Weight Loss Mantra System- New Weight Loss Offer For January 2020

Weight Loss Mantra System- New Weight Loss Offer For January 2020

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Befinallyfit – Your Weight Loss Bff! New 2019 Launch!

Befinallyfit – Your Weight Loss Bff! New 2019 Launch!
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Befinallyfit – Your Weight Loss Bff! New 2019 Launch!


BFF Weight Loss for Life starts with a very short, easy-to-understand description of just how UNIQUE the female body is and why ‵conventional diets’ do not result in successful and rapid weight loss.

The guide then provides you with a step-by-step, day-by-day UNIQUE EATING STRATEGY specifically made for the female body. No guesswork! You will know exactly WHAT to eat, HOW MUCH to eat, and WHEN to eat. You’ll even learn about very specific food combinations that will further UNLOCK the female body’s unique and natural ability to burn fat.

BONUS: +25 recipes of meals recommended in the eating plan!


BFF Tighten & Tone (optional) provides SUPER EASY routines to tighten and firm up your body. The routines are NEVER more than 20-minutes, maximum frequency of just 3 times per week!

This handbook is not just a list of activities. You’ll have access to exclusive content of ‵How To’ fitness videos. Each and all are made with this in mind: minimum effort -> maximum results!

BONUS: Super short, supper effective, super fat burning routines that last only 10 minutes! I call them the BFF10!


BFF Success Mindset (optional) taps your most powerful resource: your mind. Even now – as you read this – everything rests on the action you DECIDE to take in the next few minutes.

Will you get a copy of BFF now? Are you willing to follow the plan for the next 28 days? Do you really, truly, want to transform your body? The first step is this: DECIDE.

Once you get your hands on this guide, a NEW WAY of thinking – about yourself, food, your body, your health, and your life – is waiting for you.


BFF Sexy Body Maintenance (optional) gives you all the tips and tricks you need to know so that every pound you lose with my system… is gone for good.

As you know by now, it’s a BFF philosophy to be clear and detailed and this handbook is no different. In it you’ll learn how to handle REAL LIFE food-focused scenarios and events. You will get step-by-step tips so that you stay true to that other BFF philosophy:



Regular Price: $37; For You: Free Gift!

BFF ??? (optional) is a 25-page handbook that many find as an excellent accompaniment to the BFF unique eating strategy. (By the way – just to be 100% clear – this is NOT about any drugs, pills, supplements, powders, or potions.)

This handbook is also important because it tackles a subject many in the ‵diet’ and ‵health’ niches get wrong. This is why when people try it; they end up gaining weight instead of losing it. Well… not you!

In just 28 days from now… this could be YOU!

How much SEXIER, TRIMMER, and FITTER do you think you’ll be by…

March 02, 2020?

Let’s get started!

Unlock Your Weight Loss: Finally A New Way Focused On Mental Strength

Unlock Your Weight Loss: Finally A New Way Focused On Mental Strength
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Unlock Your Weight Loss: Finally A New Way Focused On Mental Strength

The Fine Line Between Life and Death

Imagine the following scene vividly in your mind – a scene all too familiar from dozens of real life stories out there:

She had just taken her daughter to the ballet class. Now, it was the time to walk to a café across the park while the little one danced. They did this every Wednesday. And every Wednesday, this routine meant for her time for herself: time to enjoy a cup of coffee and a butter cookie or two.

Walking up the hill in the park, she started to think something was seriously wrong. Her feet felt heavier than usual, breathing took a bit more effort than last Wednesday… and by the time the sudden nausea hit her, it was already too late.

Darkness surrounded her senses as she collapsed on the ground.

The subtle chest pain had first struck her when she was carrying groceries to the car last week. That small sting…was rapidly dismissed as a cramp or something not worth paying more attention to. Maybe too much coffee earlier in the morning? Second time the pain was there when taking the stairs to the second-floor office, as the elevator was out of order.

In the end, for her there was truly a fine line between life and death. It was all a matter of minutes and an act of kindness by a stranger. The stranger knew first aid and was willing to give it, while getting others to call 911.

