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German Shepherd Handbook – Now With Higher Conversions!

German Shepherd Handbook – Now With Higher Conversions!

german sherperd handbook

ATTENTION: If you own a German Shepherd (or are about to get one), this is going to be one of the most exciting letters you’ll ever read:

Who Else Wants The Happiest, Healthiest & Most Well-Behaved German Shepherd On The Block?

German Shepherd Handbook(This is a digital product, the images are for visualization only)

“This Information-Packed Handbook Will Teach You Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About German Shepherd Dogs…

You’ll Learn How To Get That ‘Best Friend’ Relationship With Your GSD, That Most Dog Owners Can Only Dream Of Having!”

From the desk of Michael Tapscott

Michael TapscottDear friend

Let me ask you a question… Did you get the “owners manual” the day you chose your German Shepherd?


I’ve been in contact with many German Shepherd dog owners (and owners-to-be) over the years, and I’ve realized that most actually need one! 🙂

My name is Michael Tapscott and I’ve owned several GSDs (even a white one once) and I have also been a volunteer with a dog rescue organization for years, so I have a lot to tell you about this wonderful breed.


As I’m sure you know, each dog breed is unique, and the German Shepherd is not an exception. The German Shepherd is among the most popular of all breeds, most likely for its loyalty and courage.

But most owners don’t realize how much attention, training, love and firm guidance is needed to get their dog to develop these characteristics.

That’s why I’ve spent months and months researching, writing and interviewing German Shepherd trainers, vets, importers, dog owners and well-known breeders to compile the ultimate German Shepherd Handbook.

This Book Will Be Your Complete Guide To Choosing, Understanding, Training & Caring For Your GSD

German Shepherd Dog

You’ll learn everything from how to choose the right German Shepherd and housebreak it, to the history of the breed and how to train your dog to obey your every command…

Imagine being able to get your German Shepherd to listen to you anywhere you go… Wouldn’t that be nice?

What about knowing that your dog is perfectly happy and healthy because you know exactly how to exercise, socialize and feed your dog?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could teach your German Shepherd to stop biting and chewing everything in sight?

Can you imagine how great you’ll feel when you know that your dog loves you as much as you love him or her?

And what if you could train your GSD to get rid of bad behaviours and obey your every command?

When you ask him to come to you, he does.

When you ask him to sit and stay, he does.

When you’re out for a walk and come to a street crossing, your dog sits patiently at the curb, and waits to heel by your side across the street.

In fact, all of this will come true for you once you know the secrets.

This book covers everything there is to know about German Shepherds,

And It’s Not Like Any Other Book You’ve Ever Read On GSDs

You won’t find anything like it anywhere. Not in the bookshop, not in the pet store, not at the library – not even on the Internet.


It’s simple: No one has ever gone through the entire research process that has taken me over 9 months to complete.

During my dog rescue volunteer work I read pretty much every worthy book out there on German Shepherds. But when I decided to finally write my own book, I wanted to find some GSD “insider information” as well…

So I tracked down and did interviews with a world-renowned professional dog trainer, two vets, three of the most well-respected breeders and importers, and every GSD owner I knew asking for tips and advice on just about anything related to German Shepherd Dogs.

With all the work I’ve put into this, you’re truly getting the most complete German Shepherd book you’ll ever find:

German Shepherd Handbook(This is a digital product, the images are for visualization only)

And the most unique thing about this book is that every section of it is there because

“You Asked For It!”

Well, not you exactly.

But from live questions.

Questions coming from people all over the world who really love German Shepherds and wanted to know how to get a more happy, healthy and well-behaved dog.

A simple web page was set up, and people just like you visited it and left me their most pressing questions about German Shepherds.

And then I answered them!

Which means no fluff or boring filler – Just the real answers that you want to know.

You’ll discover many exciting tips and secrets in the German Shepherd Handbook – Everything from how to find and choose the right German Shepherd and housebreak it, to how to avoid health problems and train your dog to be able to get along with other people and animals.

Want a Sneak Peek At What’s Inside?

Here’s a small sample of things that you’ll discover in the German Shepherd Handbook, chapter by chapter:


Chapter 1:
An Introduction To German Shepherds

  • A quick introduction to the breed and how it all started (p. 3)
  • 4 important things you MUST DO before bringing your German Shepherd home
    (Most people miss at least one of these! See p. 4)
  • The 3 required qualities you must have for raising a GSD (p. 4)


Chapter 2:
The History of the German Shepherd Dog

  • The amazing history of the German Shepherd and how they came to be (pp. 5-10)
  • The fascinating development of the breed and how their different coats evolved (pp. 5-8)
  • Learn the important behavioral differences between the American and the German bloodline (pp. 12-15)
  • What is the breed standard? (pp. 10-12)
  • Discover what effects and consequences the popularity of the German Shepherd Dog has had (pp. 15-16)
  • What are the differences between the White and the Black German Shepherd? (pp. 14-15)
  • Why the German Shepherd Dog was once called the Alsatian Wolf Dog (p. 9)


Chapter 3:
Finding and Choosing Your German Shepherd

  • Is the German Shepherd right for you? Here are the 3 most important things to consider before settling on this breed (pp. 17-18)
  • How to find and choose the right German Shepherd for you. Learn everything from selecting the best breeder or shelter, to how to specifically point out the dog that’s perfect for you (pp. 18-22)
  • Are German Shepherds good with young children? (Hint: Usually, yes – but there’s one crucial thing to think about if you’re getting a puppy… Read p. 18)
  • Should you get a male or a female GSD? Is either better than the other? (p. 20)
  • The one place you should avoid getting a German Shepherd Dog from! (p. 25)
  • The foolproof step-by-step method that guarantees that you find the perfect German Shepherd puppy (pp. 20-22)
  • What to consider if you’re planning to adopt a German Shepherd (pp. 35-36)
  • How to easily find and choose an adult German Shepherd Dog, and the things you should ask about before deciding (pp. 22-23)
  • 5 important things to consider if you’re importing a German Shepherd (pp. 23-24)
  • How to act towards your dog just after you’ve brought him/her home (p. 26)


Chapter 4:
Feeding Your German Shepherd Dog

  • How to find the best food for your dog (pp. 28-29)
  • The best kind of diet for your German Shepherd (p. 29)
  • The much-loved dog treat that’s actually healthy for your German Shepherd (p. 30)
  • When to feed your GSD and how much (pp. 31-32)
  • How and when should you switch from “puppy food” to “adult food”? (p. 30)
  • The best kind of dog bones – And which to avoid! (pp. 30-31)
  • What are the best supplements for your dog? Are they really necessary? (p. 30)
  • How NOT to feed your German Shepherd! (I can’t understand why people keep doing this – p. 31)
  • Never give this treat to your GSD – It can cause fatal seizures! (p. 31)


