The Easy Az Method – View Mobile

The Easy Az Method – View Mobile
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The Easy Az Method – View Mobile.

5 Reasons why you will be pleased that you made the decision to order The Easy AZ Method RIGHT NOW …  

1. In minutes you will be able to download The Easy AZ Method along with your 4 bonuses and learn right away what you need to do to get started.

2. The sooner you start growing your own truly organic vegetables the sooner you will be able to protect you and your family from those toxic pesticides in store bought vegetables.

3. Because you now know that you can grow your own truly organic vegetables and if you don’t make the effort you will feel guilty every time you buy vegetables at the supermarket because you know they contain toxic pesticides and maybe even heavy metals and you aren’t taking the best care of your health and more importantly that of your family.

4. You know that if you ACT right now you will receive the whole package: The Easy AZ Method together with the 4 special bonuses I am giving you for the incredibly low price of $29.95 instead of the $119.79 you would normally have to pay.

5. You have nothing to lose but your health to gain; there is absolutely no risk involved because you are fully covered by my 60 day 100% money back guarantee.


Trafficzion Method

Trafficzion Method
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Trafficzion Method

Trafficzion Method.

We have found a solution to your problem with traffic, through a method our customers and ourselves have been using, to get us consistent traffic on a day to day basis.

This traffic method became software, so we can automate our process and help us save time and any effort in getting real traffic.  And Now You have the chance to use this same traffic method and software for your own website.  This Traffic source is so real, you’ll see immediate engagement with your websites, as soon as you turn it on.

Within 24 hours, you’ll see traffic which will be engaging with you and your content.

How does this work?  Here are the simple steps of setting this method and software below to start seeing immediate results today.

The Glass Painter’s Method

The Glass Painter
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The Glass Painter's Method: brushes, paints and tools

The Glass Painter’s Method.


No one – not even a master – can trace long, lovely trace lines unless they mix great paint to start with. That’s why this ebook and videos will teach you are everything you need to know about your paint: how you mix it, how you test it, how you store it, and how you bring it back to life. Read more

This 8-week course is perfect for beginners. It’s also excellent if you’ve done a short course elsewhere, or maybe taught yourself, and just don’t feel confident yet. It’s a very thorough course: you will get super-confident by the end. To give you the attention we know you’ll need, we only teach this class twice a year. Learn more here

Once you start to feel confident with tracing and flooding, the next best skill you can learn is how to work with silver stain. Unfortunately, most books say to mix your stain with water. This course teaches you a better way. All with just 3 brushes. More here

 How to work with silver stain


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The traditional way of shading is risky or time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be like that. We’ve developed techniques which cut out the risk and speed up the process. In this course, you’ll learn two amazing ways of making shadows. Watch demos and continue reading here

 How to shade stained glass


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Midas Method Software – Insane Epcs, Rebills And Low Refunds!

Midas Method Software – Insane Epcs, Rebills And Low Refunds!
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Midas Method Software – Insane Epcs, Rebills And Low Refunds!

Not only do you get our brand new version 3.0 of the Midas Method Software proven to make

+£20,481.50 in just 6 months. YOU also get full access to the Value Email Tips service which delivers consistent winning bets direct to your inbox! Check out our profits below:

Don’t just take my word for how great the Midas Method is, check out they reported profits or 482 at 3% stakes using a cumulative bank of £1000 at odds of 6/1 and above.

And review site made a giant £680 profit in their first month using our Midas 3.0 Software!

From: Steve G (Creator)

I’ll cut right to the chase. I’m sure like me your fed up with all the useless rehashed good for nothing

“Betting Systems” out there that seem to get more ridiculous by the day, you know those systems that:

Lose YOU money almost instantly, yet claim to make £10,000s a week???
Are backed up by a ridiculous story that is completely unbelievable.


live up to what they promise you, and leave you let down and frustrated.

I should know I have bought stacks and stacks of Betting Ebooks, Software, Tipster Subscriptions, and I can tell you right now 99% of them are pure Bulls**t. I wasted £1000s on betting products, and it was all money down the drain…

…and yet I still kept the faith searching for the “Holy Grail”, exicited at the prospect of learning a new trick to increase my betting bank, but when I crack open the latest Betting Ebook I’m left bitterly disappointed, in fact downright angry with what I’ve been sold.

I mean, is it so hard for just one betting system author to tell you the TRUTH? To give you the real insider info, you know exists??

