Forex Trading Crash Course

Forex Trading Crash Course

Forex Trading Crash Course

“Discover The Secrets To Raking In Massive Amounts Of Cash Forex Trading With NO Experience Required!”

Dear Friend,

Would you like to learn forex trading and become a professional forex trader?

Are you interested in becoming your own boss or looking for a great new way to invest your money?

If you said yes to any of the above, then read on as we reveal to you how forex trading can make you lots of money in very little time and with little effort.

You’ve probably heard tons of news stories about the forex market and people getting RICH in it?

What Is Forex?

Truth is, YOU can make a lot of money aside from your normal day job or start a new career trading forex – even if you don’t have any experience!

Once you study and get good at forex it can replace your monthly income.


When you think of forex, you probably think of trading stocks but that’s not the case! Forex is very different than trading stocks. In fact, forex trading is a more stable way for anyone to invest their money rather than being an active trader on Wall Street or Fleet Street.


Forex is the nickname for the Foreign Exchange Market, if you’ve travelled to another country, chances are you traded your currency against the local country’s currency to enable you to buy things from that country. If you did, you have a basic knowledge about how forex works.

Why Should You Trade In Forex?

Make money with forex!Forex trading is one of the few businesses whereby you can earn millions or even billions of dollars! For example, let’s look at George Soros, in 1992 he thought the British pound would lose value because of political and economic pressures. He borrowed billions of pounds and converted them to German Deutschmarks. When the pound collapsed on Sept. 16, Soros repaid the pounds at the lower rate and pocketed the difference. His profit: $1 billion dollars. Soros is one of the world’s best known forex traders, if you have spare time to invest it makes sense to learn forex.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a lot of money to get started trading in forex, it is recommended that you start with $2,000 but you can trade with less than $250.

The great news is… YOU can trade forex from any location in the world (home, hotel, etc.) and at any time of the day, work whenever you want to and wherever you like! As long as you have a laptop and internet connection that’s all you need to get started.

Once you have good forex training, it should be adequate enough for you to trade immediately. Unlike other business opportunities, in the forex market, there are no specific requirements or experience necessary for you to participate in trading.

“Get Nearly 5 Hours of Video Training PLUS Easy-to-Understand Forex eBooks!”

The ‘Forex Trading Crash Course’ is a complete step-by-step course that will take you by the hand and show you exactly how to make money trading forex. You will get nearly 5 hours of detailed video training and forex training eBooks that are easy to understand, seriously, we’ve left no rock unturned!

This course covers everything there is to know about forex trading. In fact, some people have described it as “the best forex trading course” for new traders. It’s like having your very own forex expert that you can ask questions anytime you need to!

If you really want to be successful, you need to know when to trade, what to trade, and how to trade. A good forex education will enable you to trade in forex more effectively and increase your chances of earning a considerable amount of money.

It’s true that forex trading can help you earn a lot of money. But there are certain conditions to follow before trading in forex. Firstly, one must have a thorough knowledge about the trends in the stock market, the basics of trading and risk-taking ability.

You also have to take full advantage of FREE Tools that can dramatically increase your profits.

Simply knowing the basics of how to trade forex is not enough to be successful — even if you have a good idea about major currencies traded, like the US dollar, the Japanese Yen, and others, you still need to learn forex trading strategies that can protect your investments and boost your profits.

1 Min Forex System – Trade With 1 Minute Chart

1 Min Forex System – Trade With 1 Minute Chart
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1 min Forex System is Probably the talked-about Trading System and a One Minute Forex Strategy that
excites many traders To Make Consistent Money from Forex. All trades are done
with the 1 Minute Chart and position closed in less than 15 minutes!

**(Some use the word “scalping” but I
call it “the straight-forward” simple to use system).


so passionate with Forex that he test and retest his trading strategies over
numerous years until he perfected the system. He only trades with the one minute chart on all
currencies pair.

today restrict you to a few currencies pair but 1 Min Forex System, is able to
trade on ALL and ANY Currency Pairs.

