Dynamorphic Training System

Dynamorphic Training System
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Dynamorphic Training System

Dynamorphic Training System.


The US Military has had revolutionary break-throughs in how we combat trauma over the past two decades.

I spend a lot of my time focused on this, researching, training our prehospital providers, and occasionally going down-range myself when the call comes.

Yet, you may be surprised to also know that I spend a lot of time and energy focusing on how to optimize our men and women in uniform – physically, mentally and emotionally.

They truly are our most valuable, strategic, tactical asset.

And if they are at the top of their physical and intellectual game that means less casualties. Yes, I consider optimizing performance part of Tactical Combat Casualty Care. There is the link between what I’m offering you today and what the Dynamorphic Training System will eventually dovetail with – Combat Trauma Research, Education, and Development.

And you may be even more shocked to learn the older our warriors get, THE MORE we invest in them.

You see, a wise, experienced warrior’s mind in a 20-year old’s body is absolutely unstoppable.


Ever since my raw recruit days at Parris Island and the prestigious Citadel 30 years ago, it’s a subject I’ve been extremely passionate about.

How do we get the most out of our body, mind and spirit?

And I can tell you that before you can own a SpecOps-ready body…


The good news is that in order to get that unstoppable mindset, you don’t have to enlist.

In fact, I’m going to give you that mindset right here in a nutshell.

Because it’s changed not only my life, but the lives of all of our men and women in uniform…

Here it is…

Ironclad Body Training System Ebook

Ironclad Body Training System Ebook
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Ironclad Body Training System Ebook


“THE IRONCLAD BODY TRAINING SYSTEM” is going to be your guide to make your life better without aches and pains.


I go in depth and detail how I train and how I apply it to clients in person and online. I explain how to train around pain and how to improve your mobility while building strength and burning fat.


My ebook consists of a function assessment to determine what program you follow based on how your body moves.


After you’ve done your assessment, your score dictates what version of the program you follow. Level 1 – Beginner, Level 2 – Intermediate, and Level 3 – For the advanced


You’ll have four months of programming of strength and mobility workouts to follow to build your own IronClad Body!


This is the closest thing to online coaching with me! You will have over 200 videos giving you exercise demonstrations and exercise tutorials to help you achieve your goals!


Yes! You’ll have me! Reading the book out to you and having your very own commentary on each section with helpful tips so you can get to the program faster than reading the book itself!

Speed Training For Hockey

Speed Training For Hockey
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Much of the available information on speed training for hockey is either outdated, overly scientific, impractical, or flat out ineffective.

Many players continue to spend valuable training time on “quick feet” drills with cones and ladders, as well as other speed drills they typically lift from a track and field or football training program.

This so-called “speed work” is often supplemented with old school bodybuilding or powerlifting routines in the weight room, or worse, no strength training at all.

Unfortunately, these common off-ice training practices have little bearing on skating and on-ice performance. Skating is a unique motion that has several very notable differences compared to running. Understanding these differences, as well as considering the impact of the rapid accelerations, decelerations, and direction changes required in hockey are all incredibly important when designing a training program that will transfer to on-ice improvements.

In addition to the lack of awareness regarding hockey-specific speed training, many players will also perform their speed work in a way that actually makes them slower.

Speed development requires a specific amount of intensity to make a change. If this intensity cannot be maintained for any reason (e.g. insufficient rest between reps, poor recovery between days, etc.) the training becomes “conditioning” at best, and useless stress at worst. In either case, the player exerts a lot of energy, but doesn’t get faster, and may expose themselves to an increased risk of injury in the process.

Playing hockey today requires a significant and constantly growing time commitment. Players have more games and travel than ever before, and more “competing demands” for training time. With this in mind, it is essential that players make the best use of their limited training time by following a training program that cuts out the fluff, and only includes proven, effective methods.

This is exactly why I wrote Speed Training for Hockey.