Chapter 5:
Making Your Home Safe

  • How to introduce your new German Shepherd to your home and the first steps to safety in your home (p. 33)
  • How to “Puppy Proof” your backyard for your German Shepherd and eliminate possible dangers (p. 34)
  • 9 common plants that are harmful to your dog (You better get rid of these now if you truly value your friend – Read p. 34)
  • The best way to minimize separation anxiety of your German Shepherd (p. 36)
  • A simple way to make sure your dog is happy and healthy all the time (p. 36)
  • How to introduce your German Shepherd to a new dog friend (pp. 35-36)
  • How often should you do check-ups? (pp. 36)


Chapter 6:
Training Your German Shepherd Dog

  • Top training tips for your German Shepherd Dog! (pp. 37-56)
  • A thorough guide to housebreaking your German Shepherd, quickly and easily (pp. 38-40)
  • Crate training – What it is and how you do it (Some people use “animal crates” or cages to train their dog… Sometimes, they do help, but there’s a good way and there’s a bad way to do it. I show you exactly how on pp. 41-42)
  • Insider tips for training your dog to obey commands (pp. 42-46)
  • How to handle stubborn German Shepherds that won’t listen to your commands (Are you tired of your dog ignoring your “off” command and jumping up putting his paws onto the table? Learn how to put an end to this on pp. 50-54)
  • The most important area of concern when it comes to training your GSD (pp. 37-38)
  • How to stop your German Shepherd’s habit of non-stop barking at other dogs and people (pp. 51-52 and 56)
  • Leash training tips – Many dog owners don’t even know the proper way to use a leash with a dog, here’s exactly how to do it (p. 54)
  • The secrets of how to make your German Shepherd obey commands such as “Come”, “Sit” and “Stay” (pp. 47-50)
  • Tired of your German Shepherd biting everything in sight? Here’s how to stop biting problems forever and force your dog to grow out of its puppy behavior before it’s too late! (pp. 52-53)
  • The controversial “Last Resort technique” that you can use if you’ve tried everything, but your dog still isn’t learning to obey your commands (p. 55)


Chapter 7:
Grooming Your German Shepherd

  • How to keep your German Shepherd clean and healthy (This will cut your number of trips to the veterinarian in half! See p. 57)
  • The right way to brush and comb your German Shepherd (pp. 57-59)
  • How often you need to bathe your German Shepherd and how to do it (WARNING: Bathing your dog too often can strip its coat of its natural oils. Read pp. 59-60)
  • How to take proper care of your German Shepherd’s teeth (Poor dental health can affect a dog’s overall health so make sure you know how to do it right, check out pp. 60-61)
  • Two little-known shortcuts to speed up the grooming of your GSD (p. 60)
  • How to take care of your dog’s nails and ears, and how often you need to do it (pp. 62-63)


Chapter 8:
Potential Health Problems

  • The 5 most important vaccinations that your German Shepherd must get(pp. 64-67)
  • Do all German Shepherds have hip problems? (Learn all about “Hip Dysplasia” and what you can do about it on pp. 67-68)
  • How old should your dog be should before you can get its hip X-rayed for Hip Dysplasia (p. 68)
  • Learn about bloat and what you can do to prevent your German Shepherd from vomiting and getting gastric torsion (pp. 70-71)
  • Parasites and fleas often trouble GSDs – Find out what you can do about it on pp. 71-74
  • How to deal with German Shepherd ear problems (p. 76-77)
  • The things you need to have at home for treatment of things like bee stings and burns, and other first-aid tips (pp. 80-81)

And That’s Just a Fraction of What You’ll Learn In This Book…

If that’s not exciting enough, you don’t even have to wait to get started.

Since this is an “eBook,” digitally delivered over the web, you can be reading the German Shepherd Handbook in as little as 90 seconds from now.

That’s right. As soon as you place your secure order you’ll get instant access to these amazing German Shepherd tips so you can start applying them today!

No need to wait days and days for the mailman to show up 🙂

Not a technically savvy person? Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. If you have never downloaded a book over the web before, I’ll help you every step of the way.

In fact, I’ve helped beginner after another just how quick and easy it is to download the German Shepherd Handbook over the web. I’m easily accessible by email, so if you’re stuck or don’t know what to do I can help you get your copy of the German Shepherd Handbook in a flash!

But Don’t Just Take My Word For It…

Check out what some of my readers have said about the German Shepherd Handbook:


“I found your section on training so helpful. My puppy responded exceptionally well to the chapter on biting and i have no more bruises and bites”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed your book and emails.


The orderly manner in which you have presented your information has made it very easy to follow. The instructions are clear and have been so successful.

My German Shepherd is becoming more well-behaved as the days pass and I follow your directions. She is a pleasure to train now as I can understand why I am doing certain things and how she is thinking.

I found your section on training so helpful. My puppy responded exceptionally well to the chapter on biting and i have no more bruises and bites.

I re-read the book constantly and follow your advice. I was really dreading Zoe’s first year as I know how distractive and unruly puppies can be but with your book it has only been a pleasure having this 5 month old.

Thank you so much for such an interesting valuable book!”

— Gaby Lyle

South Africa



“Thank you for your writings. I found your book helpful and interesting as well as gaining more knowledge of the breed I deal with daily”


“I am a longtime breeder and trainer of German Shepherds and found your book to be helpful in a couple or areas. It is always good to learn what others teach and others training techniques.

The history information was awesome. The development of the breed and its temperament being of German working lines vs. American lines was helpful although I already knew these facts, your explanation made this more clearly understandable.

I have smooth-coated and plush-coated GSD’s and found your description of others news to me. But I hadn’t heard of the plush coat until we had 3 in one litter. I have not heard some of the colors either, but there’s always something for everyone to learn.

Thank you for your writings. I found your book helpful and interesting as well as gaining more knowledge of the breed I deal with daily. We have enjoyed this breed much more than any other we’ve had. The German Shepherd Dog is definitely one that stands alone in its qualities, intelligence, versatility and loyalty. You have held up this breed to its true standards.”

— Dee Gilson

Eagle Point, Oregon



“I strongly recommend the German Shepherd Handbook by Michael Tapscott to all GSD owners!”

“The German Shepherd Handbook has been very helpful in introducing me to the care of my two GSDs, Puppy a standard female and Tiger a long hair male. I have acquired both at age 2 months. Now they are 10-month old and I believe quite large in sze (30-35 kg), yet they look slim and not obese.

Both have done well in basic training and socialization. I have accomplished this almost entirely with the help of the information provided in your book. The book has also enlightened me on the history of the breed and its potential health problems. I strongly recommend the German Shepherd Handbook by Michael Tapscott to all GSD owners!”

— Yahya Al-Faraidi

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia



“I can’t wait to try out the tips and advice on my dog”

“I bought the German Shepherd Handbook to help me better understand the breed. I am planning on getting a dog soon. I am glad that this book has the information that I need to help me raise and look after my future dog. I can’t wait to try out the tips and advice on my dog. Thanks a lot Michael!”

