The 8 Week Booty Training And Nutrition Plan

the 8 week booty

The 8 Week Booty Training And Nutrition Plan.

When I first head this news, it spun my head right round.

Actually, if you’re like me, you won’t believe it until you’ve been shown the facts and heard the multitudes of raving testimonials.

Let me break it to you: it is possible to build a big, sexy booty with just 45 minutes work a few times a week.

Even better, the system uses your body’s natural chemistry to make it a fat-burning machine, so you lose weight at the same time.

It sounds insane, but according to the scientific proof — and the thousands who have already achieved these results — this is a real life possibility for those struggling to build their butt.

The reason it is hard to believe is that the mainstream booty training is actually ineffective for the majority of people. I’ll spare you the heaps of statistical evidence—it’s evident simply by looking around.

The 8 Week Booty is a potent training method developed and perfected by Paul Burgess who has over adecade of experience andthousands of hours of 1-2-1 instruction under hisbelt, which is why he isthe perfect personto help you build the booty of your dreams.

People across the globe are reporting that they’ve built big, sexy booties, slimmed down their hips, thighs, and seen weight loss in as little as 14 days.


Don’t just take my word for it.

See all the evidence and proof for yourself right here, right now.

No Nonsense Ted – New Weight Loss Offer For 2017

fast weight loss


Get skinny while you sleep (use this one weird fat melting trick)

Hi, real quick –

I want to introduce you to an amazing friend of mine named No Nonsense Ted, and an unusual fat-melting trick he figured out that lets you effortlessly melt away 10, 30, or 50 pounds (or even much more)…

WITHOUT you having to drag yourself to the gym…

WITHOUT you having to take pills, or drink gross-tasting shakes…

And WITHOUT you having to give up the foods you crave!

Go here and let Ted share this unusual fat-melting trick with you (over 16,483 men and women around the world are absolutely RAVING about it, and in this short video, you’ll meet them and find out why):

P.S. In this short video, Ted will also share with you his SHOCKING (and pretty darn embarrassing story…and how he stumbled across a study in the British Journal of Nutrition, which has NEVER been publicized in the USA…

You’re about to learn why something called – metabolic dysfunction – has been KEEPING you overweight, and making it darn near impossible for you to lose weight and keep it off…

But once you learn Ted’s trick, you can instantly switch your body from “fat storage” mode into fat BURNING mode…so that you melt off pounds and stubborn flab, even while you sleep:


Diabetes Smarts

diabetes infos

What Big Corporations Don’t Want You To Know… And How To Fight & Prevent Diabetes, Including Real Life Case-Studies…

Welcome to

Helping Men & Women To Fight or Prevent Type II Diabetes

Despite what you may have been told, uncontrolled blood sugar and increasing belly fat does not mean you have to give up sugar, nor carbs. What it does mean though, is that it’s time to uncover the truth about the root cause.

My name is Judd Resnick, and I have a few questions to ask.

Do you have Type II diabetes? Or are you diagnosed as prediabetic? Or if not, do you have any of these early signs?

  • Always feeling hungry
  • Feeling very tired
  • Frequent urination
  • Itching and yeast infections
  • Tingling, numbness, or pain in the hands or feet
  • Blurry vision
  • Patches of dark skin
  • Slow healing of cuts
  • Increased thirst

Or do you want to arm yourself and your family with the knowledge of how to prevent diabetes from ever being a problem?

Whatever your reasons are, I’ve designed my cutting-edge Diabetes Smarts Program with YOU in mind, so that you can treat the root cause and get results fast.

All Rachel wanted was to have more energy, to enjoy life to the fullest..

And what she wanted the most was to have a baby…


But she faced big health problems.

She had very low energy levels, and had experienced a lot of trouble when trying to get pregnant.

Her Doctors warned her that she was dangerously overweight.

They tried many times to get her to take a blood glucose test, but she was afraid.

Eventually her health reached a crisis point.

Her Doctors warned her she may risk cutting her life shorter and possibly never have children.

By this time Rachel was dangerously overweight.

When she finally worked up the courage …

The test number FLOORED HER. At that moment she knew she was in the throes of TYPE 2 DIABETES…

Rachel was dangerously overweight when she finally worked up the courage to take a BLOOD GLUCOSE TEST.