It took a full 20 minutes before the ambulance arrived. But it did. She woke up two days later in the intensive care unit of the local hospital. Her first thought was about her daughter

Where is she? Is she safe? What happened?

The daughter was fine. The ballet teacher had an emergency contact number that she called after the mom didn’t show up to pick up her daughter. It was an acute heart attack and she had ignored the signs. She had ignored her health. She had not realised that there is something she can do about all this.

This story is not uncommon. It happens a lot.

So was it really a surprise for you?” asked a close friend who had long ago noticed her deteriorating health and physical condition, after hearing her story. “Well, my doctor had been warning me for years,” she finally confessed. “I have tried different diets and exercise programs but none of them work for me, probably dozens of them over the years,” she cried out in distress.

Sounds familiar? Could this happen to you?

But look at you, you are in better shape than ever,” the friend comforted her. “It’s something that nobody really made me realise earlier,” she nodded.

I had to almost die before I finally realised the problem is not with the diets, it was all in my head!

It really does sometimes feel like a conspiracy, doesn’t it? 

Every day the media has a new diet for you.

Every day they change what’s “good for you” and what’s bad for you. Sugar, fat, no fat, no sugar, carbs, no carbs, red meat, no read meat… It’s a mess that many argue is literally designed to keep you confused.

Think about the billion-dollar food industry. And then couple that with the billion-dollar weight loss industry. And add the commercial medical system on top.

Maybe the system is not designed for you to succeed?

And then realise that while you cannot change the system, you can change you. It’s you who has all the keys to your success. You can beat the system. You just need to turn the right key…to finally unlock your weight loss.

With our help, you will beat the system. 

And in the end the answer is so simple that it’s literally “hidden in plain sight”.

No longer hidden!

Here’s something the media is not happy to talk about: The scientific community has long ago and very reliably concluded that most diets work for weight loss.

Scientists at Stanford, along with some of the most reputable universities in the world, recently published a study named Comparison of Weight Loss Among Named Diet Programs in Overweight and Obese Adults [1], in the esteemed Journal of the American Medical Association .

The conclusion is as stunning as it is logical: Any of the popular diets lead to significant weight loss. Pay attention to this in particular: “This supports the practice of recommending any diet that a patient will adhere to in order to lose weight.

Any diet that a patient can adhere to. Pick one and stick to it. This also means you don’t have to suffer, because there are plenty of diets there that are not absurdly restrictive. The piece of cheese cake in your fridge doesn’t have to fly out the window! And this means there is no one magic diet. There are several magic diets! You just need to find yours.

But, chances are, you already knew this. You knew that it’s not sustainable to go on a highly restrictive diet that sucks away the joy of life and makes social occasions painful.

So why is it that you’ve failed so many times, just like tens of millions of other dieters?

Your problem isn’t “not knowing what to do”. You do know what to do and how… But knowing is just not enough.

Your problem is emotional. Your problem has to do with mindset.

The true trial lives inside your head. The results of your dreams are achievable, this is the good news. You only need to execute on what you already know. You need to become a new you, a new person with different values for life and health. And that’s the type of change that a sudden heart attack causes to someone! The fear of dying summons the focus and mental strength needed, and suddenly transformation becomes easy.

But obviously we do not want you to suffer a stroke to make the magic leap. For that magic leap, we give you our #1 weight loss program: Unlock Your Weight Loss.

Unlock Your Weight Loss is a set of techniques that help you achieve unprecedented success in weight loss.

With Unlock Your Weight Loss, you will put to action the secrets of dozens of the world’s greatest minds. 80% of your success is really about psychology and organising your thinking to work for your goals – not against them!

Unlock Unlimited Amount of Willpower to Create a New Life

All change starts from a single moment when you decide that enough is enough.

That is the single defining moment that changes your life and alters your course forever. But you need to keep your eyes open for that moment and seize the opportunity when you see it.

And since you’re reading this now, ask yourself:

If My Moment is Not Right Now, When is it Then?

Tomorrow? Never? You already know that starting the right thing to do later is a guaranteed way to fail.