— Lauren Deters

Sigil, Illinois



“Thanks for a great book!”

“There is soooo much information in this book, so it would be hard to pick one thing I like best! 🙂

I am 55 years old and have had German Sheperds in my life since the age of three but this book gave me a lot of insights that I did not know.

Thanks for a great book!!!”

— Joy Huebotter

Chilhowee, Missouri



“I really hope other parents of German Shepherd Dogs will read this book”


“My Thanks to Michael for a fascinating read. I didnt really know the background to the breed and it was extremely helpful in understanding my babies Fae and Thor.

They are 5 months old now and I have used the techniques Michael suggested in particularly with the barking, nipping and such like.

The pups are very quick to learn and my only hurdle now is the continue to work on the come here or here (cant decide which word yet!). The walking away option does the trick.

Thanks again, I really hope other parents of German Shepherd Dogs will read this book and get as much enjoyment as i have! Each day is a new learning curve.

🙂 woof Nicky, Fae and Thor.”

— Nicola Fae Corden

Karratha, Western Australia



“I already can see the changes in my dogs behaviour!”

The German Shephard Handbook is very informative. I now have a lot more understanding about the GSD breed.

The book reads very well and I’m enjoying training my GSD using the handbook. I already can see the changes in my dogs behaviour! And both my dog and I have bonded a lot more.

The future is looking great as my GSD is my best pal.

Thanks for a great book.

— Jan Kerckhofs

Alice Springs, Australia



“Your book guided me to teach my dog to behave and be the dog I had envisioned”

“When I thought of owning a German Shepherd, I thought of a beautiful, obedient dog that sat calmly and was a great companion for the entire family. This vision came from the German Shepherds I would see work with police or just walking with their owner.

Well, when we got our German Shepherd puppy, she grew very quickly and yes she was beautiful, but to my surprise, the rest needed a lot of work!

Finding the German Shepherd Handbook helped me to understand our dog and why she was behaving the way she was. Your book guided me to teach my dog to behave and be the dog I had envisioned. This handbook is a must have for German Shepherd owners. The lessons are quick, and the results have been outstanding!”

— Cara Raff

Albuquerque, New Mexico


“So What’s The Bottom Line?
How Much Does This Complete German Shepherd Book Cost?”

This book has already been a huge success with over 1700+ other German Shepherd owners buying it, and telling me how thrilled they are with the difference it has made to them and their German Shepherd. The increased fun and affection YOU will receive as a result of this information, I think you’ll agree, is priceless!

The good part is that since I have done all the work for you, you can get it on a silver platter! As you know, I’ve spent over 9 months researching, writing and compiling this unique German Shepherd book. I’ve also spent close to $3300 on travel, interviews, surveys and editing to get this book done.

But luckily, I’m not going to charge you hundreds and hundreds of dollars for this valueable information.

I will be releasing this as an exclusive hard copy book with award-winning photographs later on for $79 – But until then, here’s the good news:

The special online introductory price is just $49.95 $39.95 – less than what it costs to feed your dog for a month or two. And a whole lot less than it costs to replace a scratched up door, torn up carpet, or chewed designer shoe from a misbehaving puppy!

I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a very small price to pay when you just take a moment and think about the joy you’ll feel once you have your perfectly happy, healthy and well-behaved German Shepherd.

Even if this book only saved you ONE visit to the vet or dog trainer – You’re still in front!


Only a Limited Amount of Copies Will Be Sold At This Price

Thing is, after I release a couple thousand copies of this book at this really low price, I know my servers will be taxed, my inbox swamped, and my time to reply to your emails severely limited… and I will have to increase the price.

See the table below for the price increase schedule… so order today to make sure you lock in the lowest price possible:

Pricing Table

For a fraction of what it’s really worth and what it cost me to research, you could be reading it in a matter of minutes. And don’t worry – if for any reason you’re not happy with the content, you have a complete hassle-free, no questions asked guarantee to protect your investment:

100% Money Back Guarantee

That’s about as fair as it gets, don’t you agree?

Think about it, wouldn’t it be great if everything came with this kind of guarantee?

So just go ahead, download the eBook today, read it and apply your new-found skills with your German Shepherd for a full 60 days. If you aren’t absolutely thrilled with it for any reason (or for no reason at all) just let me know and I’ll issue you a cheerful refund with no questions asked.

So you see, there’s absolutely NO RISK on your part … a true win-win!

And I Want To Give You Some Really Awesome Gifts Today…

I’m supremely confident that you’re getting the absolute BEST German Shepherd book ever written.

But I’m not stopping there. I want you to be so over-the-top thrilled with your decision to claim your copy of the German Shepherd Handbook today, so I’m tossing in these incredible bonuses…

Part Friend, Part Family
($27 Value)

Part Friend, Part Family

An amazing dog training resource jam-packed with training tips and with a big section on understanding your dog.

  • The 3 indispensable health components that are improved, and sometimes even sustained, by exercise (page 24)
  • Housetraining tips and tactics (page 43)
  • The 4 ridiculously easy-to-follow steps to behavior training your dog (page 47)
  • 5 dog training secrets the so-called “experts” DON’T want you to know (page 60)
Dog Diet – The Right
Food For Your Dog
($24.75 Value)

Dog Diet – The Right Food For Your Dog

This 86-page eBook explains your dog’s nutritional needs and how you can satisfy them.

  • The importance of a dog’s diet
  • How your dog’s diet affects outputs
  • Dog food – Thought for consideration
  • Guidelines to choosing a healthy dog diet
  • Tips to consider when determining your puppy dog’s diet
  • And much more!
Dog Bite Prevention
($14.95 Value)

Dog Bite Prevention

World class trainer’s tips to raising a well behaved dog that don’t bite without your command! This 95-page eBook, jam-packed with tips will teach you:

  • The reasons why puppies bite and the underlaying causes
  • How to recognize warning signs and prevent dog bites
  • How you can get your dog to stop biting
  • How to socialize your dog (critical stage for puppies)
  • 7 things you should do if your dog bites
5 Dog Training Myths
($8.95 Value)

5 Dog Training Myths

Special report reveals the 5 dog training myths your GSD needs you to know!

  • “You’re only training your dog when _____”
  • “You need to understand and _____ in _____ so that _____”
  • “The _____ method is superior because it is the _____”
  • “A dog that _____ is either terribly _____ or simply trying to _____”
  • “A _____ is basically a _____ that is like a _____ for your dog.”
Dog Care Duty
($14.85 Value)

Dog Care Duty

This book will provide you with all the support and guidance you need to be successful at taking care of your dog. You will learn:

  • Dog care basics
  • What items you need for your dog
  • Why and how the vet is your friend
  • How to care for an elderly dog
  • How to care for a disabled dog
  • And much more!
Pamper Your Dog
($5.95 Value)

Pamper Your Dog

The cookbook that your dog always wanted you to read!