Thus giving
you ample trade opportunities. Having trained under an experienced trader,
Johnson has mastered
the art of what many traders greatest fear is the fear of making money in the forex
market. With proper money management and tight stop loss, Johnson teaches the way to make
money through the 1 min forex chart. Yes! You heard it right, ONE MIN FOREX

min Forex System
, as the name suggest, we trade only
with 1 minute chart, any currency pairs, no complicated indicators, no hype just
pure impartation of knowledge and calculated way of making


of Use! No Prior experience or Knowledge Required!
risk and reward 1:2 or 1:3. Highly Profitable! Low Drawdown!
Controlled, Proper stop and Safe! Advanced Money Management included!

Takes 10 Minutes of Your Time a day to trade the most opportunity chart the “1
Minute chart”

min Forex System

Trading the One Minute Chart requires lots of
filtering of “noise”.  I have spent countless days
and nights
 just watching
charts and price action move up and down on the exchange rates
of currency
 pairs. I have
defined proper entry price, take profit and stop loss. Risk and Reward has to be
good before any trade is taken. Imagine having 30-40 trading opportunities a
day, you just need to capture 2-4 good trades, your money is made.

Trading with the system will be very simple.
fact, even if you have no trading experience at all you would still make a

money with proper money management and entry. Because the system will provide you
all the entry/exit signals visually.


This system can be used with any
currency pair and any time frame. I Repeat AGAIN You can expect 2-4 winning

trades per day. Also expect negative
trades (as market is always right). They is no 100% perfect system in the world.

All professional and profitable
traders will agree with me, however, as long as your follow rules and keep the

stop loss tight as defined by the
system, you are already a Winner!

Forex Trading Made E – Z

Forex Trading Made E – Z
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forex trading made e z

Now, You Too Can Join
Our Video Coaching Club
Dedicated to Helping You
Reach Your Daily Goal of
2-5% Per Day!

In just a few moments I’m going to introduce you to a program that can help you in a very special way. But first . .

By joining our club today, Thursday, January 30, 2020 you’ll receive a VERY SPECIAL BONUS. We are now offering our highly acclaimed Indicator Package as a free bonus for those joining our Coaching Club. Sold separately for $47 it’s now FREE with your Membership.

That’s right. A club that can help you achieve your goal of earning the highest Forex Profit available.

If you’ve had any experience checking out the many Forex sites on the internet you know most of them promise quick profits with little effort.

This just doesn’t happen. You have to work at it!

So let me be honest with you. I’m not going to give you a big sales pitch on how much and how quick you’re going to get rich.

Instead, I’m just going to show you what you’re going to find at my website that can help you become the profitable Forex trader you are striving for.

That’s why I suggest you start small and work it up. Your fear of losing is minimized because you gradually accept what you must do each time at each level.

For example, Let me show you how my Forex Trading Strategy doubled
$500 in just eight sessions.

And traded $30 to $102 in just eleven sessions, demonstrating it’s not the size of your bankroll but consistency that’s most important in this business.



Forex Megadroid Robot

forex megadroid
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In Automated Forex Robot Trading: Multi-Market Performance, Capable Of Turning $1 Into $4 In EVERY Market Condition


38 years of combined Forex trading experience in the toughest trenches… in the most demanding jobs… has borne its fruits.

If you watched the video on the first page (which we truly recommend you do) then you know what separates Forex Megadroid from other Forex robots – the “also rans”.

Many people don’t think about this but back then when we started out, all trading was done with absolutely no computer help…

Back then, you had to do all by yourself… you had to use your hands and eyes to learn, test, model and implement systems and strategies…

Today… things are much easier… but are they better? YES AND NO
and this is very important, so please pay close attention…

Computers are great… they cut down the work load and they do things much faster. They process information one million times faster (probably much more!) than human beings can.

And that’s a HUGE plus when you are designing Forex systems. The computer can see what the eye can’t see… or better yet, the computer can find what the naked eye can’t find.

Great… so what’s the problem?

Well… it’s simply that computers are just computers!… they work with the data that we humans feed them… they operate on software that we humans design…

In plain English… THEY CAN’T THINK!

It’s our job as humans to think… we then pass the “thought” to the computer and that is where the perfect combination lies!

Now… the QUALITY of “thought” we pass onto the computer is the difference between producing outstanding results and just normal, average results.