Now you can have exclusive access to the training programs and information that have helped hundreds of athletes at every level develop game-changing hockey speed.

Ultimate Hockey Training

Ultimate Hockey Training
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The Ultimate Hockey Training System

Hockey Development Expert Reveals his Secret Off-Ice Training System to Creating Explosive Players with Incredible Stamina!

Too many players are spinning their tires with their training. They put in a ton of time at the gym, but they don’t see the results they want on the ice. The truth is that most players aren’t following a hockey-specific program, if they’re following a program at all.

I’ve personally trained thousands of hockey players ranging from novices at the youth level to players competing at the professional level. Over the years, I’ve developed a comprehensive training system that combines innovative training methods and injury-prevention strategies to help players achieve their best seasons ever. For years these abnormal results were reserved for the players at my training facility, but now you can benefit from this PROVEN training system.

The Ultimate Hockey Training System

Ultimate Hockey Training is a step-by-step guide on how to train hockey players off the ice to improve on-ice performance. It is written so that players, parents and coaches can understand and implement the training strategies, but includes advanced topics to broaden the training scope of even elite hockey strength and conditioning specialists. The power of this book comes from its comprehensiveness. This is not just a hockey speed training book, or core training manual; it’s a detailed comprehensive training system to improve every aspect of a player’s performance.

Listen to what the pros have to say!

“Kevin’s book is an extremely rare comprehensive look at the present state of ice hockey training. Without question I highly recommend this for any strength and conditioning coach. Great insight for the beginning coach and super reminders for those of us that have been training for years.”

Pete Friesen

Head Trainer/Strength and Conditioning Coach

Carolina Hurricanes

“Kevin has done a great job of authoring a comprehensive text for hockey performance training and player development in Ultimate Hockey Training.  The training frame-work Kevin speaks about helps to create a training foundation that allows hockey players at all levels to establish new physical standards of performance and a superior level of mental strength.  This book is a must-have for coaches and strength professionals at all levels of hockey.”
Mike Potenza

Strength and Conditioning Coach

San Jose Sharks

“If you are looking for a laundry list of exercises that may or may not help your athletes become better hockey players, then keep on looking. In this comprehensive text, Kevin Neeld has written the most complete guide available to help strength coaches, personal trainers and even hockey players understand not only what they need to do, but why they need to do it! Kevin has painstakingly drawn back the curtain of hockey training, exposing the myths (and there are a lot of them) and showing you the science behind a properly designed hockey training program. There has never been such a thorough and well thought out book on the topic and it will be extremely difficult for anyone to better this one. This one will remain close to my desk at the gym for years to come.”

Maria Mountain
Owner, Revolution Conditioning


“FINALLY I’ve found a book that summarizes everything I’ve learned over my last 35 years in the strength and conditioning industry. In Ultimate Hockey Training, author Kevin Neeld has provided a comprehensive blueprint of how a professional strength coach goes about designing a successful off ice training program. Kevin lays it out in simple but thorough format and shows the reader all the basic factors that need to be taken into account when evaluating and customizing a long term plan for his athletes. The book covers a wide range of training aspects and progressions and outlines training at a very young age all the way up to the pro level. Many of the topics discussed are very complicated but Kevin does a great job of explaining things in a simple way while still providing enough of the science involved to satisfy the more advanced reader. Whether you’re a parent who is looking for the correct way to help your child develop as an athlete or a strength coach that deals with professional hockey players, Ultimate Hockey Training will provide guidance to help you be successful. If only this book had been around when I first started!”

