Al explains the mechanics involved in Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division with both positive and negative numbers’ Al explains fractions and decimal fractions along with Algebra basics. Section ends with an introduction to Trigonometry. All Concepts are backup with Problems so student can reinforce the material that was just explained. The Next Section (Circuit Analysis) takes the Student thru Calculating Voltage, Current and Resistance on a Series, Parallel and Series Parallel Circuits! Al gives the student a step by step instruction on how to solve these circuit properties. After finishing this course the student should have a very good understanding of Voltage drops, Current Division and Power consumption in a Electronic Circuit. Advance Circuit Analysis Covers Kirchhoff’s Circuit Laws and Network Theorems , Super Position, Thevenin Theorem and Norton Conversions. Al Gives a detailed explanation on each of these Circuit Analysis Techniques. This course is Broken into two Sections. Section one is Kirchhoff’s Circuit Laws and Section two, network theorems and how they are used to analysis a circuit. Each section is accompanied with problems that the student can perform to reinforce their learning experience. Capacitance Basic Section, Al Explains what is a Coulomb, and how to determine the charge on a capacitor. How Capacitance reacts in a AC Circuit (Capacitance Reactance) and DC Circuits. What is an RC Time Constant’s? How waveforms are calculated in a RC Circuit. How capacitors add in series and Parallel Circuits. Inductance Basic Section, Al Explains the principle of Inductance and Inductive Reactance. The Circuit Examples will show how Current and Voltage are affected in a Pure Inductive Circuit and how these properties change as Resistance is added to the mix, in addition to this frequency of the Ac source voltage will be discussed and will show how the phase angle between the Voltage and current will be affected. Al Explains how Capacitive Reactance (XC) and Inductive Reactance(XL) and Resistance (R) behaves in Alternating Voltage Circuits. Series R L C Circuits & Parallel R L C Circuits are Explained. AL Explains how to find total Impedance ( Z) of the circuit and how the phase angle are calculated with both Current and Voltage. The student should have a understanding of ohms law and basic math skills to take full advantage of this. The next section Resonance & Resonance Effect. Al Explains a Series Resonant circuit, calculation of the resonant frequency. The characteristics of XC and XL at Resonance. What is tuning. Al Explains the Resonance Frequency Equation for the correct solution . Al also Explains Calculations of Current in a Series Resonant Circuit. Voltage across Resonant Components. RLC Section, Al Explains R C Low Pass & R L Low filters for Cut off frequency (fc) & phase Angle. Al Explains R C High pass & R L High pass filters for Cut off frequency (fc) & Phase Angle. Semiconductor Basics Section. Al explains semiconductor Basics, Valance Electrons in Conductors. The difference between semiconductors & conductors. Describes the doping process in, semiconductor material. What is N & P type Material ? Majority & Minority Carries Explained .Diode Curves and Characteristics, of forward and reverse Current flow, by using the Characteristic Diode Curve. Physical Diode Packaging Explained. Electron flow thru Diodes Explained. Schematic Symbol of Diode, Cathode and Anode placement explained. Placement of Physical Diode Explained. How to test a diode, with an ohm meter. A simple diode application Explained. Half Wave rectification, how to calculate peak voltage and the Average DC voltage of a half wave rectification circuit. Basic capacitor filter action is also explained. Full wave rectification, full wave bridge rectification explained and the introduction of the transformers. The Average DC Value of a full wave Rectifier explained. Introduction the two types of junction transistors PNP and NPN . Details reverse and forward bias on the junction transistor(s). Introduction of the three elements of the transistor. Al Explains the Schematic Symbols of the transistor (NPN & PNP). Physical packaging of the transistors shown and explained. How to test a transistor with an ohm meter. Introduction alpha and Beta properties of the transistors along with Ie = Ib + Ic. Explanation of alpha and Beta properties of the transistors along with Ie = Ib + Ic. Introduces Load -line (s)with a common emitter circuit . Explanation of both DC and AC transistor parameter’s using the load line. How to find RL using the load line. Phase shift in a common emitter transistor. Explanation of the common Collector Circuit ( also called the emitter follower) Circuit action. Common Base configuration circuit action explained. Summary of the three transistor Configurations, Common Emitter, Common Collector and Common Base.

Ivy League Admission Essays

Ivy League Admission Essays
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Ivy League Admission Essays

For the entering class of 2016, admission to Ivy League universities will be more competitive than ever. Top schools will likely reject 80-90% of all candidates, including many with perfect grade point averages and test scores. How do they decide who gets in? Many applicants would kill to know the admissions “secret,” the competitive edge that can help them gain acceptance.