Now, what is “quality of thought” in Forex trading?


That’s right… in order for you to tell the computer what to do, what to process… what type of methods to implement… you need to have had enough experience in LEARNING how the Forex market behaves…

5 Pips A Day Forex Robot Profits Everyday!

5 Pips A Day Forex Robot Profits Everyday!
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5 Pips A Day Forex Robot Profits Everyday!

5 Pips A Day Forex Robot Profits Everyday!

Welcome to the 5 pips a day automated forex trading system

5 pips a day is a fully automated forex trading system that targets 5 pips a day. The 5 pips a day forex robot has made at least an average of 5 pips per day for around 8 years based on historical testing in the mt4 strategy tester. Some days in back testing it made more than 5 pips. The 5 pips a day forex robot aims for an average of at least 5 pips per day on autopilot.

“$350,733,208 during 8 Years Of Back Testing”

*Results are based on historical data. There is no guarantee of future performance. You should understand the risks involved with trading. Different brokers can produce different results due to spreads and liquidity. Your capital is at risk. Beginner traders should research and learn about trading before using any forex software.

These historical back testing results show the performance of the 5 pips a day forex robot over around 8 years of back testing in the mt4 strategy tester. This automated forex trading system generated +$350,733,208 profit from a $1,000 deposit! In other words, it made around $3,159,758 in Monthly Average profit with a 96% Win Rate! That’s an average of $115,069 per day!

Forex Trend Detector – Best Trend Following Forex Robot

Forex Trend Detector
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Forex Trend Detector

Disclaimer U.S. Government Required Disclaimer – Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to invest in foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts. Clearly understand this: Information contained within this course is not an invitation to trade any specific investments. Trading requires risking money in pursuit of future gain. That is your decision. Do not risk any money you cannot afford to lose. This document does not take into account your own individual financial and personal circumstances. It is intended for educational purposes only and NOT as individual investment advice. Do not act on this without advice from your investment professional, who will verify what is suitable for your particular needs & circumstances. Failure to seek detailed professional personally tailored advice prior to acting could lead to you acting contrary to your own best interests & could lead to losses of capital.


By using Forex Trend Detector, you acknowledge that you are familiar with these risks and that you are solely responsible for the outcomes of your decisions. We accept no liability whatsoever for any direct or consequential loss arising from the use of this product. It’s to be noted carefully in this respect, that past results are not necessarily indicative of future performance.

Forex Millionaire’s System-dts

Forex Millionaire’s System-dts
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Forex Millionaire’s System-dts

But first… there’s something we need to get straight…

If you’re brand new to Forex but have heard about the tremendous gains average investors can make that decimate stocks… bonds… and even the gold market…

If you’ve dipped your toes into the treacherous rapids of the Forex river… only to receive the bone-soaking chill of a string of failed trades…

Or even if one of those over-priced “Expert Advisors” has flushed more of your cash down the toilet than you care to admit…

…then the power you’re about to possess will change your life forever.

On the other hand…

Maybe You Like Your Life The Way It Is Right Now...

Stuck in a dead-end job… working for someone you hate…

Living from paycheck to paycheck…

Struggling to keep your head above water in a churning sea of bills. Or stuck with these Internet Marketing Programs that just don’t work.

If that is you…then reading any further is a complete waste of your time… and you should probably just click away right now.

Also, If you are one of those who buy tons of products, storing it in their PC disk drives and Never take any action to improve their life…

Do not Buy My Product wasting more of your Hard Earned Money.

Those of you still here…

Psssst! I’ve got a secret for you.

The simple fact of the matter is…

Automated Forex Tools – Forex Robots – Expert Advisors

Automated Forex Tools – Forex Robots – Expert Advisors
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Automated Forex Tools – Forex Robots – Expert Advisors

Automated Forex Tools – Forex Robots – Expert Advisors

Try Our Forex Robots For Free

Did you know that you can try our Forex Robots for free?

Yes, you can try for free because we believe in our Forex Robots! Many websites do not allow the users to test their forex robots (expert advisors). But we do! All you need to do is to register your profile. This will allow you to test all our forex robots for free for an unlimited period of time. If you have any questions regarding our forex robots, you can contact us at any time. Our support team will always be happy to assist you at no cost.