I mean there must be SOMEONE genuine out there who is going to share some REAL quality info with you, someone who will pass on their knowledge so you too can take a share in the profits?

Well I’m sorry to say that no one who has genuine insider information is EVER going to spill the beans to me or you, why would they? They are making stacks of cash themselves and they don’t give a damn about the rest of us making a few quid.

So how do we get our hands on the real secrets, the info that will actually make us money? We all know full well you can make huge profits from betting, but the people who know the secrets are keeping quiet, while the scam artists feed us lies, they claim are the “real thing”.

Well just give me a few minutes of your time and I PROMISE you’ll discover:

How to sneakily follow those with REAL insider info, and copy their tricks exactly.

How to uncover the real consistent daily winning bets.

How to make regular profits on autopilot with just a few clicks of a button.

You see,

the secret of making a profit from betting is VERY simple.

Now I know this may seem like a pipedream, you probably think you need to do hours & hours of boring research into stats and form, to analyse all your bets for hours and keep diligent records, or that you need a massive betting bank to clear any kind of decent profit.

Let’s just be clear that with the Midas Method…

No Betting Experience is Required – User Friendly, no brain achingly complicated formulas!

No Expert Knowledge Needed – Works as well for beginners as experts!

No Huge Investment Required – Start with as little as £5!

In my 15 years of professional betting I’ve seen some very complex betting ebooks, and this in my mind is no good for you, why would you want to turn your betting into hard work? The best way I find when betting is to let others do the hard work for you.

With the Midas Method formula all the painstaking hard work has been done for you. This is the ultimate “Cheats” way of betting. Its so EASY you will be laughing to yourself as you sit back in your chair and watch the profits come in bet after bet, with nothing anyone can do to stop you.

Now just in case you’re worried, let me just assure you this is 100% COMPLETELY LEGAL.

It doesn’t matter where you live in the world you can use this trick anywhere, not just Betfair, any bookmaker will work worldwide even in the USA.

When you get your hands on my formula, you will see Its so simple, anyone can use it. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never placed a bet in your life, this is a basic principle that anyone with a spare 15-30 minutes can do.

You may wonder why in the past, some bets you’ve placed have lost, despite being almost guaranteed winners?? Well the reality is that the bookmakers odds don’t reflect the true chances of most betting events real outcomes.

With the Midas Method Software you will learn how to see what the real winnings bets are likely to be, and how to avoid the 20% of so called “favourites” that are almost certain to lose.

In betting, and in particular Horse Racing there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes, so while you are placing your bets, thinking you have a good as chance as anyone, the professional bettors with their inside connections are one step ahead of you.

Now for the average bettor, this really SUCKS. Why should this elite 1% get access to secret info, while the rest of us scrabble around barely making a profit on our bets??

Well, its time for a change and now YOU too can get your hands on custom betting software that will put you up their with the best betting experts, that will provide you with effortless wins and will give you such a buzz you’ll be ecstatic.

As you can guess I was absolutely lost for words when I saw this new software of mine in action…

These are actual results, nothing added, nothing missing. Compare this with any other betting systems out there… Nothing comes even remotely close.

Over the years I’ve been perfecting this method and have now our latest version of the Midas Method betting software that automates the process of finding profitable winners every single day.

No more complex mathematics, just the click of a few buttons, even my 4 year old daughter could work the new version 3.0 of the midas method, it’s that EASY!


We have automated the Midas Method System as one of the key areas of feedback we got from version 2 was that although it was fantastic and profitable, it took some effort to find the selections. So to save you doing any “work” we’ve created software that automatically does everything for you!!

The Midas Method Version 3.0 is an incredible automated betting system that ticks all the right boxes. It’s consistent, simple, effective and above all else it’s exceptionally profitable. In fact, to this day even I’m still taken a back by the results this system produces…

But what exactly do you get with The Midas Method Version 3.0?

The Midas Method Version 3 is a custom betting bot which includes 2 built in automated incredibly lucrative systems that each give you exceptionally high winning strike rates.

Their is also a further 2 Bonus Automated Systems which monitor betting markets for odds fluctuations with a testing set of filters proven to profit over the long term.

With 4 built in systems you’re spoilt for choice, but we wanted to go one better, so we’ve also given you the ability to create and save your own systems. With version 3.0 of the Midas System, you can also tweak our existing systems and created your own with customizable odds, race type, distance, class and no of runners.

The Midas Method system is immensely powerful with big price winners at odds of up to 19/1 with a strike rate of 30.09% for a win this adds up to HUGE profits.