Rob McLean

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

Colorado Avalanche

In Ultimate Hockey Training, you’ll discover:


  • A detailed long-term hockey player development model with age-specific recommendations to help players fulfill their potential and achieve long-term success
  • How to avoid common downfalls of traditional warm-ups
  • Why core training exercises like sit-ups, crunches, bicycles, leg throw downs, and supermans can actually impair hockey performance
  • A scientific presentation of the neurophysiological downfalls of aerobic training
  • The truth about whether hockey players should squat
  • Program design strategies to maximize your improvements in muscular size and strength
  • The true function of the core and how to alter your core training based on body position, load, volume, predictability of movement, and time of season
  • How to change your stretching methods depending on whether your muscles are short or stiff
  • Detailed training strategies to avoid career ending/limiting hockey injuries, such as groin strains, hip flexor strains, hip labral tears, and sports hernias
  • Step-by-step instruction on how to design age-appropriate year-round hockey training programs

You’ll even learn specific, REAL-WORLD-PROVEN training strategies to improve on-ice performance!

This is the only off-ice training system that will show you:

  • How to maximize skating speed through simple technique improvements
  • How to combine linear and transitional speed training techniques to maximize on-ice transfer from off-ice training
  • Plyometric progressions to improve lower body power and skating speed
  • Full body power progressions to improve shooting velocity
  • Conditioning modalities and progressions to ensure you’re as strong and fast in the third period as you are in the first

Hear from players that have used this system!

Cycling Training Plans And Books

Cycling Training Plans And Books
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Cycling Training Plans And Books

Cycling Training Plans And Books.

We can’t always ride outdoors, and as much as we may dislike riding our indoor
trainer, it is necessary to do so when you can’t get out and ride. This eBook
describes the reasons why you should consider training indoors, the types
of indoor training and trainers available and provides a guide for developing
indoor workouts. This eBook contains 50 indoor workouts covering leg speed,
threshold, endurdance, anaerobic intervals and even strength and power.

101 Cycling Workouts by Coach David Ertl

As the title suggests, this eBook contains 101 workouts to help you become a better cyclist. Workouts cover the range from endurance, aerobic and anaerobic fitness, leg speed, strength, power and sprinting. It also covers gym workouts and other forms of compatible cross-training.

Losing Those Last 10 Pounds
12 strategies for losing those last 10 pounds of body fat

This 14 page eArticle provides 12 strategies for losing those last few stubborn pounds of body fat. Cyclists spend thousands of dollars to drop a few pounds or ounces from their bikes, but may be carrying around several extra pounds of unnecessary body fat.

Losing weight as a cyclist is tricky because we need energy to ride and train effectively. If you cut calories the wrong way it will hurt your training. This eArticle gives healthy and safe approaches for losing weight gradually while still having energy to ride and train.

This article also includes 6 guidelines for healthy eating and suggestions on mental preparation for losing weight.

Busy coverTraining For Busy Cyclists

If you have enough time to ride and are as fit as you want to be, then this book isn’t for you. It’s for the majority of us who don’t have enough time to get into the cycling shape we wish to have. If you would like to become more fit with your limited time, or if you would like to discover how to create more time to ride, this eBook is for you.

Junior Golf Training – An Untapped Market!

Junior Golf Training
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Junior Golf Training – An Untapped Market!

Hello Aspiring Junior Golfer (And their Parents and Coaches),

Here’s the truth as I know it:

There was a time for juniors when playing good golf was good enough…

Boy, how times have changed!

If you’re like most junior golfers, your goals include playing and winning in local tournaments, in AJGA, IJGT or other junior tour events, getting a college scholarship,  and may even dream of one day playing on the professional tours.

In order to play to your peak potential in todays ultra-competive junior golf scene, you NEED to seriously address EVERY aspect of your training… or your competitors will – and the result will likely be that you get beaten by golfers who have less talent and skill than you do.

That’s lame.

Having worked with aspiring competitive junior golfers for over 13 years, these are the most common (and frustrating) complaints that I hear from them and their parents/coaches:

    • Lack of distance off the tee… and hitting long irons into the green
    • Always feeling tight in some area of the body… how and when to stretch?
    •  Being too flexible… unable to stabilize and generate power
    •  Anxiety… either before the round and/or in high stake situations
    • Fatigue in the latter part of a round… should I eat or drink something?
    • The pressure of being a kid… both on and off the course
    • Lapses in concentration and motivation… leading to inconsistent performance
    • When should my son or daughter begin strength training?
    • My junior complains of aching joints… what can be done about it?
    • Are we pushing our kids too hard… will they burn out?

