The Complete Juice Recipe Book

the complete juice recipe book

The Complete Juice Recipe Book.

For Detox Weight Loss And Healthy Living.

* A Juicer Buying Guide

* A Blender Buying Guide

* The Importance of Juicing

* Over 100 Healthy Delicious Recipes

* Fruits and Vegetable Shopping Guide

*Juice VS Smoothies For Weight Loss

* Fruits And Veggies Nutrition Facts And Benefits

* Six Important Things You Should Know Before You Start Juicing

And much more!

Six Proven Benefits to Looking and Feeling Your Best.

  1. You Inspire People. When you are in the best shape of your life you look vibrant, your skin glows, and your mind is clear and sharp. Having these qualities you inspire your family, friends, and even strangers to improve their quality of life.
  2. Looking Your Best Is a Confidence Booster. When you look your best, you can’t help but feel your best, your serotonin levels are higher and you automatically have a higher self- image,  you are confident and self-assured, and everyone around you can see it.
  3. Increased Productivity. You express your creativity better when you feel good about yourself. Feeling confident and having high self worth has been shown to increase your overall productivity.
  4. It’s Fun. Feeling your best makes you less self-conscious, and your anxiety level is generally lower, so you can always be in the moment and actually enjoy what you are doing.
  5. You Stand Out and Gain Respect. On your job, at the mall, or wherever you go. Looking and feeling great makes you stand out and attract people to you. You can now use this influence to inspire other people to get in shape.
  6. Better Quality of life. Ever heard the saying, “Your Health Is Your Greatest Wealth?” When you are in great shape, you can increase your lifespan, and your quality of life and is much higher. You can take advantage of opportunities, and enjoy life to its fullest, just like Julia Hawkins.

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