The test number FLOORED HER.

At that moment she knew she was in the throes of TYPE 2 DIABETES…

Her doctors warned her that her lifespan would be cut short, and her dream of having another child was all but impossible.

The idea of being on medication forever, only for things to eventually get worse, frightened her.

She had already piled on a lot of pounds, was feeling deeply depressed and her energy levels were lower than ever.

Rachel could not accept this as her future.

She did some research and was shocked to hear stories of other diabetics who had gone on to need more medication for high blood pressure, nerve damage, and had even lost limbs and gone blind…

…All while doing exactly what their doctors told them to do to manage their diabetes with drugs and avoiding sugar.

She decided, enough is enough.

She did not want to become another statistic.

Alcohol Free Forever ™ – Revamped For 2019 + $75 Bonus!

Alcohol Free Forever ™ – Revamped For 2019 + $75 Bonus!

Alcohol Free Forever ™ – Revamped For 2019 + $75 Bonus!

You don’t have to go to awkward meetings or expensive counsellors…

“Learn How to Stop Drinking

Stay Sober
For The REST


…from the privacy of your own home…

It was a day during winter of 1998…

A few weeks before that day, I had a minor traffic accident while I was driving after a ‘few’ drinks, and my wife had now gotten very upset with my drinking…

To avoid lengthy arguments, as much as possible I was now drinking in secret. I’d gulp down a glass before she woke up, while she was out shopping, while she was in the shower, while she was in the other room helping our daughter with her homework…

At work, I also needed to drink without being noticed by my boss who had already threatened to fire me three times, so I’d hide a bottle in the trash can under my desk and take a quick swig when nobody was watching…

On this particular day of 1998, we were going to my brother-in-law’s for my nephew’s 4th birthday party. That meant a whole evening of socializing without any chance of drinking in privacy. I knew I wouldn’t be able to go through it sober, and that I’d have to booze up before going there…

Yet, my wife seemed to know what I was up to, and while we were preparing to go, she kept me in her sight. Then, just before we headed out, she went to use the lavatory…and I grabbed the opportunity…

I snatched a bottle of gin from my “clothes drawer” and downed half of it…

I felt alive and ready for the party…

My brother-in-law lived just a 15 minute drive away so we got there ok. I wasn’t ok a few minutes later though, as I threw up without warning in front of all of them

I still remember clearly the look of disgust on their faces, the horrified look on my nephew’s face, …and my wife…I couldn’t even bring myself to look at her…

I Had Never Felt So Humiliated In My Life…

Next morning, amid the guilt, humiliation and shame, I realized that my drinking had gotten out of control and that I was on the brink of destroying my life and my marriage. It was at the point that I KNEW I had a problem and had to do something about it…

Yet I did not want to go to AA because I didn’t want to be labelled an alcoholic…I just wanted a way to control my urges, STOP my drinking, and be able to live without alcohol.

And thus started the long, frustrating road of trial and error, self-experimentation, several relapses, visits to doctors, life coaches, naturopaths, and dozens of former addicts… until I finally pieced together a complete and comprehensive method that allowed me to…

Quit Drinking, For Good!

I’ve now been sober for 11 years and I no longer feel any urge to reach for the glass.

No longer do I feel tempted when I’m in social situations that involve alcohol, and I no longer need alcohol to be confident, talk to people, and enjoy social situations…

When my day is hectic and stressful, I no longer feel the need for a drink…

I no longer spend my money on alcohol, and I no longer wake up with headaches and shame…

At the age of 47, I’m now feeling the healthiest I’ve ever been, because I’ve stopped poisoning myself with alcohol…

Me and my wife have rekindled our love and my daughter now has a father she can look up to.

I feel like I’ve been reborn. It’s a great feeling.