  • Pamper Your Dog unleashes 130 recipes for tasty treats and meals for your canine friend that are sure to have your dog salivating. You cook for yourself and your family, so don’t ignore your most faithful of friends.
  • Pamper Your Dog will show you how to prepare tasty and healthful treats and main meals for your dog without a lot of cost or work.
The A-Z Of Dog Names
($4.95 Value)

The A-Z Of Dog Names

If you are getting a new pup and are stuck for names then this book is for you.

Split into multiple sections such as names for black dogs, white dogs, female and male dogs, big dogs and many more, this book will make it a whole lot easier to choose a name to suit your new dog’s color, size, and personality.

Revisions & Extras
($49.95 Value)

Future updates

The German Shepherd Handbook will be updated and revised in the future, and when it is you will get instant access to the new edition at no extra cost!

Also, as soon as a new bonus or extra is added, you will have access to it in the download area.

5 Good Reasons To Buy The German Shepherd Handbook Right Now

Reason #1: Everything you need to know about German Shepherds is right here in this book. You’ll learn everything from how to choose the right German Shepherd and housebreak it, to feeding tips, making your home safe for your dog, and training your GSD to obey your every command. And you don’t need to wait for anything to arrive by mail – you’ll get instant access to these amazing tips so you can start applying them today!

Reason #2: Hundreds of other German Shepherd owners have already used this handbook to improve their relationship with their dog (scroll up to check out some of the success stories). Now it’s your turn.

Reason #3: You owe it to yourself and your German Shepherd to get the information you need to establish the best relationship possible. Over the years I’ve learned one important thing: If you don’t make the decision to take action and and get the information you need now, there’s a very very small chance that you’ll do anything about it in the future… Do you really want to leave your dog’s societal development and obedience in general to chance?

Reason #4: When you get your copy today, you’ll get the early-bird special price, plus the 8 incredible bonuses valued at over $150 for FREE!

Reason #5: With my crazy 60-day no questions asked money-back guarantee, there is literally NO RISK for you. If you aren’t satisfied for ANY reason, or it doesn’t live up to your expectations, just send me an email and I will refund your payment.

Yes! Give Me Instant Access To The German Shepherd Handbook

German Shepherd Handbook

I want to have a happy, healthy and well-behaved dog and learn everything I’ve ever wanted to know about German Shepherds!

I understand that your book is an eBook available exclusively via digital download (I just click and save it to my computer once my order is processed). I can print it out if I want to and put it in a binder for easy reference.

I also understand that I get access to all 8 incredible bonuses, including “Part Friend, Part Family”, “Dog Diet – The Right Food For Your Dog”, “Dog Bite Prevention”, “5 Dog Training Myths”, “Dog Care Duty”, “Pamper Your Dog”, “The A-Z Of Dog Names” AND future revisions and updates absolutely FREE!

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50 Card Making Sketches

“Discover the Secrets To Creating

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  • Plus – incredibly…

Many of My Friends and Family Started

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All you need is a plan!

Plans are essential in our every day lives. Last time you took a family vacation, you had a plan. You knew where you were going, how you were going to get there and what you were going to take. Sure, you probably made a few minor adjustments along the way – perhaps you took a side trip, made an additional stop or skipped something altogether, but you still had an overall plan. And by having that plan, you didn’t have to constantly stress about all the little decisions along the way, so you had more time to relax and enjoy yourself.

Card making is no different. When you start making a card with a plan, you don’t have to worry about all the tiny little decisions that we often get caught up in. You already know what your overall design will look like (i.e. you know where you are going), the steps you need to take to get there and what supplies you need. So you can focus on having fun.

Having a plan means you have a very specific and clear direction to follow, so you don’t have to sit there staring aimlessly at a blank card for ages. And believe me, I know what that feels like.

I used to think I didn’t have any creative flair at all. I would look around at all the fabulous creations other card makers were making and I just thought that type of creative genius was way out of my reach.

But lucky for you, I didn’t give up. In fact, I started making attention-grabbing masterpieces during the commercial breaks of my favourite tv shows…and in a flash of insight, I had found the simple truths behind sensational card designs:

This Was A Huge Advantage Over Other Card Makers!

I could be a “card making guru” without being the next Picasso!

I found my confidence and was no longer a slave to the creativity “monster.” I could create distinctive and enchanting homemade cards whenever I felt like it without any of the frustrations of trying to find inspiration.

It’s like having the light bulb to your imagination permanently switched on.

So what’s the big secret?

I’ll tell you! Card Making Sketches are the secret to my card making success. This overlooked and often forgotten technique sent the originality and ‘wow’ factor of my handmade card ideas through the roof by allowing me to focus on the fun side of card making (like colours to use, techniques to try and embellishments to play with) and not the dull, difficult stuff like trying to figure out how to arrange everything in an eye-pleasing design.

Sketches are so easy to use! They allow you to start every new card with a plan so you know what you are doing before you start. They show you what elements you will need to make your card and how to arrange them so that they look fabulous.

Anyone – anyone – can use sketches to instantly transform dull, blank cards into first-class masterpieces exploding with colour, gorgeous patterns, exquisite embellishments and anything else your imagination can dream of. Whatever your level of experience, you’ll have your loved ones and fellow card makers drooling over your latest creations in envy.

The Shed Building Guide – Advice From A Friend

The Shed Building Guide – Advice From A Friend

This is an ebook. Image for visualization only.

You know you can build the shed of your dreams and rescue the family from clutter.  You just need a little bit of advice and help to nudge you along.  From foundations to roofing and everything in between this book has it all.  There are bonus chapters on specialty sheds as well as how to maintain and care for your shed.  Take back your space and become the Hero of the family.

How To Raise Swans

How To Raise Swans

How To Raise Swans

GOOD NEWS for Swan Raising Beginners!

Finally…Learn the
Essential Steps to

Raising Swans
Correctly and Easily

Breeders That Have Raised

More Than 100 Swans and

AVOID the Costly and Deadly Mistakes

that First Time Swan Breeders are

Susceptible to!

Also discover where to find
Swans For Sale
and this is the
information you would not want to miss
before raising swans…


From: Andrew Grey

Dear Swan Breeder Enthusiast,

Are you frustrated with the
limited quality of Swan Raising books on the market? Are you
disappointed again that they are difficult to follow? Not enough information? Do you have questions on raising swans properly that need to be answered?

You have tons of questions about raising swans and you’re sick and tired of searching for information from all over the place, struggling to get the
true and complete facts.

If you have any interest at all in getting a swan… and if you want to find out what type of swan you should get…or you just want to figure out whether you should get a swan or not…keep reading on for the most important information you need to know.

If you’re serious about Raising Swans for fun, hobby, or profit, there are a couple of questions you need to consider:

  • How many types
    of swan species are there? Which one should I start with?
  •   How much does it cost to get started?
  •   What type of food does swans eat?
  •   How do you feed swans?
  •   When does swan
    starts to mate?
  •   Are there any particular time that swans mate?
  •   What enemies or predators do swans have?
  •   When is the
    breeding or mating season for swans?
  •   How do you raise baby swan with the mother or in a brooder?
  •   How much space do you need for raising swan?