These are all valid issues and concerns.

The problem is that almost no one is addressing them, as they relate specifically to junior golfers!

And if I have learned anything in my many years as a Junior Golf Performance Coach, it is this…

Juniors are NOT just smaller versions of adult golfers!

Now, here is what I mean by that…

There are distinct differences in the way an adult golfer should train, eat and mentally prepare for a round, compared to his 13 year old son or daughter.

And it is precisely these differences that can make or break the budding career of a junior golfer.

Just as one example:

Did you know that through extensive studies, it has been determined that there are optimal “windows of opportunity” in regards to training specific elements of a junior athlete?

By “elements” I am referring to Stamina, Strength, Speed, Skill, and Mobility.

If a junior athlete misses these windows, their overall potential in each area is compromised… there is a “ceiling” on how much they can improve.

But it gets even more complex than that….

For example, the  junior boys “windows” for speed are ages 7-9 and 13-16.

BUT, we are NOT talking about chronological age…. instead we need to track the biological (or developmental) age.

That means that your son or daughter may actually be primed for a specific element of training before or after some of their friends who are the “same age”.  We actually  have to track growth spurts and then adjust the specifics of training accordingly.

Now, I’m not throwing all of this nerdy exercise science around to impress you, but rather to impress upon you, the vital importance of addressing not only your aspiring junior golfer as part of a group of young athletes, but as an individual.

In my view, it doesn’t matter if your junior just wants to make the high school team, or has aspirations of winning The Masters. They deserve to take advantage of the latest research and knowledge in order to play to their peak potential, stay injury-free, and ENJOY themselves.

That’s why the Renegade Golf Team and I have developed...

The Pros Edge-vision Training For Golf.

The Pros Edge-vision Training For Golf.
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The Pro’s Edge: Golf Tips from a Vision Expert.

It’s one of the hottest topics in sports today: sports
vision training
. It has helped professional golfers
enhance their games and prolong their careers. And
now these golf tips are available for everyone. By
using eye exercises and simple visual tips, any golfer
can shave strokes off his or her score — just like the
pros! Many people report improvement after only
one day using these fast and easy techniques.

Dr. Lawrence D. Lampert has helped pro golfers and other professional athletes improve their games. In his groundbreaking book, The Pro’s Edge, he explains how vision training will help golfers to read the greens better, putt more consistently, stroke the ball smoother, drive with more precision and lower their score.

Find Out How To

  • Test if you’re left-eyed or right-eyed and how that affects your game.
  • Know if your eyes are playing tricks on you.
  • Improve your golf game with ten quick vision exercises that you can do at home.

Golf Magazine Says

“Everything you wanted to know about how your eyesight affects your game, with self tests and tips to aid alignment, reading greens and judging speed and distance. Much more fascinating than it sounds.”

Pro-bass Fishing Training Manual

Pro-bass Fishing Training Manual
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Dear Fellow Bass Enthusiast,

If you seek the impressive results obtained by Bass

fishing masters that land significant quantities of

Bass on any body of water….

…. then this is going to be the most valuable

information you’ll ever discover on the subject.

Because you’re about to join an elite group of Bass

anglers who can fish any location, determine the hot

spots and land Bass after Bass, day in & day out.

But before I get into that…. allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Randy Meyers. I started fishing over 50 years ago now.

Yes, you read that right, it’s not a typo, as of April 2010 I hit the

BIG 60. I still can’t believe I’m that old myself.

Over that time I’ve had the opportunity to discover all the

proven techniques that work so effectively on Bass.