Our Forex Robots (Expert Advisors) have the following features and many other useful options.

Fully Automated
100% hands free! No manual intervention required.
100% Compatibility
Compatible with other Forex Robots (Expert Advisors) in the market.
Money Management
Integrated advanced account and money management system.
Recovery System
Built-in advanced loss recovery system.
High Spread Protection
Protection from unsuitable market conditions (High Spread).
Easy To Use
Extremely easy to use, understand and set up.
Work With All Brokers
Compatible with all brokers and accounts (including U.S. based brokers).
High Slippage Protection
Protection from unsuitable market conditions (High Slippage).
Broker Protection
Protection from unfair brokers and their deceptive techniques.
Hidden TP And SL
Take Profit and Stop Loss hidden from the broker. Prevent hunting.
Fully Customizable
Customizable and adaptable to individual needs.
Lifetime Support
Lifetime support and free updates on all our Forex Robots (Expert Advisors).

Forex Auto Millions (fam) Best Forex Robot

Forex Auto Millions (fam) Best Forex Robot
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Forex Auto Millions (fam) Best Forex Robot.

Welcome to Forex Auto Millions!

We have developed an automated forex robot that is historically accurate, producing excellent results in back testing. This unique automated forex robot has been very consistent for 8 years of back testing in the MetaTrader 4 strategy tester. It does not use martingale, grids or hedging and runs on the EURUSD currency pair 1 minute chart.

“$46,125,309 during 8 Years of Back Testing”

*Results are based on historical data. There is no guarantee of future performance. You should understand the risks involved with trading. Different brokers can produce different results due to spreads and liquidity. Your capital is at risk. Beginner traders should research and learn about trading before using any forex software.

These historical back testing results show the performance of the Forex Auto Millions forex robot over around 8 years of back testing in the mt4 strategy tester. This automated forex trading system generated +$46,125,309 profit from a $1,000 deposit! In other words, it made over $419,321 in Monthly Average profit with a 99% Win Rate! That’s an average of $15,447 per day!

Forex And Online Traders Want To Trade In The Zone – This Does It!

Forex And Online Traders Want To Trade In The Zone – This Does It!
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Forex And Online Traders Want To Trade In The Zone – This Does It!

Dear Trader

How would you like to suddenly turn your trading around, so you became successful with every position you took?

If you know how to execute a trade, but are still losing far too many trades, relax, there is an answer.  There is a simple solution that will unleash your ability to move with the market and capture the profits that are there on a second-by-second basis.  Sound crazy; it’s not – it’s science.

What this is NOT:

  • Not a ‘system’
  • Not another ‘training’
  • Not special ‘signals’
  • Not a ‘robot’
  • Not a newsletter or secret site
  • Not another ‘Guru’
  • Not even expensive

Don’t you think you could trade better if you could recognize patterns faster and clearer?  Don’t you think you would profit nearly 100% of the time if you could filter out the noise and false signals and identify what is pertinent to your position?


There is a reason why the top 5% of traders constantly pick winners.  It’s not luck, chance, insider info, intelligence or even somebody’s ‘system’; its 99% of the  time that Winners trade in the ZONE!


What if there was a way for you to quickly move into the ‘Zone’ like the professional master traders have?  And what if you could do it right away?

Take 2 minutes to change your life and read this important information.

Being in the Zone – What would that mean to you?

  • Never missing the profitable trades and positions
  • Having the Mindset of a Master Trader
  • Consistently SEEING winning positions that are revealed to all, but seen by few
  • Being in Mental Top shape to take trades
  • Having your Brain ‘tuned up’ for trading
  • Total Brain Optimization for Pattern Recognition
  • Zen-like Peak Performance
  • Smashing through Plateaus
  • Following the fast flow of the market without a challenge

“When I started out with this program did I really think it was actually going to make my trading abilities better? NO, I was very skeptical, how could an MP3 teach my mind to see moves and strategies clearer?  My simple answer after one week of using this tape is “I don’t know” but seriously it changed everything about my game. I’m in and out because I now see where to get in and where to get out and most importantly I am making money now!”