We want to ensure you’ve got a robust powerhouse set of methods to profit from betting, so as well as our fantastic automated betting software we will also give you full access to our Midas Pro Value tipster service that has been making an absolute killing!It has already made a massive £5919.25 at £25 stakes, and massive £23,677 at £100 stakes!!This along with the betting bot gives you EVERYTHING you need to easily profit.

Check Out the New Midas Betting Software Below!

What is really great about our software is that it can be used by both newcomers and seasoned punters alike… In fact anyone can be up and running with this system in next to no time.

Hands down… The Midas Method 3.0 is the absolute best and most complete betting service and gives you:

Now I’m not going to insult your intelligence and say you can make £50k a month, or some other ridiculous amount that you are probably tired of hearing from those know nothing, low life scamsters.

let’s just say if you do decide to try out the new version of the Midas Method and repeat my formula you can finally get the break you deserve and trust me when you start winning your life will change completely.

Everytime I receive an email from one of my clients about there success, it makes me proud that I was able to help. Its a good feeling to know you’ve improved someone’s life for the better and gives you a real buzz.

“Your product is excellent and worth considerably more than I paid for it. Following your advice I back 7 or 8 selections a week which has given me nearly 59% winners and 87% placed at amazing prices considering the high strike rate. I love your work, and I am looking forward to any stuff you do in the future.”

“Wow, got home from work and checked the results and up £200 for the day! …not a bad 5 minutes work.”

“I was in profit the first day of joining TheMidasMethod and haven’t looked back since! What a great feeling! I am so excited!”

Half Time Method

Half Time Method
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Half Time Method


Can you believe how many punters place their bets and walk away losing at the end of the day?

I cannot believe they are so lazy as to do this.

Its your hard earned cash you’re putting on and you’re willing to just let is flutter away into the bookies pockets.


If you are one of these punters don’t worry…

First off its NOT your fault.

This is the way you have been told to bet.

This is the way that many tipsters, who have deals with the bookies, will tell you to bet.

The more you lose, the bigger their payout from a bookie gets.

Even when they’re not getting paid out from the bookies they are too lazy to help you win, why would they, you’re already paying them their fee, they send you some tips and their work is done.

I bet 90% of them don’t even follow their own advice.

But today all this can change…

From today you can start betting and winning, and when we don’t win, we make sure we get our money back too…

…and the thing is its not hard to do!


This is a strategy I developed in the 2016/17 season, I used it along side other methods that season and sort of forgot about it when the 2017/18 season kicked off.

Going into the New Year I started using it again and bagged over £9,000 profit from mid January to the end of the season.

2018/19 was the first full season I have been using this method and starting with £25 stakes and increasing through the season I managed to bag £23,560

I started the 2019/20 season with £100 stakes, looking to increase to £250 and then £500 stakes through the season, so far and it has netted me over £6,280 PURE PROFIT!

How come I have made so much from this strategy?

Well the fact that we don’t lose enables me to use bigger and bigger stakes as we add to the bank. I’m looking to easily clear £40,000 by the end of the season but just beware that is using a progressive staking plan so unless you have a very large bank to match my bets you are unlikely to see £34,000 profit in the reamainder of the season.

Now with that said, I believe a £20,000 PROFIT IS VERY ACHIEVEABLE before the end of the season. Even starting now!

All you would need to do is start with a big enough bank to allow you to place £25 bets to start with and use the progressive staking plan based on a % of your bank.

Of course you can bet at any level you like and unless you are very familiar with football betting then I suggest you start off with very small bets until you have the hang of things.



Here are a few things you need to know.

This is football betting only. 

That maybe obvious to most but trust me I have been asked what sport the bets are from before. Just want to make that clear.

I bet on Premier League games only. 

This gives me a better chance of picking the best bets and making sure I am winning every time there are fixtures.

Not every day is a betting day. 

Some days neither league is in action, so these are no bet days.

Information is sent via email.

All bet information is sent via email as soon as it can be before the fixtures kick-off. Usually the day before where possible.

All information is included in the email.

There is a system to follow, but you don’t have to wait for further instruction, everything is covered in the email you recieve with the bet in.

Previous results.

I do no openly post my resutls as it reveals my method. Instead I invite you to join risk free. If the method is not for you simply get your money back with my “no questions asked” 60 day money back guarantee.


As the name of the strategy suggests, half time is either when we cash in or make sure we get our money back from the bets. This will mean you need to be able to place bets at half time when necessary.