There are many benefits for keeping swans: for eggs, meat, exhibition, as rare breeds, just pets or business venture.


Maine, USA


I did enjoy the content
and certainly there is a need for information about raising swans. While I do not think I need the breeding information currently, one never knows. You have provided detailed, meaningful information in that
regards. The Essential Beginners Guide To Raising Swans is a
great resource if you now have or are thinking about raising


Charles Galloway



I found your book to be very
interesting. The information you provided was both beneficial
and very helpful. I appreciate the effort you put into this
project and look forward to any new publication you develop.
Thank you.


   Charles Parsons

Madison, NE USA



Whatever your reason for choosing these fascinating birds, you need to know
how to raise them properly, from planning their birth to how to raise them properly.

Making a mistake when breeding Swans can be deadly

for your Swans, not to mention costly, frustrating and downright depressing.

You also need to consider,

  • Are there any permits or licenses needed???
  • You have heard of other swan owners mentioning about
    pinioning (clipping wings of babycygnets), but what does
    it actually mean, how do you do it, and when???
  • Are there any associations,
    sanctuaries or
    organization relating to swans where you can getsupport??
  • How long do swans mate and what do you need to do to be prepared for it???
  • Why is your swan being aggressive towards you or another person???

If you or one of your loved ones wants to know how to raise swans from start to finish, but have a lot of doubt or questions…

… then this could be the most informative letter you have ever read.

At one time, I was very interested to Raising Swans too! Unfortunately, it seemed so easy and I just jumped into it without any thought..

I had a tonne of questions, but didn’t have anything closed to what an answer would be. More than once I wished I could be a vet and an experience breeder at the same time. Then the whole issue would hold no secrets. Why? Because I knew only knowledge and experience could give me the skills to breed a swan.

Information is truly the most powerful tool to help you raise swan. You see, if you would recognize the proven methods to raise swan right away, you could help your swan instantly. And only if you’d know what your swan needs, you could give the best possible care.

And now you are in the same position as I was back then. You NEED information!

Of course you can see a vet and ask what to expect. But their time is
valuable – and pricey. Or seek a breeder for advice. But they’re too busy to tell their secrets to an unknown stranger.

So getting the knowledge of a vet and the skills of a breeder
isn’t as easy as I have tried it and I know from personal experience.

In fact, I have researched countless hours through websites, books, magazines, forums; talked to many swan experts and tried different ways to learnt…

You don’t need to go through the frustration that I did, the pain of nobody to turn to for
valuable advice on swan raising.


live a continuing care retirement community and we have three ponds that
some of us feel are suitable for swans and they would be a beautiful
addition to our campus.
The Essential Beginners Guide to Raising Swans has been a very valuable
tool in preparing our case to convince management that a swan investment
would be a good idea.Things move slowly here but with the information presented in your ebook,
we thing we have the required knowledge to sell the idea”


Don Ulring

San Antonio, TX 78245

Michele Baird
Broughshane, Ballymena, Northern

Hi Andrew,

Only to happy to give a
testimonial without anything in return!

The book was very interesting, informative, easy to read and I
now use it as our ‘swan bible’ in the establishment and
development of the various breeds of swans on our village pond
in Broughshane.

It has been an invaluable source of information and already has
allowed us to save the life of our mute swan pen.




You can learn from my mistakes!

You see, I’ve recently
put together a 110 pages downloadable book called “The Essential Beginners Guide To Raising Swan*Includes where to find Swans for

How To Raise Swans
Learn everything you need for your peace of mind and confidence in raising swans.

In this guide, you’ll also discover
4 amazing people with one important thing in common … they have been raising swans successfully
and has vast experience to share regarding swans.

These remarkable people

have raised more than a 100 swans
or since many years ago
have encountered many challenges along the way.

going to save time, money and aggravation.



Case Study #1
Ralph & Sandy

and Sandy have established Guinea Farm  in 1986 and since then it is the largest fancy color guinea hatchery
in the USA and possibly the world. They have
raised more than 100 black-necked swans
successfully. Today, they not only breed swans as a
hobby but
making profits as part
of his source of income.





Case Study #2 –

Ted xxx

is the owner and operator of farm which has been raising waterfowl for over 30 years. Now he breeds and sells swans like black swan, mute swan, trumpeter swan and whooper swan. He take pride in producing quality stocks and not about quantity. You will be
able to learn his tricks to
avoid costly mistakes.   





Case Study #3 –

Michael xxx

is devoted to studying swans and

understanding their behavior. He has spent many years working with a well-known international ornithologist, S Dilon Ripley, researching and propagating the species.
He is one of the rare people who have raised all 7 types of swan species.





Alan Birkbeck
Real-Life Case Study #4
-Alan xxx

Alan is a country chap having born and     bred on a Westmorland farm. As
a boy, Alan had his own Rhode Island Red and White Wyandotte
poultry. He studied agriculture and commenced breeding waterfowl in
1966. He provides advice on a consultancy basis on the management of
waterfowl and the construction of ponds and landscaping



I have always believed in the principle, “Model someone who’s already
reached the goal you want to achieve.

You’ll learn to avoid the mistakes and disastrous situations that you’ve been vulnerable to. Poor methods of raising swan can also put you at high risk of a less than satisfactory relationship with your swan. Not to mention the potential health benefits your swan loses by not being able to understand their

So if you’re feeling afraid, uncertain and worried about taking the plunge into raising swans, then please relax. You’re not alone and help is at hand. Read on and hear everything I’m going to share with you to discover how you can learn from the best and shorten your learning curve, save
valuable time and hard-earned money
along the journey of raising swans. It’s that important.

The best part about this information is that anyone can do it and it’s easy!

Whether your swan is a cygnet or a swan, it doesn’t matter. The information and techniques apply to all breeds and all ages of swans.


for the well organized information in your ebook especially in the
resource section where I am able to get many sources to purchase swans
for a start. This information needs to be out there. I have learned many
things I was not aware of.”

Alyson W.

United Kingdom

“A very resourceful book for sure.At the very start it emphasizes the importance of cover for the birds,
one factor usually overlooked by breeders, which assume heavy rain can
do them no harm, since they are waterfowl.A wrong assumption I learnt the painful way, living in a rain forest
region, in Brazil. The importance of tranquility and the developing of a
sense of routine to the birds as well emphasized.

The tips of experienced breeders are precious. A must have for any swan


Jayme Bastos Filho

Your FREE copy – Limited Time Only!

“3 Important Tips That Every Swan Breeder
Must Know”

(20 pages) eReport

($17 Value – Yours FREE!)Just enter your name and email address below and
click for instant access to get the eReport NOW! 



Your email address will never be
traded or sold.