You’ve struggled long enough. But all that struggle had a purpose. Without the past struggling, you wouldn’t be here. You wouldn’t feel like you’ve finally had enough.

Do this right now. Decide that you’re not going back to your earlier state of being, no matter what. Decide that your bright future, health and success in weight loss comes first. This is about you and nobody else.

Yoga Weight Loss Secrets.

Yoga Weight Loss Secrets.
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Download Yoga Weight Loss Secrets today and start losing weight in a natural, safe and easy way.



Why Wait

Any Longer?

Use the Power of Yoga

To Make Your
Weight Loss Breakthrough


you have ever tried to lose weight, then you probably already

know what doctors and weight loss experts know:
most weight loss
diets only bring temporary results.

If you take
some diet pills
and you may lose weight because your
appetite is temporarily suppressed. When you stop taking the
pills your appetite will return and you will be faced with the
same problem. The pills are a short term solution, and in
some cases may even be harmful to you.

If you adopt an extreme weight loss diet you may get
dramatic results while you stay on the diet, but if you live a
normal life, surrounded by your family and friends, you
probably will not be able to stay on that diet for a long
time. As soon as you quit the diet and return to your old
ways, you will gain weight again. In addition, as with pills,
many weight loss diets, are not healthy and can even be

For long term weight loss you need to go to the root of the
problem and make changes in your life
and lifestyle.
Excess weight in our society is mostly due to a sedentary
lifestyle and poor selection of food. It may also be due to
psychological stress and in some cases metabolic problems
(that is, your body is not efficient in turning food into



Download Yoga Weight Loss Secrets today and start losing weight in a natural, safe and easy way. Yoga
Weight Loss Secrets
, provides a “doable” and powerful
alternative to conventional weight loss programs and plans and
is helpful in combating all the causes of obesity and
excess weight accumulation. Why? Because yoga is not a
conventional sport or exercise. Yoga is a system of
personal transformation on all levels, physical, mental and

Yoga Weight Loss Secrets  is an
ebook featuring
a program of natural, healthy and

sustained weight loss. With this

program you will not lose 30 pounds in 30 days (and then gain it back in

five days of binge eating) but you will learn simple exercises
and postures, meditation and health tips that will give you
healthy weight loss and inner

peace that will stay with you for your entire life!

How can yoga help me to lose weight?


If you go to a
lecture on nutrition and they will tell you that eating too many fatty
foods will lead to obesity. After you attend the lecture you “know” that
it is not healthy to eat a lot of junk food. But, when you get out on the
street and go past a fast food burger restaurant you will get hungry.
Intellectually you “know” that it is not good to eat junk food, but can
you control yourself? Sadly the answer is usually no.

Our body is like a chariot pulled by horses. The horses are our
desires and the various organs that they use to fulfill themselves such as
hands, feet, mouth etc. Sometimes these desires are running like horses
out of control. Our mind “knows” so many things and wants to chart a
sensible path, but our mind is not strong enough to reign in the wild
horses. Yoga helps you to put your mind in control; it helps you to
have the strength to do the right thing at the right time.

The Yoga Weight Loss Secrets course will show you how to do
physical exercises and meditation exercises that will gradually change you
from the inside out
. It is good if you can stop or check a desire to do
the wrong thing. It is even better if this desire never arises in your
mind. The effects of yoga is to make deep rooted changes in your inner

As you feel more relaxed and calm, nervous eating will vanish.

If you learn how to apply yoga to your life you will get a long term
solution to the problem of achieving self control and self fulfillment.
Without any special equipment you will be able to do exercises that keep
you in shape, you will learn how to do meditation that will put your mind
at peace, you will become internally balanced, and you will make the
choices that are right for you.

Why wait any longer? You can read hundreds of web pages or books
about weight reduction or weight loss, but if you only read and don’t
practice you are not going to go anywhere.
Our  ebook offers a complete
course that will help you to put theory into practice.
It has
simple exercises with photographs. You can practice it in the privacy
of your own home
, and you get unlimited support via e-mail for
as long as you like.


Can I do it?