This guide is my personal training guide on all the

best secrets I have accumulated over the years.

Here’s the deal….

Let me ask a you a simple question.

Why Is It That 99% of Bass Anglers Struggle To Land A Few

Fish When The Pros Fish An Unfamiliar Body

Of Water And Fill Their Live Well Easily?

I’ll tell you why!

Professional Bass Anglers know how to scout for Bass and map productive locations that will produce fish.

Professional Bass Anglers know how to fish all four seasons using different tactics for each season.

Professional Bass Anglers understand  bass behavior, how bass relate to their invironment and how to produce a strike.

Professional Bass Anglers know how to adapt and  fish changing conditions.

Professional Bass Anglers know how to establish a working pattern to use in specific situations.

Professional Bass Anglers know when and how to use each type and color of lure for the best results.

Would Your Bass Fishing Experience Improve Significantly
If You Knew Practically Everything A Pro Knows About Bass Fishing?

Imagine What Your Bass Fishing Experience Would Be Like!

  • No matter where you fish you could locate Bass on lakes, reservoirs, rivers or ponds.
  • You would know how to land Bass in all four seasons.
  • When conditions change you could adapt with different techniques and still fill your live well.
  • You would be able to establish a pattern to land Bass that matches any situation your fishing.
  • You could fish unfamiliar water and be able to map locations for all the hot spots.
  • You would know the color and type of lure to use for each different situation.

Read On To Find Out

How Your Bass Fishing Experience Will Change Forever

In My Pro-Bass Fishing Training Manual

You will discover…

  • How to avoid locations that hold few concentrations of fish because 95% of Bass are located in 5% of the water. Once you know where the Bass are concentrated your results go up dramatically.
  • Where to get the best maps that detail the kind of habitat where Bass will stack up.
  • Time tested and proven strategies to completely research an unfamiliar body of water.
  • Three significant things that always determine when and where Bass locate under different conditions.
  • How to choose lure color and type for the best results based on water clarity.
  • How to produce strikes and land more Bass when fishing any of the four seasons.
  • What patterns to use that are the most productive based on the season and the conditions.
  • How to rig and fish plastic baits that drive Bass crazy.
  • Three specic ways to fish jigs that Bass can hardly refuse to strike.
  • How one specific way you can fish spinnerbaits that’s deadly.
  • Common misconceptions about scents and attractants.
  • Four essential techniques to rig and fish live bait.
  • A detailed Seven step procedure for developing Bass fishing strategies that produce everytime.
  • And Much Much More….

This is A New Product As of Yet I have not had Any Feedback

I hope You’ll Be Telling Me Things Like This After

Using My Training Manual….

The Pro-Bass Fishing Training manual is the real deal on Bass Fishing…. It made all the difference in the world for me.

I’ve been fishing over 20 years and I cant believe how much I learned from this book.

I approach Bass fishing now with a whole new outlook…. this stuff really works.

Since I’ve been using the techniques in your book I’ve never been skunked…. I feel like a pro the way I’ve been catching bass. I could see tournament fishing as a real possibility.

Randy, thanks so much for sharing this valuable information. I’ve outfished some of guides here several times now.

I bought your book for my dad. He just retired and has taken up fishing.  The first bass he caught was over 5 pounds.

You Can Be Absorbing This Amazing Pro-Bass Fishing

Training In The Next 60 Seconds

Order this amazing Pro-Bass Fishing Manual right now and start discovering these Techniques within the next 60 seconds…. yes, that’s right…. WITHIN 60 SECONDS you can have the entire Pro-Bass Fishing System.

That’s because I’ve taken my entire system and turned it into a downloadable PDF (Adobe Acrobat) eBook.

All you need to do is open the eBook on your computer and begin reading!

But don’t worry, downloading the information in “The Pro-Bass Fishing Training Manual”, is a real snap. (It works perfectly with both MAC and PC computers.)