Let me give you an idea of what you can EXPECT and LEARN:

Getting Started

  • Where to start in raising
    Be sure and clear of your intention for choosing this waterfowl species
  • Are you ready to have a swan? 10 important questions that deserve your consideration before you make the jump to get a swan (some people skip these and end up getting into a situation out of their hands!)
  • Practical suggestions for deciding how much space you needIgnore this and you could end up with a pretty uncomfortable situation!
  • 7 different types of swansLearn the amazing behaviors of different species situated at different continent
  • Housing and Space needed
    You’ll learn how to calculate the ideal area for your Swan Breeding to effectively maximize your potential for breeding while keeping your Swans happy and healthy.
  • Terminology and quick tips
    about swan
    You can save time and learn the
    language used by swan breeders and tips about swans which all new
    breeders should know.
  • The 4 behavioral notes on

    And how you can make sure you know what the swans natural behavior so
    that you are not surprise

Breeding and Breeder

  • The Breeding SeasonDiscover the behavior changes during the breeding season to avoid being caught off guard
  • IncubationYou’ll discover how many eggs to expect and what is the things to look out for during this critical stage
  • Mating HabitsWhy some of the individual swan pair for life and some don’t
  • Swan Breeders and Hatchery GuideWhere to find swan breeders that are nearest to your home with the best price
  • Food and feeding the swans3 things you MUST consider when providing food and how to feed them
  • Hatching and eggsHow to keep the eggs safe while you’re gone
  • Fatal mistakes in raising swansWhy you would not want to waste your effort in focusing on the wrong method face by most swan owners

Managing Swan Effectively

  • General Management Recommendations
  • Diseases, ailments and preventions
    How to ensure you are aware of the diseases and how to prevent it from
    being fatal. The quote “Prevention is better than cure” really applies
  • Forums and Swan Specialist
    for support

    Learn the place to get help when you need most and also the common
    questions encountered by beginners of even
    season swan owner
    and swan breeder
  • Learn the stages of development and what to expect when the swan growsDiscover the habitual change from cygnets to cob or pen in the development cycle
  • Locations to buy swans
    Learn the nearest
    location to your home to buy all 7 types of swans
  • Swan Sanctuaries for Holiday
    and Educational Visit

    Discover the only place in the world where you are able to walk through
    the heart of a colony of nesting Mute Swans and be close with them. You
    will also get the witness cygnets hatching moment from this place!
  • Associations, sanctuaries,
    organizations relating to swans

    You will be expose to additional information not mentioned elsewhere
    when  you need it!

Common Questions ask by Swan Owners


**Below is one of the
contact included in the ebook where you can find swans for sale**

“Congratulations on an excellent
presentation. I have now had time to read it all and I am sure that many
other readers will appreciate and enjoy your ebook.”
        Alan Birkbeck
United Kingdom
“The guide book about raising swans is a
very comprehensive guide which includes many fine photos. I believe this
book has everything one needs to know about swans!”

Don Gilliland

Oklahoma City, USA


You May Not Know This But…

  • Swans are highly intelligent and remember who has been kind to them or not.
  • Never bring a dog near swans. Swans are, from experience, afraid of dogs and will interrupt whatever they were doing (enjoying the sun on dry land, eating or just sleeping) and run to the water. This is highly disruptive to their life.
  • Avoid loud sounds or sudden abrupt movements that could be interpreted as a threat.

Start planning your Swan Farm 5 minutes from now!

This guide is available via instant download! You can be reading this book and be well on your way to learn the guide and tips to raising swan in 5 minutes! Even if you have never downloaded something from the internet before it comes with instructions, it’s so easy!

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The Principles of Breeding“The Principles
Breeding”  e-Book

you wanted to know about the thought process behind before selecting
any animals to breed and what is the value returns? Discover the law of
similarity, breeding in the line and characteristics
of breeds in this informational material.

BONUS GIFT # 2, value $15.00 FREE !

Ducks At A Distance“Ducks
at a Distance: A
Waterfowl Identification Guide” e-Book

how to identify and recognize birds on the wing as it emphasizes their
fall and winter plumage patterns as well as size, shape and flight
characteristics. Identifying waterfowl gives many hours of enjoyment to
millions of people.

BONUS GIFT # 3, value $39.00

Common Diseases of Farm Animals“Common Diseases
of Farm Animals”

is the general term for any deviation from the normal or healthy
condition of the body. This material provides the information on the
various diseases from liver, urinary organs, generative organs, nervous
system, skin to eye and many more. Discover what is the implications if
any of this diseases are not discovered early.


 The History of Swan Upping

The History of Swan Upping

about the annual ceremony and practical activity in England which mute
swans on the River Thames are rounded up, caught, marked and then
released. The only event which involves the Monarch of the United

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screen saver   

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Top quality and eye-catching screen saver
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Swan And Goose Identification

& Goose
Identification” Report

how to identify and recognize birds on the wing as it emphasizes their
fall and winter plumage patterns as well as size, shape and flight

What if my question about raising swans is not answered in this guide?

I didn’t write a whole book about raising swans like an encyclopedia because people wouldn’t read the whole thing. I just took all the important points and condensed it into one guide book.

Not only that, but I want to be sure you have the time to really try some of tips in the guide book and make sure they work for your swan. So I’m giving you a

Click below to Order Now and Begin Immediately Discovering
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Wishing you all the best,

Author, “The Essential Beginners Guide To Raising Swans”



P.S. Imagine the increased joy and satisfaction it will bring you when you learn exactly how easy it is to have a happy and healthy and swan all from your effort. Take advantage of my no risk offer and enjoy what many other
swan owners are enjoying this minute!

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A delightful and easy
to read book which have the relevant content to get started in raising swan. The illustrations also make it simple to understand. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to start on the right path to know more about swans.”
    Keith Benedict

Charlotte, United States


Yummy Herbs – Growing Culinary Herbs In Containers

Yummy Herbs – Growing Culinary Herbs In Containers
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Yummy Herbs – Growing Culinary Herbs In Containers

How to Cultivate and Cook
the 17 Healthy Herbs
That Put the ‘X-Factor’ into
Your Family Meals

Fed up with watching in frustration while your home-grown herbs wilt and die?

Ready to learn the secrets
of growing your own culinary herbs like a pro?

Hi, I’m Anja Koch and I grow herbs and vegetables for a long time!

I have a question for you: When you family tastes your cooking, what do their faces tell you?

Are they excited by a symphony of fresh tastes, combined in intriguing combinations?

Or do they look a little… bored?

If so, don’t panic. Because I’m about to teach you the fast and simple way to turn all your meals into new family favorites.

I’ve been told many times my cooking has that ‘little something
extra.’ And those friends are right: I only do a little more than most
people when I cook, but it makes a world of difference.

Every meal I make is infused with natural, fresh herbs I grew in pots right on my own kitchen windowsill.

That’s what makes the difference you’ll see in your family’s faces
when you start applying the secrets in this book, cultivating your own
home-grown herbs and putting a new punch in your cooking.