If you can find time for 30 minutes of

exercises in the morning and another 30 in the evening, then

you can do it. You don’t need super will power and

self-discipline to do it. You will actually acquire greater

will power and self-discipline by practicing the exercises to

the best of your capacity.

You don’t need athletic ability or a flexible body.

If you

can even Try to stretch, you will get the full benefits

of the program.

Do I need

special equipment?

There is no need to go out and buy exercise machines or

expensive equipment. A woolen blanket or a foam mat is all that is needed.

How long does

it take to lose weight?

It depends on you. Some people start losing weight

immediately. If you do the simple exercises on a daily basis then in a

period of three to six months you will begin to feel and see changes in

yourself, and in one year’s time you will be able to talk like other yoga

students who say that they were “transformed”.

Who is the

author of this e-book?


My name is Dada

Vedaprajinananda. I learned yoga in 1970 from an Indian monk. Since

then I have undergone rigorous teacher training in Europe and in

India, and have been teaching yoga and meditation internationally

(Western Europe, the Far East, Eastern Europe, the Middle East).

Currently I am based in Albania where I am engaged in social work;

the proceeds from this book support a kindergarten which serves

children in a very needy neighborhood.

Dada Vedaprajinananda, author of the Yoga Weight Loss Secrets ebook

What People are Saying About
Yoga Weight Loss Secrets:
“The mini series has been a helpful reminder that in order to
succeed in your goals, all you need to is make easy adjustments
in lifestyle. Thank you for your inspiration and guidance.”

Betsy Seberson

“What is nice about this is it is all right here in one
place, simple to read and no gimmicks.”
Sally Haggerty “
I need help believing in myself, and your words,
along with your “non pushiness” are just what I am looking for.

“I am very happy with the exercises, they are suitable to my
ability.” Madeleine Qudsi

“I really enjoyed reading Yoga Weight Loss Secrets. It
is very well written and everything is clearly explained. It has
given me the inspiration to make big changes in my life.”
Paul DeMey




How much does the e-Book cost, how do I order it?

I have been told to sell this weight loss
program for more than $50 .

If you shop around for yoga instruction in your local neighborhood you

will find that it costs a lot more than the cost of this eBook. The money

you spend on transportation, going to yoga classes plus the fees that are

charged can really add up. And when you do find instruction, your

instructor probably won’t have 34 years of experience and the course will

not be focused on weight loss.

The meditation instructions contained in this eBook are priceless–can you

put price on peace of mind? But once again if you shop around you will see

that you will have to pay far more than the cost of this eBook to get

instruction in meditation.


However, as valuable as this book is, my
goal in writing it is to make accessible to you and in order to “get the
word out” I am currently selling it for a limited time at the
price of




Lose Weight – 6 Week Body Makeover

Lose Weight – 6 Week Body Makeover
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Could you use 128 recipes handpicked especially for use with the 6 Week Body Makeover weight loss program? How about plenty of tips, hints and tools that make it easier for you to stay on the 6 Week Body Makeover weight-loss program?

Creative Cooking & Recipes is the first and only ebook full of recipes, hints and tips created specifically for use with the 6 Week Body Makeover weight loss program. The recipes in this book will help you create great tasting, no-guilt food and still stay on-program.

There’s no guesswork. Every recipe comes complete with it’s own easy-to-read meal chart. Serving sizes and portions for every recipe are already calculated.

These are perfect for anyone and any body type using the 6 Week Body Makeover weight loss program. And, they’re good for everyone in your family also. If you use these recipes, you will no longer need to cook one meal for yourself and a different meal for the rest of your family.

······ Recipe Anatomy ······

When I started this program, I quickly figured out I wanted to find a way to incorporate my family recipes into the program. Who wants to cook one evening meal for your family and a different one for yourself? Not me!

Creative Cooking & Recipes Cookbook contains my favorite recipes and Recipe Anatomy explains how I converted those favorite recipes for use with the 6 Week Body Makeover weight loss program.

Recipe Anatomy demonstrates how you can learn to convert your own family’s favorite recipes for use with the 6 Week Body Makeover.