In such a talented pool of applicants, exceptional writing (in a persuasive, well-conceived essay), augmented by credible third-party reference letters, often makes the difference between acceptance and rejection. Surprisingly, few applicants realize the importance of these factors in the evaluation process. Rather than write a compellling personal statement, they simply rehash their achievements in a boring, laundry-list style, leaving the impression that they are dull academic machines. Others don’t know what the committee is seeking, so they decide to “play it safe” by submitting a generic essay that could have been written by anyone. Sadly, these half-hearted efforts rarely open the coveted Ivy League doors.

Fortunately, we can help. was created by a team of Ivy League graduates who have served on more than seventy admission committees for law school, medical school, business school, and undergraduate programs. Through this experience, we have acquired a thorough understanding of the selection process and the challenges that candidates face to compete in such an exceptional pool of applicants.

Our mission is to offer specific guidance to medical school, business school, law school, and undergraduate candidates on all aspects of the admissions process. We understand the factors that influence the critical acceptance/rejection decision, including the importance of the admissions essays and reference letters. We also know the most common (and preventable) mistakes that will ruin an applicant’s chances.

We created as a courteous, efficient, cost-effective resource for clients who want to submit an exceptional application to the nation’s top programs. The lifelong benefits of an Ivy League education are enormous; let us help you attain your professional and educational dreams!

Our Products and Services

1. Essay Writing Tips & Strategies

In a typical day, an admissions officer will read between 20 and 50 application essays from candidates around the globe. Amazingly, few applicants will write anything convincing or memorable enough to stand out from the crowd. Despite their best efforts, they miss a golden opportuntiy to sell themselves.

From the committee’s perspective, what makes a positive impression? We surveyed thirty admission officers on what they expect to see in application essays and personal statements for medical school, law school, business school and undergraduate studies. Use their comprehensive feedback (provided absolutely free) to guide your own original writing.


2. Editing Service for Application Essays

We are proud to offer a professional, top-notch editing service for application essays and personal statements. Our editors are all Ivy League graduates with extensive experience in our respective fields. We’ve served on admissions committees and have a firm grasp on the level of writing talent that is expected for each program.

Our service provides critical guidance on voice, content, language, effectiveness, grammar and mechanics. In addition to “fixing” any inherent flaws, we’ll let you know whether your essays are colorful enough to grab the committee’s attention and memorable enough to capture their vote.


3. Writing Service for Application Essays

We also offer a comprehensive, start-to-finish writing service for candidates who prefer to have us write their essays for them. This service is an excellent choice for applicants who, for a variety of reasons, are unable to transform their own experiences into compelling essays that will succeed at the Ivy League level.


4. Packages of Successful Ivy League Admission Essays

We believe that actual application essays from accepted Ivy League students are an invaluable resource for you in the writing process. Through our work in admissions, we have compiled an impressive library of them for resale. They offer an excellent perspective of the writing talent that is expected at specific schools, and show how each candidate successfully answered difficult questions. They make excellent models for your own original writing.

We offer packages of admission essays for undergraduates, law, medical and business students. Each essay was written (and accepted) within the past two years and is available only through Ivy League Admission. Our order forms detail the specific packages that are available.


5. Writing Service for Reference / Recommendation Letters

In many cases, a candidate’s emotional and interpersonal strengths can only be validated by a compelling third-party who has supervised him/her in a professional or academic capacity. Unfortunately, the writers of most reference letters do not know what the committee needs to hear to make an informed admissions decision. Sadly, most letters we see are are too short and vague to excite or persuade the reader.

We are proud to offer a professional, top-notch writing service for reference letters for business school, law school and medical school applicants. Our writers are all Ivy League graduates with admissions experience in our respective fields. We will draft a compelling letter for you that conveys the maturity, tenacity and professionalism that the committee expects at this level of competition.


6. Packages of Successful Reference Letters for Ivy League Candidates

Over the years, we have assembled a unique compilation of reference letters that opened the door for candidates who applied to highly competitive programs in medicine, law and business. Unlike the short, generic notes that we usually see, these letters eloquently document the candidate’s strengths in the proper perspective, tone and level of detail. Whether you are writing a letter for a talented student or colleague or have been asked to write your OWN letter, these successful examples are mandatory reading.


7. Comprehensive Admissions Guides 

We have published comprehensive guides to enable potential students (undergraduate, medical school, business school and law school) to better approach the Ivy League admissions process. Each guide contains invaluable details about getting accepted, including interview tips, the importnace of work experience and outside activities, mitigating factors and the mathematial formulas used to screen and rank applicants. Gain the benefits of a professional admissions coach at a tiny fraction of the cost.


8. Free Resume Preparation Tutorial

Use our free resources to best present your strengths to both employers and professional schools.