Get your copy now for only $8.99!


Learn the Secrets of Making Herbs Flourish


Imagine a 35-year-old woman, married with two kids. Let’s call her Susan.

Susan wants the best for her family… she wants to serve up fun and
interesting meals each day, save money, and ensure her family are only
eating the freshest and healthiest ingredients possible. And she knows
growing her own fresh herbs will let her achieve all that, quickly and

But there’s a problem.

Because every time Susan tries to cultivate her own herbs, she finds
them withering and dying before she gets to create a single meal with

No matter what she does, it just doesn’t seem to work out right. So
she gives up in frustration, settling for less interesting meals or
store-bought herbs which could be drenched in all kinds of pesticides
and chemicals.

Does Susan’s story sound familiar to you? This scenario is pretty
typical. But these are all problems that I sweep away in this
straightforward, 85 page guide.

  • how to make the most of available space – grow all the herbs you need without creating clutter
  • how to recognize when and why herbs are dying – and what to do about it
  • how to safely re-pot herbs as they grow, without damaging them
  • how to deal with pests and insects organically, so you don’t poison your herbs (or your family!) with nasty chemicals
  • how to marinate and salt herbs (these are the kinds of little tricks pro chefs use to get more punch from their herbs)
  • the key differences between growing annual herbs and perennial herbs
  • and much, much more!

On top of all this info on the herb growing process, I provide detailed guides to these 17 herbs:

  • Basil
  • Chervil
  • Coriander
  • Cress
  • Dill
  • Nasturtiums
  • Parsley
  • Bay Leaf
  • Chives
  • Lemon Balm
  • Lovage
  • Marjoram and Oregano
  • Mint
  • Rosemary
  • Sage
  • Tarragon
  • Thyme

A Simple, No-Nonsense Guide

I’m not interested in showing off my technical knowledge of
cultivating plants or throwing big words around to show how smart I am.

My only goal is to help you grow, cultivate and preserve more herbs than you’ll could ever have the chance to use.

To achieve that, I’ve written this guide in as simple and straightforward
a way as I possibly could. As you read you’ll feel as if a friend is
walking you through the entire process, making sure you understand each
step thoroughly before moving on to the next.


The 3 Dangers That Will RUIN Your Herb Growing Efforts

Growing fresh, taste-packed herbs is simple… once you understand the process.

But when you don’t understand the process, it can be as frustrating
and confusing as trying to understand someone speaking a foreign

There are 3 key mistakes almost everyone makes when growing
and storing herbs that can totally destroy all the effort you’ve put
in… more on that in a moment.

I’m going to give you the ‘language’ you need to understand herb
growing – I explain the process back to front and inside out, so you’ll
know exactly where you’ve been going wrong.

If you’ve never grown herbs before in your life, you’ll get to skip
all the headaches and trial and error virtually everyone goes through –
and go straight to enjoying flavorful meals your family will adore you

I’m so confident you’re going to experience
success as a budding herb gardener once you get your copy of my ebook,
I’m willing to put my money where my
mouth is.

When you order your instant download now, you get my 100% Money Back Guarantee.
If the ebook doesn’t live up to your expectations, help you save money
on herbs and take command of your kitchen with new and exciting dishes,
I’ll refund your money in full. No questions asked, and no hard

Arowana Secrets Revealed! – The Leading Guide To All Things Arowana

Arowana Secrets Revealed!
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asian arowana

Arowana Secrets Revealed! – The Leading Guide To All Things Arowana.

Arowana Secrets Revealed” is a concentrated, straight-to-the-point and easy-to-follow quick start Arowana care guide that is jam-packed with the exact blueprints to everything you need to know about keeping your Arowana without any time-wasting fluff!

Here’s a sample of what you will learn…

11 guidelines to follow when choosing an Arowana –  Know how to tell a champion in the making and never buy a flawed Arowana ever again.

How to differentiate between the sought after Asian Arowana and the cheaper South American and Australian varieties so you don’t get cheated!

Grooming tips to bring out the championship shine in your Arowana – what you need to know about color, dimensions, blemishes, uniqueness, personality and age in your Arowana.

What you need to know when setting up your Arowana tank – living conditions, choice of fish tank, filtration, aeration and decorations

What you need to know about keeping a few Arowanas in a community tank.

Understanding your Arowana’s behavior – what is it trying to tell you and what you can do to provide help before disaster strikes.

Know what other fishes you can keep harmoniously with your Arowana and what fishes you should never put them together with!

How to Keep your water condition perfect!

Spotting common Arowana illnesses and how to drop them in their tracks!

Feeding Information – How to bring our a natural shine and deeply saturated colors!

. . . And More!


The Bonsai Tree Care System

The Bonsai Tree Care System
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The Bonsai Tree Care System

The Bonsai Tree Care System.

Keep Your Bonsai Healthy, Thriving and  Vibrant for Years and Years.

  • If you ever admired the majestic beauty of a small bonsai tree and wanted to possess one yourself – you are in the right place.

  • If you thought that the creation of a bonsai tree was beyond your capabilities you are in the right place.

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then it is definitely worth reading this page all the way to the end.  Here’s why….

My name is Michael James and I made a lot of mistakes when I started creating bonsai trees thirty years ago.  I decided to finally put all the most important techniques, methods and tips into one all encompassing “system” I could share with those who wanted to share my love for bonsai creation.

Here is what I found.  The system will work for you if you have a “green thumb” or absolutely no experience with gardening.  If fact I was a pretty accomplished gardener but bonsai creation and care is very different from raising tomatoes-believe me.

What I discovered was that anyone can create a bonsai if you have the knowledge.

The bonsai art started centuries ago with Buddhist monks in China.  They had very little knowledge of the demands of growing a dwarfed tree in a small pot.  As they developed the techniques necessary for success the art form flourished and spread.  Fast forward to today and that specific knowledge is available to your and me.

If you know how to prune a branch, water and feed the tree in a specific way you can easily succeed with this exciting and satisfying hobby right in your home.  Once I learned the specific techniques I found that creating a bonsai is extremely easy to do. I can state this because…….

I’ve Been Creating Bonsai for Over Thirty Years! I Have Kept Detailed Notes About Everything You Will Need to Succeed.

There is a specific order you need to follow when you begin creating a bonsai.  If you follow the system you will see that creating a bonsai is a much easier and successful process.

The System is called  “BONSAI TREE CARE ” and it is a result of my thirty years creating bonsai trees.

I promise you that you will be creating and enjoying a healthy bonsai if you use the information contained in my system. The reason why I believe this is I have shared this system with friends, family and bonsai beginners and they have been successful using these techniques.

How Can I make the claim that “BONSAI TREE CARE is the information you will need to succeed?”

Here are a few basic facts about bonsai creation:

The Bonsai Tree is one of the most celebrated types of art in the world.  Bonsai originated in China and was perfected in Japan. There are no specific bonsai species of tree. Bonsai are regular trees or shrubs that are sculpted and maintained according to the specific trees needs.