SP, Ontario, CA

Would you like to find a way to move directly into ‘The Zone’?

The Zone, the Winning Mindset, that special Trader’s Edge where your subconscious takes over and acts faster than you can act, sees patterns that you don’t see, foresees events that you will only notice after the fact,  and constantly picks profitable trade after trade after trade.

Want proof?

Have you ever met or listened to trainers explain their system?  Most of the time, you come away feeling like,  ‘that’s not really anything I’ve not thought for myself’.  In fact, after you ‘learned’ the basics, the only REAL difference between you a successful trader is the time or experience  that they have.

What happens over time?

Like any thing you do, eventually you can learn it so well, that it is now instinctual; you can do it without consciously thinking.  That is the key.

Remember the last time you drove home from the office and you got out of your car, and could not even remember the trip?  That is because your subconscious mind was able to perform most of the actions for you.  Perhaps you were deep in thought, or talking on the phone, but you were trusting your subconscious mind to take you safely home, and it did.

“After huge success with your program, my friend Erik was bringing in the money and telling everyone how he suddenly changed his style of trading; he had moved into “The Zone” he said. Honestly, I needed to be in the zone too. I went right to your website and ordered my own Perfect Mind Training. He was totally right, just listening over and over, (which is very pleasant) to the different tracks, and within a couple of weeks I was quicker on spotting patterns, entries and exits,  and now I know I have ‘cracked’ the zone too.  Finally I was following the flow of the market with clarity.  Thank you for your awesome program….”


Simple, yet POWERFUL – some people can’t drive a car with ALL their attention – yet you can and not even remember it.

This is the Zen edge that the Master Traders have; sometimes they don’t even know it, sometimes they think it’s some secret system that only they understand, but it’s not.  It’s just that they now trade in the Zone, that mental state of consciousness where the subconscious has taken change.

For a Master Trader trading in the Zone, their subconscious mind digests information, and faster than your conscious mind even notices it; a pattern emerges, and then they are told to take a trade, or a position by their subconscious mind.

You have seen it time and time again.

How can you speed up the process and get into the Zone now?

How can you make use of your lighting fast subconscious mind and use its powerful pattern recognizing ‘software’ to show you the same signals that are invisible to your conscious mind?

What would it be worth to you to suddenly turn your trading around – so you were always up?

Introducing the amazing state-of-the-art Perfect Mind Trading Subliminal system.

If you have struggled with ‘systems’, special signals, newsletters, robots, etc, you probably know how to trade.

Profitable trading opportunities are being presented to you on a daily, perhaps hourly basis.  It’s just that you don’t act.  You are either missing what is right in front of you, or seeing your entry or exit too late.

That’s where the Perfect Mind Trading program takes over for you.

It will unblock your mind from all the clutter and noise and reveal to you the entry and exit points that those in the Zone see.

  • Identify and Exploit market opportunities in real time
  • Enhance and Magnify all your knowledge and training
  • See patterns as they emerge, NOT by looking back
  • Cut out the false messages of the market
  • Achieve market confidence
  • Be at peace with the flow of information, not afraid of it

This special Audio download is a unique mutli-track MP3 program that you listen to.  It will train your brain to attain the ‘Winner’s Edge’, allowing you to trade in the Zone like the pros.

Just sit back and listen, on your computer, your Ipod, Ipad or other MP3 player, or even on a CD player if you like.  The more you listen, the more powerful and effective you will become.

How does it work so well?

Through a scientific technique called Brain Entrainment and Subliminal Affirmation Self Hypnosis.

While you sit back and listen to The Perfect Mind Trading Subliminal tracks, this powerful program uses specific, positive commands sent DIRECTLY to the subconscious mind, commanding it to only see ‘winning trade patterns’ and filter out distracting market noise, and it alerts your conscious mind once it sees a pattern, so you can act on it.

These messages are just under the threshold of hearing – in other words ‘subliminal’.

Subliminal Affirmations are specific, positive commands to shape your subconscious into  a Zen-like Master Trader.  These commands are sent DIRECTLY to the subconscious mind, thus avoiding the ‘gatekeeper’ or your conscious mind.  You see, if you were to say to yourself, “I see profitable trading positions” that would be rejected by the conscious mind, because it worries – making you indecisive and confused – not traits of a Master Trader.