You don’t need to wait for an email from me, all advice is covered in the initial email with every scenario covered.

People who are not willing to do this are the same ones that are happy enough to fill the bookies pockets and follow bad tipsters for way longer than they should.

This method is about making money and I take it seriously, you should too.

If you are not able to place bets at half time some days, simply do not place those bets.

You can easily place the bets on the days when you know you will be able to follow up at half time if necessary and ski the days when you’re not able to make the amendment bet at the half.

Even placing half the bets this season will still see a return of £10,000 profit by the end of the season.



I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is and if you don’t profit making £20,000 by May this year then your membership fee will be returned in full, membership price is £98 for the season, that means you can get access for the rest of the season for just £98, so you can get access for the rest of the season and earn £20,000 for just one payment of £98!

If you start with £25 bets and don’t hit £20,000 profit following the bets I advise then you get your fee back.

Remember there is no risk to the bets you place if you follow my advice.


Pay a single payment of £98.00 now and get ALL my advice for the rest of the 2019/10 season.

I offer a full 60 day refund guarantee so you can sign up today and try out the service risk free!

I’m sure you’ll be amazed at the results and enjoy not losing money to the bookie.


I don’t want to give away my method so I’m not going to show all my bets but its important that you know what to expect before you sign up.

So here are the last 2 weeks betting, neither is the best week I’ve had this season and they give an idea of how the next few weeks could play out…

Week 10

5 Half Time Bets & 5 Winners

No bets to place at half time

Profit of

Week 11

Bet lost, so at half time we placed the following bet to ensure we didn’t lose by full time!

Bet lost, so at half time we placed the following bet to ensure we didn’t lose by full time!

8 Half Time Bets & 6 Winners

2 Bets Places At THe Half – As Always Both Won!

Profit Of £469.84

As you can see, week 10 was perfect and we added over £540 to the bank. No need to place any follow up bets there.

Week 11 was different, I thought both Man City and Liverpool would win their games, but both have slow starts and be drawing at the half. Not only did they have slow starts but both were losing at the half, this means that we place bets at half time depending on the outcome after the first half.

What this bet is will depend on the outcome at half time, for example, we went with a draw at that half, there were different bets to place at half time depending if Man City were winning, Southampton were winning and even different ones depending on the score line at the half, all this info was sent to members in the email before the weekends action got under way.

I’ve never had a bet I’ve placed at half time not come in this season.

Over the last couple of seasons there has beenjust 2 occasions when this has happened. The Man City one would have been the worst for us in this example, a 5pt bet placed and lost at the half meaning 6pts down on that game. We’re averaging over 5pts profit (£500 profit) per week so far this season so even if it did happen, its recoverable!

With that said, its not happened this season and that’s how I’ll be looking to keep it for the entire season so we can place these bets, get our stake back when we haven’t profited and keep our bank growing week on week.


If the answer is yes, then make sure you sign up to start before the week 12 action starts on Friday 8th November at 8pm

Just click below to get started:

Any questions, email me on

It’s time to start taking your betting seriously and I’m the man to help you do just that.

I look forward to showing you my strategy and helping you make profit this season.

– Louis Martin

The Osiris Method – Ultimate Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide

The Osiris Method – Ultimate Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide
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Finally.. A Starcraft 2 Training Program That

The Osiris Method

Click Here to Get The Osiris Method

Hi Everyone,

Osiris (Cody) here from (formerly and I have a really exciting
announcement to make. Over the past 6 months, I have been diligently working on creating an effective Starcraft 2
training program that could take a complete SC2 newbie and quickly (and reliably) catapult them to the top of the
1v1 ladder rankings.

If you do not already know me, I have been running this popular Starcraft 2 strategy website since release and
have helped countless players over the years get better at Starcraft 2.

Despite the popularity of my website, there was one thing that bothered me – some of the players that would ask
me questions or for help with strategies had very low ladder ranks. It was not just me either – whether I was
checking the YouTube comments for a popular shoutcaster, reading the comments boxes of pro gamer streams and
tournaments, or browsing one of many Starcraft 2 forums, low-ranked players were everywhere (insert The Sixth
 meme here)!

While someone has to be at the bottom, many of these players were actively trying to get better at Starcraft 2 –
playing games, reading strategies, watching their replays, following pro streams, and asking for help – yet still
failed to significantly improve their ranks despite their repeated efforts.