Fight Ready Training Program

Fight Ready Training Program
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He does this in 3 ways:
Many MMA programs that you find out there are very cookie-cutter. You can do a quick search on a forum and find people recommending bodybuilding or powerlifting splits for MMA training.
  •  A fight is a full body encounter. Training the body as a whole is the most specific way we can train for a fight.
  • Creates more awareness of how the body moves through space resulting in more body control, balance, and stability.
  •  You develop better movement qualities when training the body in its entirety in an integrated way.
  •  You avoid muscle imbalances that occur from training a specific muscle group too much
  •  Developing maximal strength which will then carry over into Power AND Endurance (both qualities necessary for ELITE fighters).
To be successful as an athlete AND in a fight, you need a strong core. Most MMA fighters have a set of armor for their midsection, and it’s strong, durable, and functional.

Phil develops a rock-solid core for his fighters with the following methods:
  • Anti-flexion and anti-rotation movements
  • Stabilization movements
  • Diaphragmatic breathing
  •  Bracing techniques
  •  And learning to seamlessly transfer power through the body
As stated above, a fight is a full body encounter. To be successful in that encounter, we have to develop a strong, stable base. This is where structure becomes imperative.

Many people, fighters and regular joes, are prone to muscular imbalances, aches, and pains.
This impedes their structure, and makes it brittle. My approach helps eliminate those problems by:
  •  Managing stressors from training and life
  • Providing the athlete with sound programming (Full Body Training actually limits the stress you put on the body and prevents imbalances)
  • Giving the athlete corrective exercises based on their imbalances
  •  Placing an emphasis on joint centration and biomechanics (bringing balance to the body)
When you develop a solid structure and place strength, power, and endurance on top of it, you’re setting yourself up to become a explosive machine that delivers knockout blows.

Epic Soccer Training – Improve Soccer Skills

Epic Soccer Training – Improve Soccer Skills
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He’s already helped thousands of other soccer players around the world
— now he wants to help YOU!
(And he’s throwing in an extra special gift, to get you started right.)

How would you like to join the THOUSANDS of other soccer players around the world who are now striking the ball with more power, faking out defenders with ease, dribbling with great precision … and playing with more amazing soccer skills than they ever thought possible?

“You have made a huge difference in my game…”

“You have literally made a difference for me this year by watching your videos all summer. I have new tricks that I have learned from you, and its great to have a guy like you who I can get tips from. All I have to say is thanks so much man. You have made a huge difference in my game that even the other players are noticing!”

~ Andre

As a highly skilled All-American, Former Professional level soccer player from Orlando, Florida, Matt has worked with soccer players of all levels – from other professional level and All-American players…to total beginners of all ages that are just learning the game.

Why do so many people come to Matt for help…and why do his students absolutely rave about him and his methods?

It’s because he get the results they’re looking for!

And what he has done for THEIR soccer skills, he can now do for YOU.

…because in an effort to reach out and help even more of those aspiring soccer players who could benefit most from his training method, Matt introduces you to…

…a breakthrough soccer training program that has helped thousands of players all across the world take their soccer skills to new heights…

Now let’s hear what Matt himself has to say about this popular training program that’s already been snapped up by more than 10,000 soccer players worldwide:

Hi, I’m Matt Smith…

And I’d like to tell you a little of the story behind this new soccer training program, so you can clearly see what sets it apart from the rest…

…and why most of my students go so quickly from struggling, frustrated, not the player they want to be … to becoming confident, consistent, excited, and highly skilled soccer players.

“I was able to make the VARSITY team this year…”

“Hey Matt, I got the Epic Soccer Training program in the beginning of the summer and it really helped my game.  Last year I got cut from my high school jv team. But with the help of the program I was able to make the VARSITY team this year.  Thanks alot for your help.”

~ Matt Rostek

You see, I wasn’t always the best soccer player, I rode the bench for years even though I was on my school team, club teams, and went to practice all the time.