Your final bonsai tree will be a reflection of your vision of that tree.  The Goal of bonsai is to create the appearance of great size and age in a miniature tree.

A small bonsia tree in a ceramic pot. Isolated on a white background.

Here is the bottom line folks.  The BONSAI TREE CARE system is 100% Guaranteed to work for you

I can make this statement because it has worked for countless beginning artists before you….

Even if you made an effort in the past to take a stab at creating a bonsai then BONSAI TREE CARE will work with you!  If you think it is complicated then BONSAI TREE CARE will uncomplicated the process and will work for you!

In BONSAI TREE CARE you will be introduced to a step-by-step time-tested system.  It covers everything from choosing your first bonsai tree, initial cleaning, pruning, potting and care of your bonsai.  It is all the necessary steps you will need to take to create your own work of art.

Why is BONSAI TREE CARE such a popular system? There us only one reason!

Its Easy To Follow and it Just Works-Plain and Simple!

There are books on the internet that claim to be the answer but in reality is the BONSAI TREE CARE system is 139 pages that cover everything you need to for success.

The hardest part of bonsai tree creation is compiling all the information you need in one place.  You could spend weeks, months searching for the RIGHT information to be successful at bonsai creation

In BONSAI TREE CARE you will be walked through the process step-by-step.  There are essentially five steps to creating a bonsai and there are quite easy to master.

  1. Choosing the right stock   2. Deciding on the style of tree you want to create   3. Initial cleaning and wiring of your bonsai  4. Potting and final pruning   5. Providing the care necessary for a healthy bonsai tree

Here is a list of what is included in BONSAI TREE CARE

* How I got started  * Bonsai History   * Major Bonsai Styles  * Bonsai tree species  * Bonsai specialty tools  * Creating bonsai from Nursery Stock * What to look for  * Healthy root patterns  * Healthy appearance * The Appearance of Age  * Trunk line * Branching Patterns *Perfection is not the goal  * Initial cleaning * Potting your Bonsai *Wiring and Shaping * Pruning * Watering & Fertilizing * Repotting * Seasonal Care * The Illusion of Age * Displaying your bonsai * Bonsai from seeds  *Bonsai from cuttings * Indoor or outdoor bonsai * Specific indoor bonsai care * The rest of the story *Conclusion * References

Now Here is the Good News!  You Can be Reading and Beginning Your Bonsai Journey in the Next Minute.

I can make this statement because I decided to offer the BONSAI TREE CARE system as a downloadable eBook. All you have to do is order thru my secure ordering system, download the eBook to your computer and begin reading immediately!


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Finally – A Home Planning Guide With 8 Easy Steps To Planning Your New Home!

Discover a new home planning guide with 8 easy steps that will take you by the hand and help you plan your new home. This home planning guide is a step by step guide to planning a home – from getting organized to your construction team – from your financial reports to your budget – from your home style to your home building plans and then from your home structure to your building products.

Now you ask – Where do you begin the process of planning a home? How do you get organized? What do you look for in a contractor? Where can you find a great house plan? How do you plan a construction budget? What about all those home building costs? Do you have a home planning checklist?

Home Planning Guide - House Building Plans

You will discover the answer to these questions and find incredible ideas, planning a new home tips and home floor plans right here to guide you at BuildWisely.

That’s what this home planning guide is all about. Through careful research and applying knowledge based from hands-on experience, we’ve developed an easy to use home owners planning guide and home planning system with a list of steps in planning a house that has proven to be successful.

Our mortgage lender liked our home planning system so well that he said he wished other people could have this information so his job would be much easier making home loans.


Real Estate With No Credit Checks!

Real Estate With No Credit Checks!
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buy with no credit

Real Estate With No Credit Checks!

Here is the best part: We did all this without
having our credit checked — not one single time!

We could have been bankrupt seven times before and it would not have mattered! We could have been on disability checks, and it would not have mattered! We could have been unemployed and guess what… It would not have mattered!

Are you starting to understand what we (and now, you) have stumbled across here?

Investing without credit checks allows you to:

  • Create continual and dependable upfront cash flow NOW!(Our bills are due every month — not 5 years from now)
  • Eliminates “Bank Qualifying”
  • Allows you to secure Good homes in Good areas… 
  • (No homes in “war zones” or homes that need major repairs!)
  • Allows you to do more deals! More deals means more profits!

The first time, maybe it was a fluke. We could’ve been lucky the second time we did it — but after investing in home after home without having our credit checked, not even once, it is neither luck nor a fluke, but the fastest, easiest and smartest way to invest in real estate today!

Our friends constantly ask us, even to
this day, “How do we do it?”

Frankly, we got tired of explaining it over and over again. So, we broke down and wrote an easy-to-read course that will show you exactly, step-by-step, how to invest in your first home or investment property – without having your credit checked, and for $1-10 down:

We can show you how to invest in real estate without credit checks or bank qualifying, and for as little as $1-$10.00 down and re-market the same home for an up front profit to you in the thousands.

Not to mention, a monthly recurring profit between $200-$500, per property)

What else makes this program 100% unique from other Real Estate programs?
  • You can use the material IMMEDIATELYRather than flipping through thousand-page texts, and listening to 36-hour audiotape courses, you’ll be finished with the material in my course in only a few hours.Of course, it’s a good idea to review the information on a regular basis — but the fact of the matter is, if you put the technique to use, you can invest in your first property in the next 90 days, without a credit check, and for $1-10.00 down — and that is a guarantee (I’ll fill you in on the details of our unique money-back guarantee in just a moment).
  • The course was written with “KEEP IT SIMPLE” in mind…This has always been a big problem for me, being that I had no experience with investing. Many of the terms used in the Real Estate courses I had taken before were Greek to me, and by the time I was halfway through, I felt like an idiot more than a man about to make big time cash!Do you know what is the most difficult part of a jogger’s run is? Ask any one who jogs and they will tell you: it’s the first 2 steps out the door — Getting Started!The toughest deal you will ever make in Real Estate is your first, because you have to push yourself to “take the first two steps out the door” and start making your calls and taking action!This is why I made absolutely sure that “Buy With No Credit: How to Make Money — This Month — in Real Estate” was both easy enough for anyone to follow and comprehend. It’s short enough to be read within a couple of hours, and powerful enough for you to use immediately.
  • You will receive SPECIFIC instruction, rather than broad generalizationsOther courses will teach you “100 ways to skin a cat”, but in doing so, fail to give you specific instruction. For example, one thousand-dollar course I read told me that “Your next step is to call the homeowner.” Then, it went on to the next chapter (ARRGGHH!!)In “Buy With No Credit: How to Make Money — This Month — in Real Estate”, you’ll learn exactly what to say — on the phone, and during your meetings. Additionally, I give you ads to use, when and where to run them — And that’s only the tip of the iceberg…