The question then became.. Why do some players get better at Starcraft 2, slowly but steadily increasing their
ranks the more they play, while other players languish in ranking purgatory, never actually making significant
improvement in ladder ranks no matter how much they play?

Clearly, learning strategy alone is not enough to advance to the top of the Starcraft 2 ranks. There are many
low to mid-ranked players who are well versed in SC2 strategy yet do not have a good rank to show for their

I began to wonder.. if not strategy, then what is needed to be highly skilled at Starcraft 2? And perhaps more
importantly, what is the fastest way possible to achieve this high level of skill?

I set out on a quest to come up with a Starcraft 2 training program with the following criteria:

  • Effectiveness. The program had to produce significant results, allowing players who
    followed it to move up multiple ladder divisions within a single season.
  • Steady Advancement. More time spent practicing the program had to be directly proportional
    to increased ranks. There is nothing more frustrating or demotivating for players than to spend time playing
    without ranking up – or even worse – ending a ladder session with a lower rank than you started with!
  • Fast. The program had to work quickly, creating skill increases and subsequent rank
    increases at a much faster pace than playing ladder games or following traditional practice methods.
  • All Skill Levels. The program had to be suitable for players of all skill ranges, from the
    Bronze League all the way up to the Grandmaster’s League.
  • Race, Balance, and Patch Independent. The program had to work for players of all 3 races
    and continue to be effective independent of meta-game shifts, new expansions, and balance patch updates.

The end result was The Osiris Method, the first and only true Starcraft 2 training program.

In order to fulfill these lofty criteria when creating The Osiris Method, I took advances in the fields of
neuroscience, talent, and skill acquisition, along with practices and drills used by top-level coaches and teachers
in other related realms like chess, music, and sports, and combined this with the top Starcraft 2 strategies and
builds used by pro-level players to create the ultimate Starcraft 2 training program.


What is The Osiris Method?

The Osiris Method is more than just a strategy guide – it is a complete Starcraft 2 training program. Unlike
other Starcraft 2 strategy guides that focus primarily on strategy, The Osiris Method is full of charts, drills,
and practice exercises that are all part of a larger Starcraft 2 practice regimen and training program.

The Osiris Method allows reveals in full detail the fastest way to get better at Starcraft 2, providing players
with practice regimens that they can follow on an hour-by-hour and week-by-week basis. The Osiris Method takes all
the guess work out of ranking up in Starcraft 2 and instead provides a reliable, repeatable method for rapidly
improving your 1v1 ladder rank.

How Much of a Division Rank Increase Can Be Expected With The Osiris Method?

At the end of the day, the most important you players want is to increase their division rank. Here are the
expected skill and rank increases you can expect from successfully implementing The Osiris Method:

  • Bronze: 3 Division Increases, from Bronze to Platinum.
  • Silver: 2-3 Division Increases, from Silver to the upper ranks of Platinum or
  • Gold: 2 Division Increases, from Gold to Diamond.
  • Platinum: 1-2 Division Increases, from Platinum to the upper ranks of Diamond or the lower
    ranks of the Master’s League.
  • Diamond: 1 Division Increase, from Diamond to the Master’s League.
  • Master’s & Grandmaster’s: Noticeable increase in rank within your division. I cannot
    promise that all Master’s players will get into the Grandmaster’s League, since the Grandmaster’s League is
    limited to the top 200 players. If 1000 people are following The Osiris Method, by default they cannot all get
    into the Grandmaster’s League due to a limited number of slots! I have designed The Osiris Method to be an
    enlightening training program for players even at the very top of the Starcraft 2 ranks. Those who expend more
    time and effort following the practice regimen within will be the ones to rise to the very top tier of
    Starcraft 2.

Time Frame for All Leagues: 4-10 weeks, depending on playtime. The more time you spend on
The Osiris Method, the faster it will work for you.

These are just minimum guidelines for expected rank increases. Once you complete the training program, there is
a maintenance plan in place for continued improvement. Your rank gains are not limited to the first 10 weeks if you
continue with the program. There is nothing stopping a Bronze League newbie from getting a top rank in Starcraft 2
with continued practice of the principles and drills found within The Osiris Method.


Order with Confidence

I am so confident that you will be able to significantly improve your 1v1 Starcraft 2 ladder
rankings by following The Osiris Method that I am offering a no-questions-asked 60-day money-back guarantee. This
gives you plenty of time to try out the program and see just how effective it is for yourself without risking a

Money Back Guarantee

Just contact me if you are unhappy for any reason and you will receive your refund without any
further effort!