And I was able to achieve this using a few simple secrets that I now want to share with you…

I’ve created a step-by-step system to empower you to stop drinking TODAY. It works, simply-put, because I was in your exact same shoes and I know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution

4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution

4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution

Do you think your carb addiction is making you fatter? Here’s how you can lose 7-11 pounds of PURE fat in the next 7 days by eating MORE carbs…

Discover the World’s First & Only Carb Cycling Diet That INSTANTLY Flips ON Your Body’s Fat-Burning Switch, Helping You Lose 7-11 Pounds in the First 7 Days— WITHOUT Sacrificing Your Favorite High Carb Meals…

Now You Can Eat Lots of Your Favorite Carbs and NEVER Store Them as Fat—All While Reprogramming Your Metabolism to STOP Burning Sugars and START Burning Fat in LESS Than 7 Days From Now

Why Carb-Cycling Is The Most Sensible Nutrition Solution to Permanent Weight Management…

  • Feel “Healthy”, NOT Hungry All The Time—with LIMITLESS Food Options.
  • “Outsmart” Your Metabolism and Become Adapted to Burning Fat in LESS Than 7 Days.
  • Conquer the DREADED Diet “Plateau”—for continuous weight loss once and for all.
  • END Your Body’s “Addiction” To Burning Nothing But Sugars and REPROGRAM YOUR BODY—to burn the fat FIRST, not LAST (and keep it off for good).
  • Learn How To Eat LOTS Of Your Favorite Carbs And NEVER Store Them As Fat.
  • “Crack the Fat Loss Code” once and for all with the EASIEST Scientific Way to Lose Fat.

WARNING: This article is highly controversial, so most crash dieters and newbies will dismiss this because they have been mindlessly misled to follow the same ole’ baloney misinformation and outright lies packed inside diet books making you think you can’t eat carbs without getting fat.


The “Ancient Japanese Secret” You DON’T Know About That’s STOPPING Your Body From Burning More Stubborn Fat

Did you know that the Japanese are the LEANEST and HEALTHIEST people on the planet?

They are more likely to reach 100 years old than anyone else in the world, a fact that most researchers attribute to their diet.

In fact, many call their home “The Land of Immortals”.

In addition to their high life expectancy, they are known for their unusually low mortality from cardiovascular disease and even certain types of cancers.

THE NUMBERS DON’T LIE: They are 8 times LESS likely to die from coronary heart disease, 7 times LESS likely to die from prostate cancer, 6.5 times LESS likely to die from breast cancer, and 2.5 times LESS likely to die from colon cancer than an average American of the same age.

And get THIS: the Japanese have the LOWEST rates of obesity (only 2.9%) in the world, versus 11% for the French and 32% for Americans, according to the International Obesity TaskForce.

So evidence clearly proves they live LEANER and age SLOWER than the rest of the world.

So what exactly is this Mysterious and FORGOTTEN

Fat Burning Nutrition Secret of the Japanese?

A strategic diet that contains MORE carbs… instead of LESS.

YES, you heard it right!

The traditional Japanese diet consists of 85% carbohydrates, 9% protein, and only 6% fat…

I’m not advocating you eat like this – NO WAY! You still have to be “smart” about it by using the Carb Cycling solution found below.

But it proves once and for all, that despite all the bad press over the years, many high carb foods like potatoes and rice do NOT make you fat.

Make no mistake about it. The Japanese diet staples are high carb foods like white rice and Samurais were even known for eating up to 24 different varieties of potatoes!

Ironically, to this very day they’re STILL the leanest and healthiest people in the whole world.

Eating carbs like this would be considered CRAZY by today’s low carb diet standards.

But the Japanese continue to break all the rules and eat carbs. LOTS of them.

How do the Japanese continue to eat a HIGH carb diet, while keeping the fat off their body to stay leaner and healthier than the rest of the world year after year?

Let me tell you the real truth about the Japanese from the story above that keeps them leaner and healthier than everybody else…

Many of the “forbidden” High Carb foods you THINK you need to avoid actually help you burn WAY MORE fat than popular Low Carb Diet Foods you eat everyday

Do you really think lean and healthy people, like the Japanese, obsess over choosing low glycemic foods, counting calories and carb grams?

Absolutely not: It’s been a part of their culture for hundreds of years.

You might think it’s all in their genes, but when Japanese people adopt a western-style diet, they put on weight quickly and gain fat rapidly just like we do.

That’s because the Japanese were raised differently than you so they unknowingly have access to a diet secret that doctors and researchers have been missing out on for years…

ANY Person At ANY Age Can REPROGRAM Their Metabolism To Burn MORE Fat By Strategically Eating MORE Carbs…

But that’s not all. The most important piece of the fat loss puzzle is what’s been known since the days of the caveman.