So I understand every frustration of not being the player you want to be, not getting the playing time you want, and not having the skills you need to be a great player.

But, I was able to overcome all of this and literally transform my soccer playing ability…

Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

Here is a little about me as a soccer player:

  • 3 time all-state soccer player in the state of Florida
  • Florida soccer player of the year
  • High school All-American
  • Collegiate All-American
  • Former Professional Soccer player

More importantly I used to be just like you.  My dream was to become a professional soccer player and be the best player on the field but I didn’t know how to actually improve my soccer skills and I was always just an average soccer player.

I went to practices all the time, joined a club team, and played year round and practiced as hard as I could.

But I never got any better than the other players on my team.

Eventually I realized that there must be a way that these great soccer players were improving their soccer skills that I wasn’t being taught by my soccer coaches.  I started studying, researching, and talking to some of the best players and coaches in the country.

I trained with some of the best and
studied everything I could about soccer…

I spent time training with some of the best coaches in the world and my high school coach went on to be named the #1 coach in the USA in any sport.

My experience studying with top level coaches and trainers made me realize what I had always been missing in soccer practice.  I learned why, no matter how many soccer practices I went to, I wasn’t getting better than anyone else.

I worked just as hard, if not harder, than anyone else in practice but I still remained an average soccer player.  And because I was a small player the coach would rarely put me in because he was afraid I’d get hurt.

One day, my eyes were opened when I saw how professional players trained and began understanding how to truly become a highly skilled, game-changing player.

I then spent thousands of hours developing my skills and always searching for new training methods that would take my playing to the top.

And it worked when I was recruited to play professional soccer before I was even out of college.

Here’s where YOU come in…

In 2003, my college team asked me to hold a special training camp so that I could teach them the skills and training methods that I was using.  Many of them didn’t have the skills, control, touch, power, and moves that they wanted…

And of course they wanted to be great players and saw how I was able to take over games when I needed to…

What these players needed was a different approach to soccer training…one that wasn’t being taught in traditional soccer practices but that would help to skyrocket their individual skills quickly.

How is this training different?

The soccer training methods I was teaching actually helped several other players reach All-American status and a couple others received honorable mentions.  And it was all after they had gone through my training program.

The thing I realized about training after watching the pros and working with high level coaches was that traditional soccer practices were NOT the correct way to become a great player.

Traditional soccer practices are meant for “team building” much more than developing your own skills.

So I developed a training method designed specifically for skyrocketing a player’s individual skills.  Here’s what I did:

  • First, I created training sessions that simulated game speed and conditions so that the skills you practice are easy to apply when it is game time.
  • Next, I developed highly effective drills that are specifically designed to quickly improve individual soccer skills such as ball control, touch, dribbling skills, passing skills, shooting power and precision, and even soccer I.Q.
  • And finally, I made sure that every player that went through my program would be the most skilled player on the field…every time…by teaching a plethora of advanced soccer moves that are guaranteed to keep the defender guessing and on their heels.

It’s all about “Dynamic Touches”

Here’s a quick question for you:  What was the soccer skill that Wayne Rooney said was THE most important part of being a great player?

Answer: He said, “touch”, was the key aspect of being a great player and even more specifically your “first touch”.

The Epic Soccer Training system actually uses drills and exercises that are designed to drastically improve your touch.  And while a lot of soccer drills teach you slow movements, I found that “dynamic touches” where you are moving at a fast pace is much more effective in developing your skills.

You can actually get thousands of more effective touches in just a fraction of the time with this training program.

So you get better…faster!

“I definitely have moved to the next level in my game…”

“Dear Matt,
I just want to thank you for all your help with the videos you provided, for I definitely have moved to the next level in my game compared to others on my team.  Thank you so much for the guidance, and I will absolutely recommend all my friends and teammates to you. Again, thanks you for ALL you have given me!”

~ Nick A