Subliminal Affirmations work better, faster and more effectively than using ‘Will Power’, or the conscious mind, or even reading positive affirmations aloud to yourself.

Your Master Pattern Recognition Subliminal Program

Your program comes with 6 different tracks, each with your powerfully designed Zone inducing affirmations.  One of the tracks is silent, allowing you to listen to these affirmations in the background– when you don’t want binaural beats or other music or sounds.  The other tracks are the same affirmations, but you will not hear them, instead, you will hear different music or background sounds.  Don’t worry, you’ll have full instructions and FAQs, but we don’t expect you’ll need any help, it’s pretty straight forward.

  • Track 1 A powerful Binaural beat that puts you into a Zen like state
  • Track 2 A relaxing Ocean background
  • Track 3 A Tranquil music background
  • Track 4 A Thunder shower rain background
  • Track 5 A Country Picnic background
  • Track 6 A Silent track to play anytime, anywhere

Listen to any and all of these tracks – the affirmations are all the same – repetition is key – that’s why you get so many different tracks, so you can enjoy the variety.  And as a special bonus you will receive a binaural track which is much more powerful than the others, (except that you cannot listen to it when driving or operating heavy machinery).  Don’t worry, full directions and a complete FAQ is provided with each order – nothing left to chance.

Don’t waste another minute or another dollar in losing trades – this program is fully backed and guaranteed, so there is no risk to try it out.


Your subconscious mind will hear these affirmations many 1000’s upon 1000’s of times due to multi-tracking repetition built-in to your Mindware program.  It’s easy to see why it works; life-changing affirmations repeated over and over and over again, in an almost simultaneous fashion, penetrating to your subconscious mind.  You could never repeat this many affirmation to yourself in the same amount of time.  This one track alone is repeated 1000’s of times as you use your Mindware program.  It’s Powerful!

Remember, when you engage and use your Mindware program, you won’t hear these actual words when you listen at home, you’ll only hear the background sounds or even nothing if you listen to the silent track, so that your subconscious mind picks up these affirmations directly without your ‘gate-keeping’ conscious mind ‘wondering’ about them.

You see, your subconscious mind believes what it ‘hears’ – but our conscious mind ‘wonders, doubts, disagrees’ etc. That’s why it’s so hard to find success through the application of saying affirmations out-loud to ourselves. Repeating them out-loud will work, but you must firmly believed in them without any doubt, and that’s not always easy.  That’s the wonderful advantage of subliminal affirmations, you go about your daily business, or even sleep, and your subconscious is picking them up and acting on these affirmations – believing in them, and changing you and your attitude to make a new you.

Your Mindware program makes getting success faster and easier, and you can do it without even stopping doing what you would be doing anyway.  Just slip on you headphones or whatever method you desire to listen to your Mindware program.

Your Bonus download programs can be placed into iTunes or any music player

Listen to any and all of these tracks – the affirmations are all the same – repetition is key – that’s why you get so many different tracks, so you can enjoy the variety.  And as a special bonus you will receive a binaural track which is much more powerful than the others, (except that you cannot listen to it when driving or operating heavy machinery).  Don’t worry, full directions and a complete FAQ is provided with each order – nothing is left to chance.

Don’t waste another minute or another dollar staring at the phone, feeling bad about yourself, or taking ‘another training’. You already have the knowledge within you – the Perfect Mind Trading Subliminal program just unleashes it! It works, and is fully backed and guaranteed, so there is no risk to try it out.

If you are NOT making money as an Agent, while others are, you can’t afford NOT to use the Perfect Mind Trading Subliminal program!

Download Today And We’ll Also Give You 5 Valuable Bonuses

100% FREE!  Value Over $150

How would you like to have 5 additional reasons to get your hands on your Perfect Mind Trading

Mindware download right now? A total value of $150 (well, $149.75 to be accurate) – truly a powerful

combination of Subliminal programs to make you into a top performing online Trader – take a look

and you’ll want to take advantage of this offer while it still lasts.  otion of these products.