MOST of these foods are NOT what you think they are.

Build Insane Strength And Mad Skills With Progressive Calisthenics

Build Insane Strength And Mad Skills With Progressive Calisthenics

Build Insane Strength And Mad Skills With Progressive Calisthenics

But it wasn’t always that way…

Although I was making progress it took me years to get to the point where stunts like human flag, planche, one arm pushup or pullups were not impossible anymore.


I was making mistakes;

I didn’t know how should I work out

I was getting stuck and had no idea why

I didn’t have enough knowledge;

There was nobody to guide me;

I had no idea how and what to train

My progress was so slow, I was getting demotivated

I was missing a system to follow and get better every day

So I experimented… for years and it was PAINFUL…

And even with programs like Convict Conditioning coming out, it was hard. CC have a very limited number of progressions and do not pay attention to skill work, balance, flexibility and mobility which makes it impossible to progress if you are a beginner (I’ve been there).

I saw on my own skin how

well structured progressive calisthenics can give you insane strength

muscle gains and fat loss while still protecting your joints and conditioning your body.

All naturally. I didn’t need a gym. I Didn’t need a barbell. I don’t need a box. There was just ,me, my body and a bar…

Progressive Calisthenics is straightforward in its principles…yet…

Yet every day I get emails from all of you asking me how to get started. For years I have been teaching and perfecting the art of bodyweight strength training and although there is so much information out there its extremely confusing and unhelpful for somebody who has no previous experience with bodyweight strength training.

That’s why I have created this guide…

So you don’t need to spend years figuring it out… Instead, Just Follow the Proven System For Superhuman Strenght…

Gout Eraser ™ New +$50 Bonus & 3 Upsells!

Gout Eraser ™ New +$50 Bonus & 3 Upsells!


Review of The Gout Eraser™ – True gout relief at home?

Before I opened up The Gout Eraser™ on my e-book reader, I had to ask myself a question:

Is this really going to be something that actually teaches REALISTIC gout relief at home?

I mean, I’m not a superhuman. I have (or rather, had) gout. I needed a guide that recognized that and empathized with my less than ideal habits which all people outside of the movies have.

I came into the whole idea of gout relief at home from a funny position. My doctor flat out told me that the best way to solve the painful swelling around the joints of my fingers was to “just plain be healthier.” Yeah, my doctor is kind of blunt.

Personally I couldn’t even clasp my hands into a fist without having a terrible, borderline arm paralysis. From the fingers down through the arms, the pain locked my arms into place. Recognizing this, my doc was at least nice enough to prescribe me some medications.

But just as The Gout Eraser™ states, medications are a short-term solution. What was I going to do, stay on them my whole life?

From the first paragraph the book resonated with my own thoughts. I was sold on The Gout Eraser™ philosophy, which was essentially identifying the fact that gout was simply the result of a waste product build-up in the body, a waste product that my own body had been previously dealing with effectively for decades. The Gout Eraser™ aims at restoring this function in the body.
It is a highly pragmatic way to deal with the problems of gout in a fast, efficient way.

The best relief is the one you can sustain. It’s unfortunate that so few guides acknowledge this, but The Gout Eraser™ is an exception. Rather than masking the symptoms, it deals with the underlying imbalance, and the goal is a permanent gout removal…and not temporary relief.

I was also greatly relieved to find that The Gout Eraser™ is NOT some restrictive diet. Because, you know, you have taste buds. And they get VERY upset if you ignore them for some hospital diet. With The Gout Eraser™, you can still enjoy taste foods and drinks.

Thankfully, The Gout Eraser™ will also refrain from telling you to do some exhaustive exercises or train like you’re running a marathon. In fact, doing everything The Gout Eraser™ recommends will take no more than a few minutes of your day, and you’ll get to experience dramatic fast relief from the debilitating pain and you’ll be on your way to total gout freedom in 7 days or less.

Did I mention all the other improvements? After incorporating the Okinawan secrets in the guide, I also noticed that I was feeling better and more energetic than I had in a long, long time. It is no wonder that the Chinese have for years referred to Okinawa as the Land of Immortals!

Now that is not the main focus of the guide, but it just so happens that to reverse gout, re-balance your body and take it back to the state it naturally is during your youth, when all its processes (including uric acid excretion) were working as they should be.